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Cheap Energy Forever: The Bioethanol Miracle

Cheap Energy Forever: The Bioethanol Miracle

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Published by Steve Last
Is bioethanol really a dangerous competitor for our food, or will second generation biomass sources make it mankind’s savior as it becomes a massive contributor to the production of almost boundless supplies of renewable energy using biomass fuel sources from our oceans?
Is bioethanol really a dangerous competitor for our food, or will second generation biomass sources make it mankind’s savior as it becomes a massive contributor to the production of almost boundless supplies of renewable energy using biomass fuel sources from our oceans?

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Published by: Steve Last on Jun 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From Food Crop Competitor to Mankind’s Saviour:
Seaweed and Algae
Cheap Energy Forever: TheComing Bioethanol Miracle
From Food Crop Competitor toMankind’s Saviour
Is bioethanol really a dangerous competitor forour food, or will second generation biomasssources make it mankind’s savior as itbecomes a massive contributor to theproduction of almost boundless supplies ofrenewable energy using biomass fuel sourcesfrom our oceans?The subject has become one of polarizedviews, and some quite scary stories of the wayin which it has been suggested thatbioethanol production (as it is almost alwaysbeen so far produced from food crops) willcompete for food on a global scale, and couldresult in the poor of the world starving. This isbecause, making it until now uses foodsupplies such as corn/ maize, and this hasbeen an especially acute problem in SouthAmerica where its production has beenhighest, and as a result it has been said to beraising food price rises there, since about2008.If this was to continue to be true it would beworrying. Bioethanol is now mostly used tofuel cars. So, the world’s poor might be losingout to the rich who essentially would be takingthe food away from the poor, simply to powertheir vehicles.Since protests in the late 1990s the foodprice-rise problem has been accepted as afactor, and many (such as the US, Germanyand the UK (the UK was in fact only juststarting to subsidize it heavily), and othergovernments have cut-back very significantlyon subsidizing production. It is presumed thatthe reason these cut-backs have taken placeis due to concern that governments do notencourage food supply competition. However,as transport fuel prices continue to rise, theproblem could return and worsen, as the pricea bioethanol will become more pricecompetitive with oil from non-renewablesources, and thus market forces will beexpected to raise its production. This need not
happen though if alternative biomass sourcesare used.We will let you judge the social and politicalissues that increasing food use for fuelproduction would cause using food crops, butwe think that this is best done against thebackdrop of facts. You will gain the facts fromreading the articles which follow in thisreport, and the facts are far more optimistic.Yes. After giving you the information aboutbioethanol made from biomass sources usedso far, we will then open your eyes to theamazing possibilities for renewable fuels invast quantities from mother earth’s seas bycultivating algae and seaweed.The world is suffering an economic slowdown,and also we believe many are suffering acrises of belief in mankind’s ability to weanitself off its overdependence on finite suppliesof fossil fuel before the globe heats upuncontrollably due to climate change. In factthe world needs to wake-up, because all thatis needed is vision to invest in renewableenergy technologies, and get on with creatingthe new dawn of fossil-fuel-free economics.Renewable energy can be made from a hugevariety of organic materials and in this reportwe will show you that with foresight andingenuity man can and will be able to developcheap renewable energy. Furthermore, we candevelop as much of it as we want, to the pointat which we will have an abundance ofrenewable energy to fuel fabulous futurelifestyles for the world’s population forever.Yes, that’s even after oil, natural gas, andcoal, runs out, and that really does meanforever…Open your eyes to this and you need never bepessimistic about the future after fossil fuels– life on earth and will go on after “peak oil”using these new biomass fuel sources, andmankind will continue to be affluent and canbecome “green”, while continuing to beprofligate in fuel use, through these biomasssources. Read on and we will explain, if youread on through this report.
DISCLAIMER: This information is provided "as is". The author, publishers and marketers of this information disclaim any loss or liability,either directly or indirectly as a consequence of applying the information presented herein,or in regard to the use and application of said information. No guarantee is given, either expressed or implied, in regard to the merchantability, accuracy, or acceptability of the information.
Inside this report, you will learn:
#1. Bioethanol - What is it and What Other Formsof Renewable Energy Are Available?:
In the last few years, we have been oversupplied with information about Globalwarming, CO2, green energy, recycling,bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, and similar news and

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