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Man, Consciousness and Understanding

Man, Consciousness and Understanding



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Published by Earthcat
by Walt Rogers
by Walt Rogers

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Published by: Earthcat on Jan 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Origins of L/L ResearchMan, Consciousness and Understanding - Volume ICopyright © 2008 Walt RogersABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions ofthe sessions of Walt Rogers’ contactee group in Detroit that were contained in the Man, Consciousness andUnderstanding pamphlets. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities alwaysmake a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something ringstrue to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of theConfederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.CAVEAT: This document is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been editedand any obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed. Man, Consciousness and UnderstandingVolume IIntroductionThe groupings of communications contained in this enclosure are informative, teaching-instructions for developinga better understanding of ourselves, of the problems of our modem times, and of the magnitude of the future lyingbefore us. The nature and the text of these communications differ in respect to the many spiritual studies of Truthavailable to the seeker; therefore, a few words are necessary to explain their source.On and around our Earth there exist millions of beings from other regions and other realms of the Universe whohave attained a much higher and a much greater degree of understanding in their evolution. To those who willlisten, they extend their friendship and offer their understanding and wisdom that the homo sapiens race on Earthmight awaken unto themselves and work to usher in the New Golden Age presently dawning.Within these pages, the words you read are those received from physical beings aboard spacecraft who hail fromother parts of the Universe, and from wonderful, Radiant Beings who enjoy the Perfect Life in the higher realms ofexistence.The reader is to understand that these communications were received through a human channel who was oneamong a small group of earnest seekers of Truth. These words of enlightenment, even though spoken to a smallgroup, also apply to the whole of mankind and may be used by any and all who are seeking a more Abundant Life.With their deepest Love and Blessings, these Beings of higher understanding offer their knowledge to all who seekthe Truth.Affirmations for MeditationBy Hatonn [1]O Radiant One, send forth Thy Light, and surround each of us, Thy children, that we may have enlightenment andwisdom.We relax and give ourselves completely to the Father. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.We know that all is well as we relax in His Arms. We give our whole selves to the Father, we want only to do Hiswill. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.I am His perfect child. He guides me and directs me. He continually surrounds me with His pure white Light. Ivisualize this radiant substance of purest white, until I actually feel the consciousness of the Father, His Presence,His Power, His Light and love flowing through me. I relax in His Presence.He is the ever-loving Father and Creator.He loves me and protects me.
He is the one and only Power and IntelligenceI am His perfect expressionHe expresses through meI am a doer of His willThe Father and I are one.There is but a single power and intelligenceThis great power and intelligence is now a part of meIt is guiding me and protecting me at all timesI give myself completely to this great Power and IntelligenceI am a part of itI live and have my being in this, the Father.Amen.Sunday November 4, 1956Greetings to you my friends, I am Hatonn.In love and light I greet you. We of the Confederation are always grateful to find among your people those who areinterested, who are willing to accept us. We are grateful to all of you for your acceptance of us.There is much to be accomplished among your peoples in the days to come. Your planet at this moment faces oneof the greatest crisis in its history. We who have come here from other systems and other galaxies, have came byrequest, request from others in your system. This service we are happy and proud to give; we only are happy thatwe have the opportunity to serve you. As I stated, there is much to be accomplished among your people in orderthat we may bring about conditions of betterment upon your planet. We hope and pray each day that more andmore of your people will see the light. It is only through these awakenings that your people can be prevented frombringing about their own destruction; it must come from the people.Your heads of government, your world leaders have become so corrupt, so power mad, that now it is up to thepeople to demand and to bring about their own salvation. It is through those who through their convictions arewilling to come forth, to come out from among the multitudes and stand forth for what is right and good.Great changes which have come about upon your planet, has not been brought about by the majorities but ratherhas been brought about by the minority, sometimes even by individuals who are strong in their faith and who arewilling to come forth from among the