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Benza Guru Drubtop

Benza Guru Drubtop

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Published by Siegfried Schwaiger

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Published by: Siegfried Schwaiger on Jun 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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True Account of An Accomplished Practitioner of theVajra Guru Mantra in Recent Times
Orated by Jamyang Dorje Rinpoche of the Taipei Padmakara Buddhist SocietyRecorded by Pema Tsering on 22 Aug 2007 with due respectTranslated from Chinese into English and editted by Jigme Sherab with due respect
Homage to Padmasambhava and Pema Norbu Rinpoche
May 2006 – In the holy land of Padmasambhava, Bhutan, a blind accomplished master knew histime of his death in advance and sat in crossed vajra posture while passing into parinirvana.As the author was afraid of gradually forgetting the details of this master’s liberation story over the passage of time, the sublime details of it were committed to paper with one’s own inadequateliterary skills. It is hoped that all those who see, hear or are acquainted with the facts of this historywill be filled with deep faith and devotion to Padmasambhava, thereby receiving blessings andaccomplishments.1
This accomplished adept is a Bhutanese. When he was alive, people mostly addressed him as“Drubtop” which means someone who has attained realisation. Moreover, due to the fact that heattained realisation and liberation through the recitation of the Vajra Guru mantra, he was alsocalled, “Benza Guru Drubtop”, meaning “The Vajra Guru Siddha”This accomplished master “Benza Guru Drubtop”, whose external appearance was dirty andunkempt but who, internally, was extraordinarily free and liberated, was previously a visuallyhandicapped beggar who lived in the peripheral slums of Bhutan.Later, due to the help of Urgyen Lama (of Sangngak Thegchog Osel Ling Monastery) andJamyang Dorje Rinpoche, this accomplished master who had went through a difficult life (but withequanimity) was invited to the monastery where they looked after him as a offering to a mostunsurpassed field of merit. This was the reason that the last 10 years of his life was relatively peaceful and safe.“Benza Guru Druptop” was not born blind. It is said that his visual impairment was the result of curses wrought by mantras which his enemies had inflicted upon him. Before he went blind, he was just a common farmer who belonged to the Bon religion. At that time, the farmer did notunderstand the vast qualities of Padmasambhava and had even entertained sacrilegious viewstowards Guru Rinpoche and slandered him with negative speech.To recover his sight, the farmer had approached many doctors who were unable to help. With noother resort, he asked several spiritual friends and masters for advice on what spiritual practice to doin order to recover his sight.Finally, he listened to some masters’ advice and decided to start reciting the Vajra Guru mantra(OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUNG), relying on it as his sole practice, andeventually he went on to achieve an astounding level of realisation.When “Drubtop” started to recite the Vajra Guru mantra, his faith in Padmasambhava began toripen and increase. Due to his blindness, day or night was not much difference to him and he beganto recite the mantra diligently day and night without distinction.When he completed a hundred million recitations, “Drubtop”’s prayer-wheel, which he rotated as herecited the mantra, began to drip inconceivable nectar. It is well known that prayer-wheels containdry paper rolls and it is impossible for water to drip from it out of thin air, yet his prayer-wheel began to manifest such a strange phenomenon. This demonstrated the authencity of the results o“Benza Guru Drubtop”’s practice and also showed how wonderful Padmasambhava’s blessingswere. After that, he did not slow down, but instead continued to recite the mantra diligently, praying to Guru Rinpoche with great faith.When “Benza Guru Drubtop” had completed the mantra 300 million times, in a dream-like state, he personally met the Lotus-Born Guru and received a prophecy, thereby attaining an inconceivablelevel of realisation.Padmasambhava told “Benza Guru Drubtop”, “If you live on for 7 more years, your eyesight will berecovered. The reason for you having lost sight in both eyes is that you previously believed in theBon religion and especially, you had disparaged and despised (noble beings), causing confusedinter-dependent phenomenon to arise. Now although you have seen me, due to that karmicobscuration, you will not be able to immediately regain your eyesight.”Thus “Benza Guru Drubtop” was not able to recover his eyesight even though he had seen the GuruRinpoche.In the mysterious state, Guru Rinpoche also asked “Benza Guru Drubtop” to make a special dharmahat as a auspicious interdependent-arising, which the blind “Benza Guru Drubtop” made himself 2
from bronze pieces without anyone’s help.In spite of “Benza Guru Drubtop”’s inner realisation and his extraordinary clairvoyance due to GuruRinpoche’s blessings, due to his external visual handicap, no-one was willing to look after him properly. Thus he wandered around in the region of “Chim” in Bhutan. The locals called him“Benza Guru Drubtop”.“Benza Guru Drubtop” knew of a secret method to reverse obstacles which the Lotus-Born Guruhad personally transmitted to him. It could swiftly remove all heavy illnesses or urgent calamities befalling a person. This method is special but inelegant. It required that “Benza Guru Drubtop”make a special kind of torma and recite a short ritual, the specifics of it is only known to himself,and then he must strip naked and while totally nude take the torma to a nearby triple-intersect junction. This method is quite powerful, all the people for whom the “Drubtop” had performed thisritual, recovered from their problems without exception.Besides this, everytime someone requested the “Benza Guru Drubtop” for any help, his way of divination was also different from others. He did not need the use of any divination apparatus, nor did he require the person to say much, but would be able to know the intentions of the person and be able to speak out the intimate details of the supplicants’ residence, environment and all other kinds of details, including those personal secrets that the person requesting did not want revealed.Evidently, the “Benza Guru Drubtop” had attained great clairvoyance of knowing others’ minds dueto the blessings of Guru Rinpoche. He was also widely acknowledged as “Drubtop” due to this.“Benza Guru Drubtop”’s inner secret realisation did not cause him to try to improve his own livingconditions but instead he regarded poverty and suffering as not being any obstacle or problemimpeding him.What did not change was that he continued supplicating Guru Rinpoche day and night, reciting theGuru Rinpoche mantra respectfully and so when he passed into parinirvana, a conservative estimateof the number of Guru Rinpoche mantras he had recited in his life amounts to more than 600million.Unlike others, he was not interested in promoting his own diligent efforts at practice or his3

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