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A Fine Dark Line 4-2

A Fine Dark Line 4-2

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Published by junctionfilms

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Published by: junctionfilms on Jan 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IN THE DARK, a CLICKING SOUND, then a BRIGHT FLICKER,and, LET THERE BE LIGHT.And in the light, moving images. We realize now we’relooking at a film, and the clicking we hear is theprojector moving the film. The images we see are of thenineteen fifties, black and white, documentary style.Among the images: Smiling couples in the backyards ofVeteran track houses, grilling up burgers.NARRATORThe Great Depression was gone, if notforgotten. World War 2 was over and wehad saved the world from the bad guys.Duck tail rockers and pony tail honeys grooving to rockand roll music.NARRATOR (CONT’D)There was rock-a-billy or rock’n rollmusic on the radio. But no abundance ofrock’n roll feel in the air where welived.Hot rods charging side by side down a strip of highway ona moonlit night. Moths flutter up in front of the screen,charmed by the light, and now we see a strip of black atthe top of the screen, and in the black strip, stars.NARRATOR (CONT’D)A few of the guys like Chester White hadduck tails and hot rods.A soda shop scene with giggling girls at a juke box,punching in nickels.
PULL BACK MORE. It’s a drive-in theater packed with cars,and some of the cars are rocking. Cigarette smoke curlsout of car windows and rises into the night, but our mainfocus is still that big giant screen, that window intoour dreams.
NARRATOR (CONT’D)Some of the girls wore poodle skirts andpony tails. But the most radical thingthey did was play the same song over andover on the juke box. Mostly Elvis.Images continue to flicker by. A bus station. A sign thatreads WHITES ONLY. We can see smiling white facesentering into the bus station, men, women, children.
2.NARRATOR (CONT’D)Some of the Baptist kids danced in spiteof hell and damnation. The colored knewtheir place. Gay was still a word forhappy. Children were thought by manybetter seen than heard.Across the way in the station, another that reads:COLORED. We can see black people going under this sign,entering into the bus station.Children in church, sitting quietly in their starchedclothes, hands in laps.The pulpit. The preacher waving his hands and throwinghis mouth wide, tossing out the words of Jesus with allthe enthusiasm of a crazed man swinging a club.NARRATOR (CONT’D)Stores closed on Sundays. Our bomb wasbigger than their bomb. The United Statesof America could beat anyone. EvenMartians.MOVING CLOSE IN ON THE SCREEN AGAIN.Atomic bomb test shots. Houses being wiped away as if bythe hand of a god. The mushroom cloud, rising poisonousand oddly beautiful against a grainy black and white sky.NARRATOR (CONT’D)The President was a jolly, fat, bald manwho liked to play golf, and was a warhero.Eisenhower playing golf, smiling at the camera.The film sputters and flaps and now there is only a blankwhite screen and it is all we see. It fills our visionfrom corner to corner. HOLD that white screenmomentarily.NARRATOR (CONT’D)Being blissfully ignorant. I thought allwas right with the world.SLOW DISSOLVE TO DARK:FADE IN ON:THE LATE NINETEEN FIFTIES

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