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10 Deadly Sins of Startups

10 Deadly Sins of Startups



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Published by Bill Baloglu
10 most-common business mistakes that early-stage (software) startups and entrepreneurs must avoid.
10 most-common business mistakes that early-stage (software) startups and entrepreneurs must avoid.

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Published by: Bill Baloglu on Jan 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ten Deadly Sinsof Startups
byBill Baloglu
Silicon Valley Virtual, LLC
Copyright 2007 Bill Baloglu and Silicon Valley Virtual, LLC - All Rights Reserved.
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Bill Baloglu, Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Virtual, LLC, is a successful high-techentrepreneur and twenty-two year Silicon Valley veteran. Bill has founded, co-founded andplayed pivotal roles in several Silicon Valley startups:
Versant Corporation
As a member of Versant’s founding team, Bill played an instrumental role in the company'sgrowth and success in the U.S. and European markets. Versant Corporation went publicwith a market capitalization of several hundred million dollars.
 As the co-founder Bill successfully launched new European products in the United Statesand Japan, which led to the acquisition of IP by a market leader in a multimillion dollartransaction.
A Silicon Valley, IT services company founded by Mr. Baloglu. Under his leadership andonly four years after conception, ObjectFocus registered a phenomenal 200%, multimillion-dollar growth rate.
Bill's early work and strategy led to the company's initial funding and launching of itspioneering online directory service that was ultimately acquired by TransWestern, theleading independent phone directory publisher in the United States.Additionally, Bill Baloglu is a nationally and internationally recognized public speaker on topicslike entrepreneurship and high-technology and has been regularly featured in the media. Billhas chaired user groups and entrepreneurship forums both in Silicon Valley and on the EastCoast of the U.S. He has co-authored monthly columns in publications of the world's leadingsoftware and Internet media group, Sys-Con and is the author of From Zero to the First Million,due to be released in the fall of 2008.This eBook, Ten Deadly Sins of Software Startups is written from the transcripts of an eight-dayseries of interviews with Judy O'Loughlin of SVX Internet Radio and covers the most commonpitfalls, mistakes, and “sins” that early-stage software entrepreneurs and startups MUST avoid.
www.10DeadlySinsofStartups.com Ten Deadly Sins of StartupsPage 3
Ten Deadly Sins Program: History
Given his background and the battles he has been through, Bill Baloglu is a strong believer thatthe biggest hurdle for early-stage entrepreneurs (ESE) comes during the phase he calls “zero toa million.” This is the time period when ESEs must turn their ideas and concepts into productsand services. They need to build businesses around those products and services and growthem from zero to a million, whether that means dollars, users, clicks, etc. This startup period isthe toughest and most treacherous part of the journey.During this time, early-stage ventures are very fragile,because they have access to the least amount of availableresources like manpower, money, and time. Their largestobstacles still lie ahead and roughly ninety percent won’trealize success. That is why the Ten Deadly Sins program isso important; it shows ESEs how to use their time morewisely, market faster, and take advantage of opportunitieswhile the “window of opportunity” remains open.People say there are no shortcuts in life – no shortcuts in business. However, Bill believes thatacknowledging these Ten Deadly Sins will help many entrepreneurs avoid dozens if nothundreds of mistakes that they just don’t have to make.
“Their largest obstaclesstill lie ahead, androughly ninety percentwon’t realize success.”

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