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King Lear

King Lear



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Published by ehabwi

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Published by: ehabwi on Dec 30, 2008
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King LearPlay by Shakespeare
Summary of the plot or story
The story of King Lear, an aging monarch who is headstrong old man who is blind to his weaknesses, decides to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters, according to which one recites the best declaration of love. Goneril and egan who are the selfish daughters of Lear who pretend to love him but later treat him cruelly. !ordelia who is the loyal and unselfish daughter of Lear. "e disowns her after confusing her honesty with insolence. #dgar is Gloucester$s loyal son and heir and #dmund is Gloucester$s evil bastard son. %t first the family appear to be loving and caring but this could not be further from the truth. %s the characters unfold we find greed, betrayal, lust for power, and cruelty. &n other words, they are anything but normal and caring. The end of the play ends in death everywhere. egan dies after being poisoned by Goneril. Goneril stabs herself to death. #dgar reveals his true identity to his father, but the old man dies. 'ortally wounded, #dmund becomes remorseful and countermands his order to hang !ordelia. (ut it is too late, and !ordelia dies. Lear, now a broken man, falls upon !ordelia and also dies.
The settings for King Lear
The setting is #ngland
The theme of King Lear
The play is categorised as a Tragedy.
"istory of King Lear
King Lear was based on an aged monarch who was abused by his children. The origins are a folk tale that appeared first in written form in the )*th century and was based on spoken stories that originated much further back into the 'iddle %ges.
The appeal of the people that Shakespeare created
The most famous of playwrights + the most famous of plays. The plots range fromcomedy to tragedy and the great male and female comic and tragic characters who bring the plots and stories to life are the wonderful people that the great (ard created. ot only do we remember the stories but we remember the people + we all have our favourites. (ut the plays of -illiam Shakespeare go even further + we actually recall eactly what an individual character says/ "ow manyof us can 0uote from movies that we have seen1 There are a few. (ut not many / !ompare these multi+million dollar movies to the plays of the (ard. "ere are a few eamples of why the works of the (ard live on for hundreds of years after they were written and why we can all relate to the picture that the character has painted and why the great, the good, the comic and the evil characters of -illiamShakespeare will never be forgotten2
3This above all2 to thine own self be true3 "amlet 0uote 4%ct &, Sc. &&&53&n my mind$s eye3. "amlet 0uotation 46uote %ct &, Scene &&5
3!ry $ "avoc $ and let slip the dogs of war3. 7ulius !aesar 6uote 4%ct &&&, Sc. &5
3 &n the twinkling of an eye3. The 'erchant of 8enice 6uote %ct ii. scene. *3The course of true love never did run smooth3. % 'idsummer ight9s :ream 6uote 4%ct &, Scene &53-hat$s in a name1 That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet3. omeo and 7uliet 6uote 4 %ct &&, Sc. &&5Love, hate, anger, revenge, pre;udice, humour, ;ealousy, revenge, deceit + we can relate to all of the emotions and all of the people that the great (ard has given to us.
&mportance of the Parallel Plot in Kige Lear
 Literature can be epressed using many different techni0ues andstyles of writing, some very effective and others not as much. <ne of themethods chosen by many is the use of so called 3parallel3 plots.3Parallel3 plots, or sometimes referred to as minor, give the opportunityof eperiencing a secondary storyline going along with the main plot thatotherwise would be unmentioned. -illiam Shakespeare shows ecellent use of a parallel plot in his play3King Lear3, but some 0uestion it$sessentiality by asking2 &s it really necessary1 :oes it help the story ordoes it degrade it1 &s the Gloucester$s plot really needed1 'any arguethat it is very important and others say it is completely useless. Thisessay will try to prove that the parallel plot used in 3 King Lear 3 isneeded and it adds to overall value of the play. Like any other kind of literature 3 King Lear 3 contains many themes=
one of which is the 3parent+child relationship3 conflict. elationshipproblems are very common, not only in novels but also in everyday life.Lear starts the entire dilemma of hate and destruction by his foolishdesire for flattery. "e divides his kingdom between two of his daughtersand the never ending crave for power and wealth begins. %s we can assumefrom the play$s title, Lear and his daughters are part of the main plot.The plot of Gloucester and his sons, is considered parallel. Gloucester is portrayed also with family problems. "e eperiencestrouble with his two sons, #dgar and #dmund. This parallel plot that tiesin with the main one sometimes actually comes into unison and charactersinteract with each other. The parallel plot can be taken into account as a 3back+up3 or3supporting3 one. &t proves the point Shakespeare is trying to make in hismain plot. Gloucester$s problems can be compared with Lear$s andsimilarities can be found very easily. (oth fathers have seriousdifficulties with their children. -e can even say that Gloucester$s plotacts as an 3echo3 since it repeats some of the events which took placeearlier, only it uses different characters and settings. The theme of craving for power is also found in both plots.Goneril and egan can be said to be cold and evil ;udging from theirrational actions they took to gain the materialistic possessions.#dmund$s character cruises along the same tracks + 3power and wealth is the

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