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Published by Feast Valenzuela

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Published by: Feast Valenzuela on Jun 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Feast Valenzuela is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family held at the Cinema 1 of SM Valenzuela, every Sunday, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. For questions and concerns, contact Danny Añonuevo @09178275755 or email us at feastvalenzuela@gmail.com
A Catholic Prayer Meeng of the Light of Jesus Family
Are you enduring or enjoying life? Lifeis short and you only have one.Are you going to wait to reach your(desired) destination to enjoy? And alongthe way, suffer and endure a whole lot ofbad days, even seasons? Are you one ofthe many people who endure life like this?What if you don’treach your desireddestination at all?Why do you want toendure and sufferwhen you have thechoice to enjoy?Enjoyment is notsolely dependent onthe final outcomebut on the hundredsof small results that lead to the grandfinale. It is not just about the event butinvolves everything that brings about theevent.It is all about enjoying every secondand savoring every moment. Now!Some may say that we can’t enjoyduring certain seasons. Hhmmm…It is true that seasons differ.Nevertheless you can enjoy during everyseason because enjoyment is a choice.Read this story:Two men were admitted in the samehospital room. Both were seriously ill.Every morning the one on the bedby the window would happily describein detail all the beautiful things he sawoutside.The other manused to hear it andwished one day hecould also see thosebeautiful sights.One morning thenurse found that theman by the windowwas dead.The other manpatiently waited forthe nurse to move him to the bed by thewindow.At last, he was moved to that bed hewas waiting for.The moment the nurse left the room,he anxiously turned his face to thewindow.But all that he could see was a hugebrick wall outside – no flowers, no birds,nothing! He felt totally broken and empty.Did you get it?
“ARE we there yet?”
If you’re a parent, you’ve heardthis line a thousand times.Itdoesn’t matterwhether you’regoing to the park,the mall, thebeach. Kids can’twait to reach theirdestination.Me? I’ve learnedto like the drive tothe destination.It’s the drive thatthrills me. The joyof being together.Swapping storiesand singing songswith the boys. Andbreathing in the charming sceneryalong the way.Friend, if you want to savor life,you have to learn to enjoy thedrive, not just the destination.Let me tell you why.Because healing yourperformance-oriented spiritualitywill take time.Healing your skewed image ofGod will take time.Healing your shame-basedpersonality will take time.Healing your low self- worth willtake time.But that’s okay! Don’t rushthrough this process. It can’t berushed anyway, even if you tried.Enjoy the drive.Before you know it, thedestination is before you.Today, I pray that God continuethe miracle of your inner healingthrough the Feast.May your dreams come true,BO SANCHEZ
l     cm   
Life is a Choice. Savor the Journey. SavoLife
BRO. Bo Sanchez is sending inspiring messages and announcements to Feast aendees via textor short messaging services (SMS) from his mobile phone and through email.Want to receive messages? Just text your mobile phone number and email address to thesenumbers... FOR GLOBE SUBSCRIBERS: 09178494444 FOR SMART SUBSCRIBERS: 09088949999FOR SUN SUBSCRIBERS: 09228945555
You’re Extra, Super,Mega, Ultra Special!
You’re a Treasure!
“S  tran  ge isour  situa  tion  here  on E  arth . ach  of u  s com  es f  o  r a  short visi  t, not k  nowi  ng w  hy, y  et so  meti  mes seem  ing  t  o div  ine a pur  pose. From the stan  dpoi  nt of dail  y life ,how  ever,ther  e is one t  hing  we d  o kn  ow:  th  at m  an i  s her  e for the  sake  of  o  ther  men – ab  ove a  ll fo  r tho  se up  on  wh  ose s mile  s and wel  l-bein  g ou  r ow  n  h  appi  ness depe  nds.---A  lber  t Ein  stein 

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