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Al 'UmdaIntro[1][1]

Al 'UmdaIntro[1][1]

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Published by abuqutaybah

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Published by: abuqutaybah on Jan 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mainstay
Concerning the Jurisprudence of the Imåm of the Sunna,A¥mad ibn ªanbal ash-Shaibånº
(may Allåh be well pleased with him)
Imåm Muwaffaq ad-Dºn ‹Abdu’llåh ibn A¥madibn Qudåma al-Maqdisº
Biography of the author, Shaikh al-Islåm al-MuwaffaqAuthor’s Introduction[The Book of Ritual Purification]Chapter : The Legal Rules concerning Types of Water
[A¥kåm al-Miyåh]
 Ch : Vessels, Receptacles, Containers
 Ch : Fulfillment of the Need to Answer the Call of Nature
[Qaæå› al-ªåja]
 Ch : The Minor Ritual Ablution
 Ch : Wiping the Shoes
[Mas¥ al-Khuffain]
 Ch : Factors that Annul the Minor Ritual Ablution
[Nawåqiæ al-Wuæ«›]
 Ch : The Major Ritual Ablution
[al-Ghusl mina ’l-Janåba]
 Ch : The Dry Ablution
Ch : Menstruation
 Ch : Postnatal Effusion
 The Book of the Ritual Prayer
[Kitåb aƒ-»alåt]
Ch : The Call to Prayer
and the Announcement that Prayer is About to Begin
 Ch : The Prerequisites of the Ritual Prayer
[Shur«£ as-»alåt]
 Ch : The Proprieties of Walking to the Ritual Prayer
[Ádåb al-Mashy ila ’s-»alåt]
Ch : Description of the Ritual Prayer
[»ifat as-»alåt]
Ch : The Basic Essentials of the Ritual Prayer and its Necessary Elements
[Arkån as-»alåt wa Wåjibåtu-hå]
Ch : The Two Prostrations for Absent-mindedness
[Sajdatai as-Sahw]
Ch : The Ritual Prayer of Voluntary Worship
[»alåt at-Ta£awwu‹]
Ch : The Times during which the Ritual Prayer is Forbidden
Ch : The Office of the Prayer Leader
Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Sick
[»alåt al-Marºæ]
Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Traveler
[»alåt al-Musåfir]
Ch : The Ritual Prayer in Time of Danger
[»alåt al-Khawf]
Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Friday Congregation
[»alåt al-Jum‹a]
Ch : The Ritual Prayer of the Two Festivals
[»alåt al-‹Ïdain]
The Book of the Funeral Rites
[Kitåb al-Janå›iz]
 The Book of the Alms-due
[Kitåb az-Zakåt]
Ch : The Alms-due on Grazing Livestock
[Zakåt as-Så›ima]
 Ch : The Alms-due on the Produce of the Earth
[Zakåt al-Khårij min al-Aræ]
 Ch : The Alms-due on Precious Metals
[Zakåt al-Athmån]
 Ch : The Rule applied to Debt
[ªukm ad-Dain]
 Ch : The Alms-due on Mercantile Commodities
[Zakåt al-‹Ur«æ]
 Ch : The Alms-due at the Breaking of the Ramaæån Fast
[Zakåt al-Fi£r]
 Ch : The Delivery of the Alms-due
[Ikhråj az-Zakåt]
 Ch : Those to whom the Alms-due may be presentedCh : Those to whom the Alms-due may not be presentedThe Book of the Fast
[Kitåb aƒ-»iyåm]
 Ch : The Rules applied to Fastbreakers during Ramaæån
[A¥kåm al-Muf£irºn fº Ramaæån]
Ch : Things that spoil the Fast
[Må yufsid aƒ-»awm]
Ch : Voluntary Fasting
[»iyåm at-Ta£awwu‹]
 Ch : Worshipful Seclusion
 The Book of the Pilgrimage and the Visitation
[Kitåb al-ªajj wa ’l-‹Umra]
 Ch : The Starting Points
 Ch : The State of Consecration
 Ch : Things Forbidden in the State of Consecration
[Ma¥œ«råt al-I¥råm]
 Ch : The Expiation
 Ch : Entering Mecca