multitudes and stand forth regardless of the race consciousness for that theybelieve and know to be right. One man, a few years ago upon your planet, was responsible for one of the greatestchanges that has taken place in your civilization; one man, my brothers, who was not afraid to come forth fromamong the masses. If you think with the masses, believe with the masses, then you have lost your individuality,then you become one of the masses, one of the race consciousness. Seek the Truth and stand on it, my brothers.Use your intelligence, that is why the Creator gave it to you.We have made our appeal to the heads of your world government, to all of your world leaders. We have madegreat offers to them, but our offers are the offers that would improve the masses, improve your scientificachievements, allow you to live a new life, one of grandeur and of beauty, but due to your customs, your economicstructure, your monetary system, they who have the power in hands, are not willing to sacrifice their power tobenefit the multitudes. Now we come to you the people, the power is in your hands. We do not advocate violence,but by making your choice to serve in the everlasting love and light, we can and will direct you in the ways of loveand light, and through these methods, you can bring about the conditions that you desire.My friends, you have no idea of your own thought power. This thought power when concentrated by the multitudes,by the masses, can bring about anything. There is much power in thought my brothers, much power. Our problems
are solved by thought; we have no need for wars or violence. When we have a problem, our people attack it inthought, in unison, and the problem dissolves itself. Think about this, my brothers; there is much food there forthought. This is only a slight glimpse of what can be accomplished once you understand and know life as it reallyexists.These things, my friends, are the things we want to teach you, these are the things we are trying to bring to you. Ouronly hope is that your people will choose in the right direction. I believe I have given you enough to think about thistime. It has been my privilege to speak with you; we shall meet again.May you grow ever in the love and light of the Infinite One and may His Truth flow continually through you. May younow and then get a grasp of the grandeur that lies ahead, I know you will be awed by it.Adonai [2], my friends. Adonai vasu.I am Hatonn.Saturday, February 16, 1957“Learn to go within-to follow that guidance, which comes thru your higher intelligence to you and will guide youonly in the right direction, if you so desire.”Questioner: Guide in health-material needs?This is your guidance for everything. It knows what is best for you regardless of what it may concern, whether it beof a material nature such as a material need you may have for your everyday living or comfort.There is no need to be in want—your Creator has never intended for you to want for anything. You bring about yourown lack, through your own thinking, your own actions. Go always to this higher self or intelligence. There, any ofyour problems can be solved. It has the answers to all our problems. You need only to learn to contact it, to be ableto state your problem clearly and it will give you the answer because it has access to that great storehouse ofknowledge where all you can make, produce, has not been produced before.No problem that you could possibly have has not been solved before. The answers are all there in that greatstorehouse of knowledge and your own higher intelligence has access to this storehouse at all times.Questioner: Is this praying to the Father within? Can it be done in meditation?It certainly can. You are a part of your Creator. You are a Creator. As your problems, needs arise—quietly andclearly state these needs, these problems to this Higher Intelligence or as you speak of it as God; we prefer otherterms. The answer to these problems will come to you. State them openly and clearly and then let it rest in yourinnermost being. The answer will come to you.Your people have lost this art generally speaking, it needs to be cultivated.Questioner: How do we help others?You can only help others as they will allow, you to help them. To those who seek help from you, administer yourhelp wisely. The level of Understanding of any person determines the way in which Truth shall be given to them.There, my friends, is where wisdom is necessary in spreading Truth to those about you. Hardly any two persons willbe on the same level of understanding. There again you must listen for that inner guidance, for that wisdom inadministering Truths which you know. Try to realize that what is Truth for you may not be Truth for another. Youcannot force Truth on anyone. Each must grow in their own way.Questioner: By surrounding them with the Light we can help them to be aware of it, can’t we?You can help anyone by sending your Light and Love. This is always effective although it is not always apparent toyou.Your love should so radiate that those about you feel your love and light whenever they are near you. This createsmore desire in those with whom you come in contact, more desire to know the Truth than anything you can do. Thatis what is meant by the statement in your Holy Works which states, “Do not hide your Light under a bushel but letyour Light shine forth that others might see it.”

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