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PAST TENSE : List of Verbs

PAST TENSE : List of Verbs

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Published by Teofilo Alvarez
Here you find a broad list of verbs which I'm sure will help you a lot.
Here you find a broad list of verbs which I'm sure will help you a lot.

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Published by: Teofilo Alvarez on Jun 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Presentamos aquí una lista de verbos irregulares. Por cada verbo se incluye:
el infinitivo
la forma del Simple Past (Pasado Simple, por ejemplo: I
el past participle (Participio pasado, que se utiliza en el tiempo Present Perfect,por ejemplo: I have
a glass)
su traducción al españolLos verbos regulares forman el Simple Past y el Past Participle agregando
alinfinitivo. Los verbos irregulares no siguen esta regla y deberás aprenderlos dememoria.También hemos compilado otras listas de verbos:
Infinitive Simple Past Past Participle Spanisharise arose arisen surgirbe was / were been serbeat beat beaten golpearbecome became become convertirsebegin began begun comenzarbet bet/betted bet/betted apostarbite bit bitten morderbleed bled bled sangrarblow blew blown soplarbreak broke broken romperbring brought brought traerbuild built built construirbuy bought bought comprarcatch caught caught atraparchoose chose chosen elegircome came come venircost cost cost costarcreep crept crept arrastrarsecut cut cut cortardeal dealt dealt dar, repartirdo did done hacerdraw drew drawn dibujardream dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed soñardrink drank drunk beberdrive drove driven conducireat ate eaten comer
fall fell fallen caerfeed fed fed alimentarfeel felt felt sentirfight fought fought pelearfind found found encontrarflee fled fled huirfly flew flown volarforget forgot forgotten olvidarforgive forgave forgiven perdonarforsake forsook forsaken abandonarfreeze froze frozen congelarget got got tener, obtenergive gave given dargo went gone irgrind ground ground molergrow grew grown crecerhang hung hung colgarhave had had tenerhear heard heard oírhide hid hidden escondersehit hit hit golpearhold held held tener, mantenerhurt hurt hurt herir, dolerkeep kept kept guardarkneel knelt knelt arrodillarseknow knew known saberlead led led encabezarlearn learnt/learned learnt/learned aprenderleave left left dejarlend lent lent prestarlet let let dejarlie lay lain yacerlose lost lost perdermake made made hacermean meant meant significarmeet met met conocer, encontrarpay paid paid pagarput put put ponerquit quit/quitted quit/quitted abandonarread read read leerride rode ridden montar, irring rang rung llamar por teléfonorise rose risen elevarrun ran run corrersay said said decir
see saw seen versell sold sold vendersend sent sent enviarset set set fijarsew sewed sewn/sewed cosershake shook shaken sacudirshine shone shone brillarshoot shot shot dispararshow showed shown/showed mostrarshrink shrank/shrunk shrunk encogershut shut shut cerrarsing sang sung cantarsink sank sunk hundirsit sat sat sentarsesleep slept slept dormirslide slid slid deslizarsow sowed sown/sowed sembrarspeak spoke spoken hablarspell spelt/spelled spelt/spelled deletrearspend spent spent gastarspill spilt/spilled spilt/spilled derramarsplit split split partirspoil spoilt/spoiled spoilt/spoiled estropearspread spread spread extendersestand stood stood estar de piesteal stole stolen robarsting stung stung picarstink stank/stunk stunk apestarstrike struck struck golpearswear swore sworn jurarsweep swept swept barrerswim swam swum nadartake took taken tomarteach taught taught enseñartear tore torn rompertell told told decirthink thought thought pensarthrow threw thrown lanzartread trode trodden/trod pisarunderstand understood understood entenderwake woke woken despertarsewear wore worn llevar puestoweave wove woven tejerweep wept wept llorarwin won won ganar

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