[Dukh«l Makka]
 Ch : Description of the Pilgrimage
[»ifat al-ªajj]
 Ch : What is Done after Deconsecration
 Ch : The Basic Essentials of the Pilgrimage and the Visitation
[Arkån al-ªajj wa ’l-‹Umra]
 Ch : The Sacrificial Offerings called
 Ch : The Sacrifice called
 The Book of Commercial Transactions
[Kitåb al-Buy«‹]
 Ch : Usury
 Ch : The Sale of the Roots and the Fruits
[Bai‹ al-Uƒ«l wa ’th-Thimår]
 Ch : The Option to Revoke
 Ch : Advance Payment
 Ch : Lending
Ch : The Rules of Debt
[A¥kåm ad-Dain]
 Ch : Transference and Guaranty
[al-ªawåla wa ’æ-Œamån]
 Ch : Pledging or Pawning
 Ch : Reconciliation
 Ch : Agency
[Wakåla / Wikåla]
 Ch : Copartnership
[Shirka / Sharika]
 Ch : The Watering of Trees for a Share of their Produce
and the Cultivation of Land for a Share of its Produce
 Ch : The Revival of Uncultivated Land
[I¥yå› al-Mawåt]
 Ch : Rewarding
[Ji‹åla / Ja‹åla / Ju‹åla]
 Ch : The Treasure Trove
 Ch : Wagering
 Ch : The Deposit
 The Book of Hiring and Leasing
[Kitåb al-Ijåra]
 Ch : Misappropriation, Usurpation
Ch : The Right of Preemption
 The Book of Endowment
[Kitåb al-Waqf]
 Ch : The Deed of Gift
 Ch : The Sick Person’s Donation
[‹A£iyat al-Marºæ]
 The Book of Testamentary Bequests
[Kitåb al-Waƒåyå]
 Ch : The Executor
[al-M«ƒå ilai-h]
 The Book of the Shares of Inheritance
[Kitåb al-Farå›iæ]
 Ch : Preclusion from Inheritance
Ch : The Residuary Heirs
Ch : Distant Relatives
[Dhawu ’l-Ar¥åm]
Ch : The Basic Elements of the Arithmetical Problems
[Uƒ«l al-Maså›il]
Ch : Reversion
Ch : Impediments to Inheritance
[Mawåni‹ al-Mºråth]
Ch : Various Problems
[Maså›il Shattå]
Ch : The Relationship of Patronage
Ch : Inheritance through Patronage
[al-Mºråth bi’l-Walå›]
Ch : Emancipation
Ch : The Promise of Emancipation on the Owner’s Death
Ch : The Slave who Purchases his Emancipation
Ch : The Rules that apply to
Ummahåt al-Awlåd
 [Slave Women who become the Mothers of their Owners’ Children]
The Book of Marriage
[Kitåb an-Nikå¥]
 Ch : Marriage Guardianship
[Walåyat an-Nikå¥]
Ch : Women with whom Marriage is Unlawful
[al-Mu¥arramåt fi ’n-Nikå¥]
The Book of Foster Relationship
[Kitåb ar-Riæå‹]
 Ch : Marriage to the Unbelievers
[Nikå¥ al-Kuffår]
 Ch : Stipulations attached to Marriage
[ash-Shur«£ fi ’n-Nikå¥]
 Ch : Defects for which Marriage may be Annulled
[al-‹Uy«b allatº yufsakh bi-ha ’n-Nikå¥]
The Book of the Bridal Dower
[Kitåb aƒ-»adåq]
 Ch : The Proper Treatment of Women
[Mu‹åsharat an-Niså›]
 Ch : The Apportionment [of the husband’s company among his wives]and the Violation of Marital Duties
[al-Qasm wa ’n-Nush«z]
 Ch : Divorce at the Instance of the Wife
 The Book of Divorce by Repudiation
[Kitåb a£-¡alåq]
Ch : Explicit Repudiation
[»arº¥ a£-¡alåq]
and its Indirect Expression
Ch : Making Repudiation Dependent on a Precondition
[Ta‹lºq a£-¡alåq bi ’sh-Shar£]
Ch : How the Number of Repudiations VariesCh : Restoration of the Marriage
Ch : The
[Period of Waiting after Widowhood or Repudiation]
Ch : The Proper Observance of Mourning
Ch : The Maintenance of Women Observing the
‹Idda [Nafaqat al-Mu‹taddåt]
Ch : Establishing the Marriageable Status of Slave Women
[Istibrå› al-Imå›]
The Book of Divorce by

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