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Small Business Big Marketing

Small Business Big Marketing

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Published by lukemou
Get inspired and learn how to market your small business effectively on on a shoe string budget. Small Business Big Marketing talks to business owners about thier successful marketing activities.
Get inspired and learn how to market your small business effectively on on a shoe string budget. Small Business Big Marketing talks to business owners about thier successful marketing activities.

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Published by: lukemou on Jun 09, 2012
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Get inspired and learn how tomarket your small businesseffectively on on a shoe string budget. SmallBusiness Big Marketing talks to business owners aboutthier successful marketing activities.
From Letterbox Drop toNational TV Coverage
Just imagine, getting national TV coverage for your business.How fantastic would that be, but it’d cost a fortune – right? Actually, for the savvy marketer, gaining national TV coverage
 for free
– is certainly within the realms of possibility. TakeSteve Sammartino from Rentoid.com as an example. This guy is a shining example of how a non-tech savvy guy can takethe most basic of marketing ideas right through to gainingnational TV coverage – all through his own entrepreneurialspirit.He’s shown some pure genius in how he has taken an idea fromthe concept stage through to being talked about nationwide(and further). Okay, so he had an ingenious concept to begin with. But if you believe in your product and you should– his story really does go to show that all it takes is somecreative thinking, along with almost bulldog like tenacity, andthe world really can be your limit.If at First you Don’t Succeed…Steve’s business is all about people renting out items they ownto other people – for a fee. Kind of an “eBay for the rentalmarket” if you like.Pretty cool idea, we must admit. But an idea remains just thatunless you act upon it. And act he certainly did.Determined not to let a limited (well, almost non-existent)marketing budget stop him, Steve decided to go for a run. And whilst doing so, to do a letterbox drop with some leaflets he’dcreated on his home printer. As luck would have it (because we all need a bit of luck now andagain), one of these leaflets caught the attention of a person who worked for the local paper. They ran a feature on himand his idea. Never one to miss a trick, Steve then createda podcast, and posted his local paper feature everywhere hecould – YouTube, Facebook etc. etc. – basically taking fulladvantage of the free resource of social media.The gods must have been shining down upon him, because thisled to a seriously happy chain of events, culminating in not justone, but multiple appearances on national TV.
Letterbox drop – led to the
Local paper – that led to the
Podcast – that led to being featured on the website
Tech Crunch – that led to literally going global, and ledto being featured in various other…
…magazines and website in the world of technology –and this led to features in
Larger newspapers – including the nationals – which ledto
That all important phone call. From the producer of one of the national TV channels, inviting him in for aninterview to be broadcast to the nation. Well now, isn’t that just a chain of events that’s a small business marketers dream? Of course, it doesn’t show allthe hard work behind the scenes, including the year or so of pitching his ideas to once particular magazine editor beforethey considered he had an angle to feature. And plenty of otherdogged determination that has got him to where he is today.So if you only take one message home from this particular blog,it’s that if you believe in your product, then you should nevergive up. Because it just takes that one lucky break…
No One Cares About Your Business
 Wow! Now that’s a scary looking headline.But before you click off this page in disgust, let’s look a littledeeper into what that actually means.The thing is, in business – as in life in general – the one thingthat pretty much everybody cares about is universal. Andthat’s themselves. Of course, this usually encompasses thoseclose to them – the kids, husband, wife or partner and otherclose family members and friends. But when it boils down toit – looking out for number one is really where most peoples’heads are at.There’s no getting away from it, we live in a “me me me”society. So when you’re looking at ways in which to promote your small business, what you have to think about is how itcan actively improve other peoples’ lives and society in general.The better you become at doing this, the more effective yourmarketing will be.Creating Marketing Angles that Hit HomeIf you can angle your marketing efforts towards what otherpeople hold dear, and how your business can help this, thenthat’s exactly what’ll make people sit up and take notice.
