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iPic proposes scaled back movie theater for Canon Drive--Beverly Hills Weekly, Issue #662

iPic proposes scaled back movie theater for Canon Drive--Beverly Hills Weekly, Issue #662

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Published by BeverlyHillsWeekly

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Published by: BeverlyHillsWeekly on Jun 07, 2012
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Butler, Bloom advance to run-off; Osborn next runner-up inAssembly race
In a close racefor Assembly,DemocratsBetsy Butler andRichard Bloomwere the top twovote-getters inTuesday’s prima-ry election.Based on semi-final results fromthe Los AngelesRegistrar-Recorder/CountyClerk, Butler andBloom received 12,519 and 12,417 votesrespectively.Democrat Torie Osborn was the third-placefinisher, with 11,744 votes.The only Republican in the race, BradTorgan, received the fewest votes, with 11,730votes.Many hadpredicted Butlerand Osbornwould make itto November’sgeneral election,since Butler wasrunning as anincumbent andalso had the sup-port of AssemblySpeaker JohnPerez and theCaliforniaDemocraticParty, and Osborn picked up the support of local democratic clubs, including the WestHollywood/Beverly Hills Democratic Club.Osborn’s Beverly Hills supportersincluded Planning Commission Vice ChairBrian Rosenstein and former Mayor LindaBriskman.Butler, who currently represents the 53rdAssembly District covering part of LosAngeles and the South Bay, had the supportof Mayor Willie Brien.Councilmember Barry Brucker endorsedBloom.In an e-mail to her supporters, Osborn saidher work will be taking a different course thanshe had hoped, but thanked her supporters forbuilding “ an insurgent campaign that wasvibrant, grassroots, people-powered.”
iPic proposes scaled backmovie theater for Canon Drive
The Planning Commission and City Councilplanning liaisons got a fresh look last week at
“City, BHUSD file CEQA lawsuitschallenging Metro tunnel under BeverlyHigh” [Issue #661]
Metro wants to tunnel under Beverly Highin order to arrive at Avenue of the Stars andConstellation Boulevard. Maybe a betterway to go is along Olympic Boulevard.From Wilshire and La Cienega proceedsouth to Olympic, then to Avenue of theStars and north to the desired location. Thisavoids many potential earthquake zones andtunneling under a very old structure withunknown problems. This may be a bit moreexpensive but maybe not in the long run. Italso avoids protracted lawsuits by BeverlyHills.
 Paul Bernstein Beverly Hills
Page 2
Beverly Hills Weekly
 You can write us at:140 South Beverly Drive #201Beverly Hills, CA 90212 You can fax us at:310.887.0789email us at:editor@bhweekly.com
Beverly Hills
 ALSO ONTHEWEBwww.bhweekly.com
Issue 661• May 31- June 6,2012
rudy cole
Page 6
Metro boardmay vote onsubway tunnel today
Page 2
cover story • pages 8-9
Beverly HighProm
Page 10
Former Board of Educationmember Myra Demeter discusses her husbandDan’s recovery 20 monthsafter a serious stroke
Inside Beverly Hills—BHTV10
 Inside Beverly Hills,
moderated by columnist Rudy Cole, will next air on June 7 at5:30 p.m., June 8 at 10 p.m., June 11 at 3 p.m., and June 13 at 9 p.m. about Theatre 40;June 7 at 10:30 p.m. about BHUSD Board of Education; June 11 at 9 p.m., June 12 at6 p.m., and June 13 at 7:30 p.m. about Design Review; and June 12 at 10 p.m. aboutInformation Technology.
brief s
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 Issue 662 • June 7 - June 13, 2012Beverly Hills Weekly Inc.
Founded: October 7, 1999 
Published ThursdaysDelivered in Beverly HilIs, Beverlywood, Los AngelesISSN#1528-851X
Publisher & CEO
Josh E. Gross
Melanie Anderson
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Rudy Cole
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Mike SaghianEiman Matian
140 South Beverly Drive #201Beverly Hills, CA 90212310.887.0788 phone310.887.0789 faxCNPA Member
editor@bhweekly.com All staff can be reached at:first name @bhweekly.comUnsolicited materials will not be returned.©2012 Beverly Hills Weekly Inc.
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 Adjudicated as anewspaper of gen-eral circulation for theCounty of Los Angeles.Case # BS065841 of theLos Angeles SuperiorCourt, on November 30,2000.
Beverly Hills
Betsy Butler Richard Bloom 
revised plans for a 59-foot-tall, four-storybuilding that would contain an iPic movietheater with eight movie screens, a rooftop barand retail space.Applicant Hamid Gabbay and iPicEntertainment President and CEO HamidHashemi were on hand to make the presenta-tion to the commission on May 24.When plans were revealed last year for a70-foot-tall building on Canon Drive whichwould contain the movie theater, ground-floorretail and rooftop use, those plans were metwith concern from the Planning Commissionand the Montage Hotel, which is directly northof the theater’s proposed location, due to itsheight.“My opinion is they heard the concerns of the Planning Commission and the liaisons[last year], which was that the [proposed]height was too high. They brought it down,”said Councilmember Lili Bosse, who sits onthe planning liaison committee. “I think eve-rybody felt very optimistic and we’re certainlyheading in the right direction.”Since the project was submitted as a projectpreview, Planning Commission Chair CraigCorman said the commission did not providemuch direction to the applicant.“They were trying to get the temperatureof the commission to see if it would be worththeir time to pursue it and the answer wasyes,” Corman said.IPic provides a luxury movie-going experi-ence in which dinner and cocktails are servedto patrons in first-class airline-style seating.Despite the project revisions, the buildingas proposed does not comply with C-3 com-mercial zoning standards and would requirecreating an overlay zone.Corman said there are still a couple of areasthat need to be fleshed out including the pro-posal to access iPic’s parking via the Montageparking garage entrance, and iPic’s plans touse a rooftop patio. Hashemi said the rooftoplounge would be available for special eventsand not be open during all hours of operation.Bosse pointed out rooftop use could be con-trolled by a conditional use permit.It is still to be determined how muchparking will be required, since code estab-lishes parking ratios for each proposed use ina building. The applicant has proposed 119parking spaces, suggesting the restaurant din-ing area and rooftop bar are accessory usesand should not require additional parking.Hashemi said the restaurant would be open tothe general public, but it is intended to servetheater patrons.According to the staff report, city staff esti-mates additional parking would be necessaryto accommodate all uses in the building.Corman said by not constructing a separateentrance ramp to iPic’s parking, it was possi-ble to reduce the height of the building. Bossealso acknowledged parking details still needto be ironed out.