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#kidlitart 6-7-12

#kidlitart 6-7-12

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Published by kidlitart5768

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Published by: kidlitart5768 on Jun 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 @matusic: TOPIC: The dos and don'ts of assembling your #PBDummy. Share your tips!#kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: Hi everyone! #kidlitart
 @BonnieAdamson: @matusic I'm here AND happy! #kidlitart #pbdummy
 @matusic: @BonnieAdamson Double bonus! :) #kidlitart #pbdummy
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio Howdy Kat! #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: How's everyone doing? #kidlitart
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio Good. Busy busy busy. How about you? #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @matusic super busy. Working on covers for clients, getting all the guest posts for the blog tour to the bloggers. #kidlitart
 @kidlitart: TOPIC: The dos and don'ts of assembing your #PBDummy. Share your tips!#kidlitart
@lisabrowndraws: RT @kidlitart: TOPIC: The dos and don'ts of assembing your #PBDummy. Share your tips! #kidlitart
 @BonnieAdamson: TOPIC: The dos and don'ts of assembing your #PBDummy. Shareyour tips! #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: wow I haven't made one in awhile #kidlitart
 @smilingotis: Hello everyone #kidlitart
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio Nice! I have a couple of freelance projects to complete and a new MacBook Pro to set up. Busy at the office too. #kidlitart
 @matusic: @smilingotis Russ the writer! :) Good to see you. #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: Here's a pic of the last one I made http://t.co/bWA4tBGK #kidlitart
 @SpinksDraws: Hi everyone! #kidlitart
 @smilingotis: @matusic hahaha! Thanks. Good to see you as well. #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @matusic yep. apparently the covers I did for them in the past were a
big hit at BEA. #kidlitart
 @matusic: @SpinksDraws Hey Spinks! #kidlitart
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio That's amazing, Kat. Really really well done. #kidlitart
 @smilingotis: How far along are you on the PB challenge? #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: My tip is to make half size dummies to send out. #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @matusic the dummy? #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @smilingotis I'm... not. I didn't do the challenge. #kidlitart
 @melindabeavers: RT @kidlitart: TOPIC: The dos and don'ts of assembing your #PBDummy. Share your tips! #kidlitart
 @SpinksDraws: @matusic hey there, Matusic! #kidlitart
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio Yes. The one on the link you shared. #kidlitart

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