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The Lion Dance.

The Lion Dance.

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Published by Yezall Strongheart
Messages in a fortune cookie lead to romance.
Messages in a fortune cookie lead to romance.

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Published by: Yezall Strongheart on Jun 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mmmm, the last bite of Beef Lo Mein slid gracefullydown my throat. I relished the flavors still fresh onmy tongue. Looking down, I saw the remnants of what was a huge plate of noodles beef, and sauce,only moments before. I leaned back and sighed. This was my once a week treat to myself, I lovedthe food here.
While I let my dinner settle, I looked out thewindow beside me. Nice neighborhood, I livedwithin walking distance. It was always a nice,quiet place to live for an inner city area.My attention returned to the table I sat at. Thewaitress had cleared my plate away and left my billin a dish with a fortune cookie. I usually passed onthe cookie but I couldn’t resist looking at thefortune. I broke the cookie in half and therectangle paper inside escaped the opening Imade. It fell to the table. Picking it up I could seethis one was different. It was hand written.
What in the world?
I had to read it several timesbefore my eyes could be pulled away long enoughto quickly scan the restaurant. It said, in verymasculine handwriting:
Date me? 555-5555
. Iguess it really wasn’t a secret I was going througha ‘dry spell’. This was kind of a cruel joke though.How in the heck did they pull it off? The following week I returned to the Ming-Ming’s,like clockwork. Sitting in my favorite booth, Ilooked over the menu. It never changed and bynow I have had most of the things on the menu Iwould consider eating. I decided on the SesameChicken. As I waited, I dug through my purse for
lip gloss. I ran across the rectangle piece of paperfrom the fortune cookie. I scoffed and crumpling itup. I tossed it on the table.My meal came and I again enjoyed every morsel.While waiting for my bill I noticed a man sitting inthe opposite corner of the restaurant. He wasintent on something in front of him on the table. Itried to see what he was doing but from this faraway, it was impossible. The waitress came with my bill and the inevitablefortune cookie. I couldn’t help myself I had to seeif this would be a normal fortune inside. Crackingthe cookie in half, I scrambled for the paper inside.It was hand written again
, I love you, please callme 555-5555.
Well this was just silly! I tossed thepaper on the table. I quickly paid my bill and left.I stayed away from Ming-Ming’s for several weeks.I met a girlfriend at Tony’s Pizza Emporium, surethe pizza is good, but I missed the Asian fare. Myfriend, Donna, was telling me about events in theneighborhood that were coming up. “Chinese New Year! I don’t know what animal it is this year butthey ALWAYS have a great street party! We sohave to go, Karen.”

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