“We made it very clear that we don’t intendin any way to use the Montage garage as away to park cars for the movie theater,” Bossesaid. “This movie theater will have to providefurther parking.”When previous plans were presented lastyear, Montage Hotel representatives expressedconcern the proposed building would blockhotel room views. Hashemi said as proposed,the revised proposed building would mainlycover views of other nearby rooftops, many of which he said display mechanical equipment.Kimberly Carter, an attorney for Montage,told the commission Montage had not yet hada chance to review the proposal, but she saidMontage supports the concept of the theaterin the proposed location. She said the rooftopuse was a concern but Montage is interested inlearning the details of the proposed use.
June 7 - June 13, 2012
Page 3
Thursday, June 14, 2012
1:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard
Commission Meeting Room 280ABeverly Hills City Hall455 North Rexford DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90210
The Planning Commission of the City of Beverly Hills, at its regular meeting onThursday, June 14, 2012, will hold a public hearing beginning at 1:30 p.m. or assoon thereafter as the matter may be heard, to consider:A resolution recommending the City Council adopt amendments tothe following Beverly Hills Municipal Code Sections regarding themaintenance of hedges and restoration of views in the Trousdale EstatesArea of the City: Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-2616 regardingdevelopment standards for walls, fences, and hedges in Trousdale Estatesand Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-8-106 regarding TrousdaleView Restoration Permit Procedures.The proposed Zoning Code amendments would amend the definition of hedgein Trousdale Estates only and would change the public notice requirements fora Trousdale View Restoration Permit.Trousdale Estates is defined in the zoning code as all property located northof Doheny Road and east of Schuyler road, except that land zoned R-1.X, andthat portion of lot A of the Doheny Ranch Tract northwesterly of Tract Numbers24485 and 24486, commonly referred to as the Greystone Mansion Property.The amendments propose limited changes to the previously adopted TrousdaleView Restoration Ordinance and the related Trousdale Wall, Fence and HedgeOrdinance for which a Negative Declaration was adopted after the project wasassessed in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA),the State CEQA Guidelines, and the environmental regulations of the City andno significant environmental impacts were identified.Copies of the staff report, Negative Declaration, and all documents referencedin the Negative Declaration will be available in the Planning Division and can bereviewed by any interested person at 455 N. Rexford Drive, Suite 100, BeverlyHills, CA 90210. Copies of the documents will also be available for review in theBeverly Hills Public Library Reference section. Any interested person may attendthe meeting and be heard or present written comments to the Commission.If you challenge the Commission’s action in court, you may be limited to raisingonly those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described inthis notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the City, either at or priorto the public hearing.If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact
Michele McGrath
in the Community Development Department at 310.285.1135 or at
 Michele McGrath, Principal Planner
briefs cont. on page 4
Thursday, June 14, 2012
1:30 PM, or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard
Commission Meeting Room 280ABeverly Hills City Hall455 North Rexford DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90210The Planning Commission of the City of Beverly Hills, at its REGULAR meetingon Thursday, June 14, 2012, will hold a public hearing beginning at
1:30 PM,
oras soon thereafter as the matter may be heard to consider:A request to renew and modify an existing Conditional Use Permit (CUP) fora hotel restaurant located at
403 North Crescent Drive
(Crescent Hotel).The request would renew a previously approved CUP, which allows thehotel’s restaurant to be open to the general public. In addition to renewalof the CUP, the applicant has requested that the CUP be amended to allowmodifications to the outdoor dining area, and to allow modifications to theinterior configuration of the hotel. No additional hotel rooms are proposed. This project has been assessed in accordance with the authority and criteriacontained in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the StateCEQA Guidelines, and the environmental regulations of the City. The projectqualifies for a Class 1 Categorical Exemption for minor changes to an existingcommercial facility, and the project has been determined not to have a significantenvironmental impact and is exempt from the provisions of CEQA.Any interested person may attend the meeting and be heard or present writtencomments to the Commission.According to Government Code Section 65009, if you challenge theCommission’s action in court, you may be limited to raising only those issuesyou or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, orin written correspondence delivered to the City, either at or prior to the publichearing.If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact
Ryan Gohlich,Associate Planner
in the Planning Division at 310.285.1194, or by email at
. Copies of the applications, plans, and CategoricalExemption are on file in the Community Development Department, and can bereviewed by any interested person at 455 North Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills,CA 90210.Sincerely,Ryan Gohlich, Associate Planner

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