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So Why Did We Rebel Against Him?

So Why Did We Rebel Against Him?

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Published by Defenderofthelands

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Published by: Defenderofthelands on Jun 07, 2012
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A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in EgyptPart 9Why Did We Rebel Against Him?
By the Mujahid Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, May Allah Protect Him
In the name of Allah, and all praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon theMessenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who followed him.O Muslim brothers everywhere, As-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu:This is the ninth episode of the message of hope and glad tidings to our people in Egypt.In the seventh episode I have reached the point of reviewing the British attempt to corruptthe system of governance in Egypt through the establishment of a secular tribalistic state,which claims to be democratically independent, but in fact it is running by the occupier's bayonets and cannons.I had stated that the British had sought for that through several endeavors:First: corrupting the legislative system.Second: granting Egypt a false independence.Third: creating a national tribalistic state in Egypt.Then the fourth means which is: give way to a false political life within Egypt.And this has happened through several means, the most important of it was theimposition of a secular constitution by force and power of the occupier, then authorizing apolitical life with three poles: the British high commissioner, the palace, and the politicalparties.They are keen on satisfying the British high commissioner, who is observing the gamefrom extensively from a distance and interferes when necessary.The political life in Egypt reached the bottom of corruption in the incident of fourth ofFebruary 1942.
Then I left the historical narration in the eighth episode to congratulate those releasedfrom Israeli prisons, and to congratulate the Islamic Ummah on the martyrdom of thevirtuous Sheikh Jamal Ibrahim Ishtiwi al-Misrati - known as Attiyat Allah – may Allahhave great mercy on him – and to salute the heroes who blew up the gas pipeline to Israel,and to talk about the clashes between the army and the Christians Copts, and then Iended it with a message of support and substantiation to our brothers in the prisoners.In this episode, I also feel compelled to leave the historical narration to touch on theaccelerating events in Egypt and those surrounding it.And in a way of reassuring our Muslim Ummah and all the free honest people in thisworld and every oppressed, aggrieved, and persecuted person by the arrogant West, Icongratulate them all at the beginning of my speech on the rapid retraction of theAmerican influence in the world. One of the latest signs of this downturn and retreat wasthe reduction in the budget of the American Department of Defense, and that great eventobliged Obama to announce it himself in an attempt to mitigate its impact on theAmerican people.The driving force behind the crisis facing America, which eventually forced it to reduce itsdefense budget, was Allah's accommodation to the Mujahideen in helping them to subduethe current evil empire. These debilitating acts began with the blessed expeditions inWashington and New York and Pennsylvania, then by the giant jihadi resistance thatstood up to the American arrogance in Afghanistan and Iraq. So America was forced toaccept defeat in both of them and withdraw its troops from Iraq, then begin to withdrawits troops from Afghanistan, and then accept and even press for negotiation with theIslamic Emirate, which America considered a terrorist group that must be eliminated.Then came the blessed Arab uprisings to prove to the American public that they face aworld-wide awakening that spread through the Muslim and Arab world, and thishappened to coincide with their realization that the military arrogance only reaps losses.The popular Arab uprisings proved to have an Islamic orientation in its greater part, andthey rose up and raged against America's agents who wasted their lives in suppressing theIslamic orientation of their people under the guidance, support, and planning of Americaand those who have turned their countries into stations of torture, detention, andpersecution within the Zionist-Crusader system.With regard to the American military failure and economic crisis with the blessing of theMujahideen's sacrifices, and to the overthrow of the regimes that were implementingAmerica's policies, and towards the Islamic orientation of the people who took part in theuprising against the oppression, the United States decided to step backwards in an attemptto split the unity of those orienting themselves towards Islam, to defuse its robust publicsupport, and to derail the orientation towards Islam, which opposes America, and redirectit into mazes and eddies that waste their power and dispel their driving force.In short, America began to resort to the manner of doing things like foxes after they had been dealing with us by using the manner of wolves.
But before elaboration on this new reality, I would like to briefly mention two matters:The first is related to the prisoners from our Ummah in America. America repudiated allsigned agreements and treaties regarding them. America has to release them, and on topof them Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. America will release them whether it wants to ornot, with Allah's will and power. America is trying to find any expedient as a pretext toignore the release, but in the end, America must release them, with Allah's will and power.This is a message that America should understand very well, but also it must understandthat the world after the eleventh of September is not the same as before, and that it is notthe same before the American defeat in both Iraq and Afghanistan.The second is a greeting of respect and admiration for those who blew up the gas pipelineto Israel for the tenth time, May Allah reward these lions and give them the best ofrewards for refusing and rejecting humiliation, subordination, and surrender that isimposed by the ruling regime in Egypt upon our people and our Ummah, and may Allahgive them the best of rewards for keeping the spirit of jihad against Israel burning inEgypt, the country of jihad and garrisoning. I ask Allah to protect them against the plots ofthe Jews and those who are surrendering to them.My Muslim brothers in Egypt, a corrupt ruler has been overthrown, but the corruptgovernance is still ruling. The desired goal is not to come to power either with a free,strong government or a limited, weak one, but the aim is to rule by Islam. And wastingefforts by coming to power without ruling by Islam is disaster, but the greatest disaster iscoming to power and then ruling by anything except Islam or by what opposes Islam or by what antagonizes Islam.There are milestones for change that must be achieved by all the sincere and well-intentioned people in Egypt in general and among the Islamic movement in particular.Without achieving it, the corrupt regime will remain spoiling our religion and our life, andI will refer briefly here to three of the most important of these milestones, which are:Shari'ah governance, freedom from foreign domination, and putting an end to socialinjustice.As for the governance of Shari'ah, we have two references or two ideologies, to whomdoes command or judgment belong? Is it for the people or the Creator of the people? So ifwe concede to the opponents of Islam that sovereignty and the authority to legislate is forthe people, so we are then defeated before going into battle. We should not overlook whatAbdul Ghaffar Muhammad - a secular judge - realized when he confirmed that some ofthe evidence of the Constitution's violation of Islam are that many of its articles grant thepeople the right to enact legislation while in Islam the right belongs to Allah alone. Somepeople argue that we will accept the authority of the enemies of Islam that sovereignty isfor the people and then achieve our goals part by part. This is self-deception. We cannotaccept achieving partial gains by compromising or losing the basics. There is nothingwrong if we make partial gains provided that we do not give up the basics, and whenthese alleged gains have more harm than good.

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