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2031 Legislative Agenda

2031 Legislative Agenda

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Published by Eddie O'Brien

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Published by: Eddie O'Brien on Jun 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Governor O’Brien’s
2031 Legislative AgendaExpanding Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care
House Bill 6
Working Families and Small Business Health Coverage Act 
Establishing a Small Employer Health Insurance Premium Subsidy Program; establishing the purposes,administration, eligibility and other requirements, and funding for the Program; authorizing the MarylandHealth Care Commission to alter subsidy amounts; requiring the total amount of subsidies to be subject to thelimitations of the State budget; requiring the Commission to report to the Governor and the General Assemblyon the implementation of the Program; etc.
House Bill 132 - Maryland Health Care Access Act of 2031
Altering specified eligibility requirements for participation in the State Medicaid Program; establishing theHealthyMD Insurance Program to provide health insurance coverage to individuals meeting specifiedeligibility requirements; establishing the Maryland Health Insurance Connector and making specifiedappropriations; requiring the Connector to adopt specified regulations; requiring specified individuals topurchase health insurance meeting standards established by the Connector; altering the distribution of tobacco tax revenues; increasing the tobacco tax rate imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco products;establishing the Fair Share Health Care Fund; authorizing special fund transfers; making specifiedappropriations for health service
s in Prince George’s County; etc.
House Bill 182
Patients' Bill of Rights Act of 2031
Requiring specified health insurance carriers to establish and implement a procedure by which a membermay receive, under specified circumstances, a standing referral to a specialist requiring specified healthinsurance entities to cover specified prescription drugs and devices under specified circumstances; requiringthe Maryland Insurance Administration to serve as the "single point of entry" for consumers seeking specifiedinformation about health insurance; etc.
Senate Bill 101 - Nursing Facilities - Quality Assessment - Medicaid Reimbursement 
Authorizing the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to impose a quality assessment on specifiednursing facilities; providing that a specified continuing care operation is not subject to a specified qualityassessment; providing for the terms of the assessment; requiring the payment of a specified assessment bythe nursing facility to be based on a specified amount per non-Medicare day of service; providing for thedistribution of the amounts collected to a special fund, to be used only for specified purposes; etc.
Senate Bill 104 - Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board
Establishing the Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board in the Department of Business and EconomicDevelopment; providing for the membership, terms, chair, and duties of the Advisory Board; requiringspecified reports; etc.
Senate Bill 105 - Statewide Advisory Commission on Immunizations - Duties and Sunset Extension
Expanding the duties of the Statewide Advisory Commission on Immunizations; including a representativefrom a health insurance carrier on the Commission; extending the termination date of the Commission;requiring the Commission to make specified recommendations in a specified annual report; etc.
Restoring the Chesapeake Bay, Promoting Smart Growth and Protecting
Maryland’s Environment 
 House Bill 292
Water Pollution - The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Restoration Fund
Establishing the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Restoration Fund in the Department of the Environment;imposing an environmental surcharge on users of wastewater facilities; providing for the amount andcollection of the surcharge; specifying the components, uses, and status of the Fund; establishing a WatershedRestoration Fund Advisory Committee; specifying the committee's composition and duties; etc.
House Bill 283 - Water Resources Protection Act 
Requiring counties to describe in their water and sewer plans the areas that are of special concern that mayrequire nitrogen removal technologies; requiring the Department of the Environment to require, byregulation, nitrogen removal technologies under specified circumstances; providing a tax credit for purchaseof those technologies; etc.
House Bill 285 - Smart Codes - Models and Guidelines - Infill Development and Smart Neighborhoods
Requiring the Department of Planning to draft model land-use codes for infill and smart neighborhooddevelopment and to draft guidelines for local governments to encourage that development; requiring theDepartment of Planning to circulate the codes and guidelines to and work with State and local units; etc.
Senate Bill 207 - Smart Codes - Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code
Requiring the adoption of the Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code for specified purposes; providing for theenforcement of the Code; specifying which units must adopt regulations; setting standards for theregulations; establishing the Maryland Building Rehabilitation Code Advisory Council; setting the Council'sduties and membership; etc.
House Bill 131 - Maryland Clean Cars Act 
