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Indian Point Power Plant

Indian Point Power Plant

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Published by Joel Engelmann

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Published by: Joel Engelmann on Jun 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Engelmann 1Joel EngelmannProfessor RadleyCritical Thinking and Writing II19 April 2012Essay 3.1Imagine a beautiful day in the downtown New York City. As always, New York City is packed full of people whether it's tourist families that are walking around visiting or a local business man on the way to work. Everyone is going about their peaceful lives and then boom; it'sall gone. This event could happen if the Indian Point Power Plant's license is renewed and the plantcontinues to run. There are many dangers that accompany the nuclear power plant, whether it's theleaks that have been found all over the plant, the pollution issues that grow worse everyday or theevent that would take place if a terrorist were to attack the plant. The side for the power plantmakes many claims about how prices will be higher and reliability will be lower if there is no plant, but are these valuable excuses to compare to the safety of the U.S? In the end it comes downto what the United States values more, cheaper costs and better reliability or the lives of millions of citizens. The correct answer to these questions is no, there is no excuse to endanger the lives of millions which is why citizens of New York and even the entire country need to fight in order toclose down Indian Point Power Plant and avoid the drastic events that could take place if the plantwere to stay open.Pollution is one of the main reasons why Indian Point is not safe and should not be alloweda renewed license. Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who is against the renewal of the power plants license, and his administration stated how “The Indian Point Plant uses up to 2.5 billion gallons of water from the Hudson per day as a coolant, cycling back into the river”
Engelmann 2(Hakim). This is a huge health problem to not only New York but to every area that the river runsthrough, as well as the fish that live in the river and the animals that drink from it. It's amazing thatthis has continued to go unpunished and it's time the Hudson stops paying for the atrocities of Indian Point. Riverkeeper, an advocacy group for New York's clean water exclaims how the power  plant is running out of room to place their spent fuel, “IP's storage pools are already overfilled withspent fuel rods from the last 40 years of operations. The spent fuel pools are also leakingradioactive water into the ground and the Hudson River” (Riverkeeper). The fuel used holdsradiation levels that are very dangerous and can eventually kill, whether it's long term or shortterm, anybody who somehow consumes enough of it. Radiation pollution, such as the spent fuelrods, have killed many people in previous events and poses a huge threat. The power plant is adanger to the environment and if it continues to run, who knows how much unrepairable damagewill be done to the environment. Pollution is a big reason why Indian Point must be shut down before too much damage is done.Another reason why Indian Point needs to be terminated is because of its horrible placement and the possibility of an earthquake or another kind of natural disaster striking the power plant. Indian Point just so happened to be built on an earthquake fault line and Lynn Sykes,an emeritus geologist at Columbia University insists, “the earthquake risk to the plant is muchgreater than Entergy, the company who owns the plant, or the Nuclear Regulatory Commissionhave calculated” (Revkin). New York should be more aware of the dangers of the power plant andthe citizens need to know the dangers that could be results if an earthquake were to strike the power plant. Another statement was released that, “The United States Nuclear RegulatoryCommission revised its estimates of earthquake risk in 2010, concluding that Indian Point is themost likely nuke plant in the nation to experience core damage due to an earthquake.”
Engelmann 3(Riverkeeper). If Indian Point is the most likely nuclear plant in the nation to experience coredamage due to earthquakes, then why is the plant still have a license and why is it still running?The only answer to this is it shouldn't have a license and shouldn't be running because every daythe plant is putting millions of people in danger. Many people argue that there are very smallchances of a large enough earthquake striking the power plant, but those same people can look  back at a recent earthquake that ended up hitting a power plant. On the day of March 11, 2011,Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake that caused severe damage to not only the northeastern part of Japan but also to the Fukushima Power Plant. In result to this there were radiation leaks that endedup killed many people (McCurry). An event such as this could easily take place in New York thatcould kill thousands, even millions of people. Indian Point must be shut down before anearthquake or some other form of natural disasters strikes the power plant.A danger that accompanies the power plant is the possibility of a man made catastrophetaking place. The world was shocked as they watched two planes bring down the Twin Towers andkill thousands of people. Now think of the possibility of attack happening on Indian Point, not tofar away from where the Twin Towers once stood, but instead of killing thousands of people, itkills millions of them. According to a video by “Shut Down Indian Point Now,” an organizationled by the people of New York against the renewal of the power plant, “Indian Point contains theradioactive material of 1000 Hiroshima bombs” (
 Indian Point and Fukushima
). If the eventhappened in which an attack hit the power plant then the result would be catastrophic. Socatastrophic that it would most likely wipe out all of New York as well as the states surrounding it,throwing the US into chaos. Almost everybody knows of the damage that one nuclear bomb did tothe cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now think of 1000 of those going off all at once. The U.Scan't allow an event like this to take place which is why the government needs to step in and

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