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The Perfection of Wisdom in 8000 Lines

The Perfection of Wisdom in 8000 Lines

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Published by Siegfried Schwaiger

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Published by: Siegfried Schwaiger on Jun 07, 2012
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The Prajna Paramita Sutraon the Buddha-Mother'sProducingthe Three Dharma Treasures,Spoken by the Buddha(Also know as:)The Perfection of Wisdom in8000 Lines
Translated into Chinese during Song Dynasty by TripitakaMaster DanapalaTranslated into English by Richard Babcock (Copper)
Chapter 1: The Practice of the Knowledge of All Modes1. INTRODUCTIONThus I now hear at this time. The Lord, dwelling atRajagriha, on the Vulture Peak, together with a greatgathering of 1,250 beings, all of these Arhats, - theiroutflows being dried up, undefiled, fully controlled,quite free in heart, well free and wise, thoroughbreds,great Serpents, their work being done, their task getting accomplished, their burdens laying down,their own weal becoming accomplished, with fetterswhich bound these to becoming extinguished, heartsquite free by right understanding, in perfect controlof whole mind with the exception of one singleperson, i.e., the Venerable Ananda.The Lord says to the Venerable Subhuti, the Elder:"Make it clear now, Subhuti, to Bodhisattvas, thegreat beings, starting from perfect wisdom, howBodhisattvas, the great beings go forth into perfect
wisdom!"Herein the Venerable Sariputra thinks to himself: Willthis Venerable Subhuti, the Elder, expound perfectwisdom of himself, through the operation and force of own-power in revealing wisdom, or through theBuddha's might?The Venerable Subhuti, knowing through theBuddha's might, the Venerable Sariputra to be in suchwise discoursing, says to the Venerable Sariputra:"Whatsoever, Venerable Sariputra, the Lord'sDisciples teach, all this is to be known as Tathagata'swork. In dharma which Tathagatas demonstrate, thedevoted ones train and realize true nature and holdthis in mind. Herein nothing which these teachcontradicts true nature of dharma. Whatsoever thesesons and daughters of good family may expound asnature of dharma, this these do not bring intocontradiction with actual nature of dharma.2. THE EXTINCTION OF SELFHerein the Venerable Subhuti, by the Buddha's might,said to the Lord: "The Lord says, 'Make it clear now,Subhuti, to Bodhisattvas, the great beings, startingfrom perfect wisdom, how Bodhisattvas, the greatbeings go forth into perfect wisdom!'" As one speaksof a 'Bodhisattva', which dharma does this word'Bodhisattva' denote? Lord, I see neither this dharma'Bodhisattva', nor any dharma called 'perfect wisdom'.Since I neither find, nor apprehend, nor see thisdharma 'Bodhisattva', nor any dharma called 'perfectwisdom', what Bodhisattva do I instruct andadmonish, in what perfect wisdom? And yet, O Lord,as this is pointed out, a Bodhisattva heart is known asneither cowed, nor stolid...neither despairing nordespondent, as one neither turns away nor isdejected or trembling, neither is frightened or
terrified, it is just this Bodhisattva, this great beingwhich comes to be instructed in perfect wisdom. It isprecisely this which is recognized as the perfectwisdom of any Bodhisattva, as one's instruction inperfect wisdom. As one thus stands firm, this is one'sinstruction and admonition. As a Bodhisattva coursesin perfect wisdom and is developing such...this one sotrains oneself, as one does not pride oneself on orwith any thought of enlightenment [with which onebegins one's career]. Any thought is no thought, sincein its essentially aware nature thought istransparently luminous.Sariputra: This thought which is no thought, is thissomething which is?Subhuti: Is here existing, or can one apprehend inthis state of absence of thought either a 'here is' or a'here is not'?...Sariputra: No, not this.Subhuti: Is this now a suitable question which theVenerable Sariputra asks whether this thought whichis no thought is something which is?Sariputra: So, what is this absence of thought?Subhuti: It is without modification or discrimination.Sariputra: Well do you expound this, Subhuti, youwhom the Lord declares to be foremost of any whodwell in Peace. And for this is seen to be foremost of any who dwell in Peace. And for this reason [i.e. asone does not pride oneself on any thought of enlightenment] is a Bodhisattva considered asincapable of turning away from full enlightenment,and as one who never ceases from taking perfectwisdom to heart. Whether one perseveres in training

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