Requiring the Department of the Environment, in consultation with the Motor Vehicle Administration, toadopt regulations by December 31, 2031, to establish a low emissions vehicle program applicable to specifiedvehicles; authorizing a modification concerning the applicability of the program to vehicles of specified modelyears; requiring the Department to establish motor vehicle emissions standards and compliancerequirements; prohibiting the Department or any other State Agency from adopting a specified regulation;etc.
House Bill 133 - Natural Resources - Chesapeake Bay - Oyster Restoration
Establishing the Oyster Advisory Commission in the Department of Natural Resources; providing for themembership and duties of the Commission; requiring the Commission to report to the Governor and theGeneral Assembly by December 31, 2031; requiring the Department to publish specified information withrespect to areas closed to shellfish harvesting; requiring the Department to provide specified publications tospecified persons under specified circumstances; etc.
Budget BillHouse Bill 150
Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2032)
Making the proposed appropriations contained in the State Budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2032, inaccordance with Article III, Section 52 of the Maryland Constitution; etc.
House Bill 254 - Creation of a State Debt - Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2031
Authorizing the creation of a State Debt in the amount of $379.503,000 for specified purposes; alteringprovisions of prior capital budgets; etc.
Strengthening Public SafetyHouse Bill 2
Sexual Offenders - Supervision, Notifications, and Penalties
Authorizing the Maryland Parole Commission to administer extended sexual offender parole supervision;prohibiting specified sexual acts involving children who are under a specified age; requiring a court to imposea specified sentence for specified offenses under specified circumstances; prohibiting an inmate fromreceiving credit for time between release on parole and revocation of parole; etc.
House Bill 1265 - Public Safety - State Commission on Public Safety Technology - InformationManagement 
Creating a State Commission on Public Safety Technology; providing for the Commission's membership,chairman, meetings, compensation, powers, and duties; requiring the Commission to appoint an executivedirector and other staff; requiring the Commission to consult with specified entities; and requiring theCommission to make specified reports.
Senate Bill 199 - Public Records - Privacy Policies and Data Security
Requiring that personal records be collected by units of government only under specified circumstances andsubject to specified conditions; requiring custodians of public records to collect personal information in aspecified manner; requiring units of State government to post privacy policies on their web sites; etc.
House Bill 278 - Crimes - Computer Piracy
Revising the laws about computer-related crimes; creating a felony for specified computer-related crimes;setting penalties; etc.
House Bill 713 - Maryland Gang Prosecution Act of 2031
Prohibiting a person from participating in a specified criminal gang, knowing that the members of the gangengage in a specified pattern of criminal gang activity; prohibiting a person from knowingly and willfullydirecting or participating in a specified criminal offense committed for the benefit of, at the direction of, or inassociation with a criminal gang; prohibiting a person from committing a violation of the Act involving thecommission of an offense that results in the death of the victim; etc.
Senate Bill 133
Circuit Courts - Efficiency and Equity
Requiring State funding of circuit court personnel who handle jury management and assignment and of circuit court masters and their support staffs; providing for the status of current employees in thosefunctions; providing for the establishment of a personnel plan; requiring the State to pay jurors a State perdiem beginning in fiscal year 2033; etc.
Improving Government House Bill 137
State Agencies
Government Management Accountability and Performance
Establishing the Government Management Accountability and Performance initiative to enhance themanaging for results process; authorizing the Governor to require specified agencies to participate in theprocess; requiring specified agencies to submit specified strategic plans and performance measurement reports to the Secretary of Budget and Management as part of a specified budget submission; requiring theperformance measurement reports to contain specified information; etc.
EducationSenate Bill 205 - Maryland Teacher Scholarships
Increasing the maximum amount of a Maryland teacher scholarship to $5,000 for a student enrolled in a 4-year institution and to $2,000 for a student enrolled in a 2-year institution; authorizing recipients of specifiedMaryland scholarships, grants, or awards to be eligible for specified other State financial assistance; etc.
House Bill 366 - Education - Principals and Administrators - Mentor Programs
Authorizing the State Superintendent of Schools to distribute competitive grants to county boards of education for mentoring programs for principals and administrators; and requiring the State Superintendent to consider whether 50% or more of principals and administrators have 5 years or less of administrativeexperience as a criterion in selecting plans eligible for grants.
Senate Bill 206 - Homeownership Opportunities for Teachers
Declaring the intent of the General Assembly that the Department of Housing and Community Development develop a program to promote homeownership opportunities for teachers in consultation with the StateBoard of Education and local boards of education; etc.
Tax Relief 
and Supporting Maryland’s Working Families
Senate Bill 220 - Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Military Retirement Income

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