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Computer Weight Training Routines[2]

Computer Weight Training Routines[2]



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Published by Howard
Computer Weight Training Routines is a concise weight training guide for some of the more popular sports. It includes routines for bodybuilders, power lifters, lower back and a women's dumb bell training program. It also includes descriptions of all of the exercises used in the programs. Down load a copy, use it and give it to your friends and family. Its free and there is no obligation to buy anything.
Computer Weight Training Routines is a concise weight training guide for some of the more popular sports. It includes routines for bodybuilders, power lifters, lower back and a women's dumb bell training program. It also includes descriptions of all of the exercises used in the programs. Down load a copy, use it and give it to your friends and family. Its free and there is no obligation to buy anything.

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Published by: Howard on Dec 31, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Program Overview:
Welcome to the wonderful world of weight training! Weight training is the bestway to develop the additional strength and muscle needed to improve performancein your chosen sport. Weight training in addition to enhancing sportsperformance can also be used to build muscle to enhance your physical appearanceand to produce strength gains for the sole purpose of lifting more weight. Thisset of training routines is designed for the person, either male of female whowishes to train with weights, but has no experience with weight training.The routines contained in this program are designed for 11 of the most commonand popular sports. If you want to hit a baseball farther, rebound or shoot abasketball like a pro or even just get yourself into top physical condition,then this set of routines can help you. In addition to the sports routinesthere are programs for the beginner through advanced weight trainer. We alsohave a flexibility routine, women's dumbbell training routine and a trainingprogram for the person who needs to strengthen their lower back muscles. Eachroutine was developed using tried and proven weight lifting techniques.
Using the Program:
Each program starts with the listing of exercises that you will be performingand the sets and repetitions you will be doing for each exercise. It isrecommended that you perform the prescribed exercises in the order in which theyare listed. Also make sure you complete the recommended sets and reps. There isa short discussion following the routine listing. Make sure you read this beforestarting the program as it offers some pointers in performing the routine. Youwill learn how to perform each exercise properly using good weight trainingtechnique.
Training Safely:
The number one rule in weight training is to make sure you do not use moreweight then you can safely handle without straining or cheating. A good rule ofthumb is that if you find yourself swinging or using momentum to move the weightthen you are using poor weight training technique. When you use poor techniqueyou do not get the full benefits from your efforts. Also if you use poortechnique you could injure yourself. Always perform each exercise with a slow,strict and deliberate motion. And remember if you do any lying down movementswith heavy weights on a bench such as bench press always have a spotter.
 Muscle Soreness:
One final word about how a beginner (someone that has never lifted weightsbefore) might feel after his or her first weight training session. You mightfind that your muscles are sore and tight the day after your workout session. Ifthis occurs do not get discouraged and do not give up on your training. It would
help if you take a warm bath after training and have someone give your soremuscles a massage. Also the use of a liniment such as Icy Hot or any otherliniment applied to the sore area can help. The best remedy is alwaysprevention. If you take it easy and do not push yourself too hard in thebeginning then you should avoid soreness. We hope these training programs will help in your sporting endeavors. Andremember weight lifting is the best method of increasing your bodily strength,power, endurance and conditioning. There are many other body building trainingmethods and other gimmicks, but none of them can match a barbell and dumbbellswith an assortment of weight plates. Good luck with your weight training andsport.
 About Computer Weight Training Routines:
I originally thought up the concept of putting together a complete and concisecollection of weight training routines for some of the more common sports backin 1993. I had always been interested in lifting weights to make myself strongerand to improve my sports performances.One sport where weight training helped me was track and field. Through weightlifting I became a decent discus thrower and shot putter. After finishing schoolI became interested in Olympic weight lifting and then bodybuilding and powerlifting. Although I never established any records I certainly was a respectablenatural (drug free) power lifter and athlete. I always lifted weights because Isimply enjoyed it.It took me about 6 months of research and writing to complete the work for thiscomposition in 1993. After the writing was finished I then developed andprogrammed a simple DOS based program that would allow the text files to bedisplayed on a computer screen. I named the work Computer Weight TrainingRoutines because the routines were accessible via a computer instead of flippingthrough the pages of a book.Fifteen years ago as it is today there were numerous weight-training books andmanuals in publication but none of them were available to be run on a computer.The Internet was in its infancy and the amount of online content was pretty nearzero unless you were a college professor or engineer that liked to shareinformation electronically. The common person simply didn’t have access to thenet as we do today and if they did it was limited at best.After finishing CWTR I took out an advertisement in the back of PopularMechanics magazine and sold a few copies. The program really didn’t go over toowell and not many copies were sold. I guess not many people were into computerslike I was and they preferred to crack open a book instead of waiting for acomputer to boot up to view the routines.I have been involved with weight training and different sports for nearly 40years and have garnered a vast amount of knowledge from reading various weight-training publications. I also have experienced weight lifting from inside thegym where the hard core lifters reside. I did the lifting myself and thenwatched how others did it and in the process I garnered a lot of information. Ihave always enjoyed helping young inexperienced lifters with their struggle toget bigger and stronger and thus
Computer Weight Training Routines
was born.
CWTR is written and published by Howie Howard publishing. The complete text isoriginal and was originally written in 1993. The re-write, reformatting andupdate took place in 2008.For further information or to make a comment you can contact me athowiee1146@gmail.com.Thank you.
Table Of Contents:
Flexibility Training Routine
Beginner’s Weight Training Routine
Intermediate Weight Training Routine
 Advanced Weight Training Routine
Body Builder’s Training Routine
Football Weight Training Routine
Power Lifting Training Routine
 Wrestler’s Weight Training Routine
Baseball Weight Training Routine
Basketball Weight Training Routine
Bicycling Weight Training Routine
Golf Weight Training Routine
Lower Back Training Routine
Racquet Weight Training Routine
Runner’s Weight Training Routine
Swimmer’s Weight Training Routine
 Women’s Dumbbell Training Routine
Exercise Descriptions
Frequently Asked Questions
 Miscellaneous Topics

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