We’ve all seen the dull, dry kind of advertising that’s instantly forgettable. But the stuff we remember is when advertisinggets personal.So think about what’s important to people, and try to work outan angle that you can target your business marketing towardsthis. You might want to think about hot topics such as:
The “green” issue. After all, you can’t do anything inthe 21
century without worrying about your carbonfootprint, emissions and the like, so perhaps you can usethis as a marketing angle.
Making money. After all, in today’s current globalclimate we can all do with a little extra cash.
Protecting yourself from scams and frauds. Not a day goes by without another report on how someone (or lotsof people) got caught by a con of one kind or another.These are just a few ideas – you’ll be able to come up witha whole bunch more but should give you the gist as to thedirection of the mind set you need when thinking about yourmarketing.Take some time to think about marketing campaigns that you’ve known to be successful in the past. You know, big timeTV advertising, radio, internet – and you’ll see that the mostsuccessful are very often ones that show exactly how a productcan make an individual’s life that much better.Because while no-one else might care about your business, yousure do. And the reason for that is you too care about yourself.And if you can work this same mentality into your marketing,then you’ll be on the right track to getting other people to careabout your business as well.
#86 How to build a multi-million dollar online business.
Danial Ahchow founded Service Central in 2005 and has built it to become Australia’s leading online marketplace forfinding all sorts of service providers. This online business now hosts millions of visitors annually, and generates hundreds of millions of dollars of work requests each year.In this revealing interview, Danial shares where the idea camefrom, how he managed to bring it to life after quitting hisday job as an Industrial Relations lawyer and cleaning officesto pay the bills, some of the obstacles he encountered andmistakes he made along the way.PLUS (and of course) he takes us behind the scenes of theService Central marketing machine, where at one point hismonthly marketing budget was $480,000 … and shares how he goes about communicating with two very distinct groups ….users and service providers.If that’s not enough, I also am excited to welcome Netregistry in to the community as a major sponsor of the show. They’rethe experts when it comes to sorting small businesses out withall your online marketing needs.Exciting times, folks!Stap in … this is another episode chock full of marketing gems.
Links & Resources Mentioned In ThisEpisode …
Please welcome my new sponsor – Netregistry – they’ll sort you out with all youronline marketing questions.Service Centralwebsite.Timbo’s speaking for HP in Perth and Brisbane in JuneBrisbane&Perth. Predictably Rational– The book Danial Ahchow mentionedabout pricing.The Lean Start Up– The book Timbo mentioned about theconcept of a minimum viable product.Eaco– Danial’s new venture.
Join the marketing discussion beyond mypodcast …
For in-depth marketing discussion, join theSmall Business BigMarketing LinkedIn Group.See the lighter side of marketing on theSmall Business BigMarketing Facebook Page.Receive small business marketing tips on theSmall BusinessBig Marketing Twitter feed.Leave a review forSmall Business Big Marketing in iTunes. It’sa rankings thing ;0)
I’ve personally created these marketingtraining products in response to listener feedback …
Site Boost– Discover the characteristics of a successful website.Spotlight– I create an exclusive podcast episode solving themarketing challenges of your business.List Builder– How to build an email subscriber list … Fast.Online Marketing Communications Masterclass– This is allabout getting found online.
Seeding, Sponsorship andSocial Media.
 When it comes to marketing it can sometimes seem like you’refloundering in a sea of opportunities. Too many marketingstrategies to choose from – especially if you don’t have thelargest of budgets. Well, there are some clever ways that the savvy marketer canmake every advertising dollar stretch as far as possible. Andnot all of them need force your bank balance even more intothe red.Take social media, for example.Never, ever underestimate the power of Twitter and Facebook.These are probably two of the small business owner’s bestfriends – and you should ignore them at your peril. Gone arethe days that Facebook was the domain of teenagers tellingtheir mates that they’d been dumped by their boyfriend, orposting embarrassing drunken photos. Today, Facebook isthe power house it is simply because of its business andadvertising potential. Not a business alive today should be
 without a Facebook and Twitter presence. And if you haven’t wised up to that fact yet – then do so,
and fast!
