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River Cities' Reader - Issue 806 - June 7, 2012

River Cities' Reader - Issue 806 - June 7, 2012

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Jun 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 19 No. 806 • June 7 - 20, 2012
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 19 No. 806 • June 7 - 20, 2012
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
I asked a staffer at the senator’sWashington office why the senatorwasn’t aware that a portion of theunconstitutional legislation he voted forwas overturned by a federal judge.The staffer asked, “Is there anythingelse I can pass on?” That was his answer.We have a totally dysfunctionalCongress.But more importantly, mostRepublicans and Democrats aredysfunctional; they don’t call out theirrepresentatives as along as they have thatall-important “R” or “D” behind theirnames.The problem isn’t in Washington; it’s inDavenport, Dubuque, and Peoria.People need to hold theirrepresentatives in Washington, theirstates, their counties, and their citiesaccountable for their actions.
Mike AngelosDavenport
ongress passed and in Decemberthe president signed the Na-tional Defense Authorization Act(NDAA), which authorizes indefinitedetention of U.S. citizens without dueprocess.Upon quick inspection, it violates theFirst, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighthamendments to the U.S. Constitution.The Founders must be screaming fromtheir graves.Iowa Senator Charles Grassley votedfor it.Federal court Judge Katherine Forrestissued a preliminary injunction thatbars the government from enforcingsection 1021 of the NDAA’s “HomelandBattlefield” provisions that permitsindefinite military detention of U.S.citizens.At his Eldridge town-hall meeting, Iasked the senator if he was aware thata federal judge overturned a portion of legislation he just voted for.He was not.
Hold Elected Officials Accountable
– our “treasure” – and how our leadership isfailing them en masse.Prepare yourself, because many of thepolicies and processes supporting theoccupations of these countries are shattering.So it’s your turn to soldier up; you need thisinformation going forward, especially with thelooming election in November. If you declineto watch any of these films, then you are justas big a part of the problem – as big a cowardand hypocrite as any war-mongering politicianor Pentagon bureaucrat, and the worst kindof betrayer of the troops for ignoring theirprofound issues.War-contracting is a core contributor tothe disgraceful conditions our troops endurein Iraq and Afghanistan. War contractorsare permitted to operate under an entirely different set of rules from our soldiers. Duringthe Bush administration, the number of mercenaries/hired guns reached 100,000.One of Barack Obama’s primary campaignpromises was to end both the Iraq andAfghanistan wars in the first year. Instead,Obama has advanced the number of warcontractors to 200,000 – double the numberunder Bush, and as the draw-down of 
by Kathleen McCarthykm@rcreader.com
Our Turn to Soldier Up:Protect U.S. Troops
am so done treading lightly for the sakeof readers’ sensibilities. America is in direneed of honest, problem-solving patriotswho can muster enough gumption to get civi-cally involved and provoke action, especially on behalf of our troops.If you truly consider yourself a supporterof our soldiers, then turn off 
 American Ido
orwhatever idiotic programming you normally watch, and instead watch the following fourdocumentaries:
The Ground Truth
Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
Rethink Afghanistan
Severe Clear 
.If you cannot trouble yourself to do at leastthis much, then shame on you. You don’tdeserve to be an American. There is so muchneed-to-know information that is deliberately withheld from us by the mainstream mediacartel and our derelict cadre of politicians; theleast you can do is dismiss their drivel andconsume something relevant, important, andhelpful to the troops many of you so ardently claim to support.Each of these documentaries addressesdifferent aspects of the Iraq and Afghanistanwars, mostly from the troops’ perspectives.These films provide essential information forevery American to truly understand what weare demanding of our young men and women
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