Sponsorship Whilst sponsoring events might seem like a big expense, itreally doesn’t have to be. After all, levels of sponsorship rangefrom giving a few hundred dollars to a localevent to the multi-million dollar affairs for global gigs.Depending on what your business does, sponsorship really can reach out to your target audience. Take Scot Kilmartinfrom the company, Haul. His business sells recycled billboardproducts that have been turned into items such as laptopand notebook covers. His target market is the young, urban,fashion conscious crowd. The type of people who go to rock gigs and parties. So by sponsoring these kinds of events hiscompany name (and therefore goods) are being showcasedspecifically to the people who’re going to purchase theirproducts.So while it might cost a bit in the sponsorship outlay, thereturns it brings means that the expense really is just peanuts.Clever – huh! It’s all about picking and choosing how youspend your marketing budget.Seeding We all know that the big fashion labels give freebies to the beautiful people so their products get mentioned in the tabloidpress. Well, so you can do the same – just on a more local level.Seeding is all about giving influential people free stuff, andif done right really can return a whole load of bang for your buck. Getting your product seen, mentioned and noticed is the whole idea of seeding. And you don’t necessarily need to give stuff away to people who’re already famous names. The savvy marketer will pick people who he (or she) thinks are just poised on the brink of success. Get it right and not only will the person or people you’ve seeded love you forever, but you’re product is likely to get a whole load of exposure and ride on the back of thatperson’s success. And it doesn’t just need to be famous (or soon to be famous)people. Depending on what your product is, try givingsomething away to someone who works in a large officeenvironment. If you’re product is good (and it should be,otherwise why are you bothering with it), then others will seeit and hopefully become customers.So as you see, marketing doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.It just needs to bring in the custom. Think outside the box,think sideways – study your competition and see if you can usea slant on successful marketing strategies they’ve used. And never stop evolving – that’s the true mark of a successfulmarketer and business. And the odd bit of good luck, of course.We can all do with a little bit of that, just once in a while.
What’s in a Name?
Names! How important do you consider the name of your business to be? On a scale of 1-10, would you be hoveringaround the 5 or 6 mark, or right up there, pushing the barriersto give it an 11? Well, what you call your business is probably one of the mostimportant decisions you’ll ever make. After all, look at someof the most successful (and recent) brand names that are outthere right now.
Microsoft What’s the one thing all of these have got in common?Short, funky, memorable and have an almost infinite amountof word play that could be used in future advertising.One mistake that many people make when trying to think of a suitable name is to be over complicated or over logical.But when it comes down to naming, you really have only twochoices to consider.
 You can choose a name that clearly explains what it isthat you do – as in Microsoft, Facebook and eBay.
Go the funky, unique route with a name that you can useto develop the personality of your brand – such as Apple,Orange and Ugg.Neither is right and neither is wrong. Just go with the conceptthat you feel most comfortable with.But once you’ve decided the kind of name you want to choose,how on earth do you go about selecting it. One great tip is touse a technique we like to call ‘social media crowd sourcing.’It’s simple (and best of all,
it’s free
!) All you do is create a Google document or spread sheet andput a short brief of the business that you want to find a namefor. Add a question – something along the lines of 
 please helpme to find a name for this business –
and then email it toeveryone you know. Friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Anddon’t forget to add a Twitter feed and ask for contributions. You might not get
name, but it’ll certainly provide fodderto get your creative juices flowing.One final, and very important, point to do with names. Andthat’s the absolute necessity of managing to get the .com URLthat will go with your business name. If you come up with theperfect name, don’t forget to register the domain. And if it’salready taken, then find out who owns it and see if you canpurchase it. You
the .com – that’s where the real action is. Sure– .com.au (or whatever country you’re in) can be good for localtrade. But if you want to go global – and you should – .comis the only URL to have.Think big – think unique – think names. On that scale of 1-10,the name of your business should score a 20!

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