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The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ



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Published by Carl Turner
This book tells about the missing years of Jesus Christ and it also describes man before man fell into a physical form.
This book tells about the missing years of Jesus Christ and it also describes man before man fell into a physical form.

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Published by: Carl Turner on Jan 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Return Path to Eden
 Aquarian Gospel Text
The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus,the Christ of the Piscean Age
transcribed by Levi H. Dowling
The complete, uncensored, unabridged story of The Life of Christ
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Aquarian Gospel FAQs
 by Michael F. O'Keeffe
An Announcement
God has given us a new book of scripture. The full title is “The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age.” This precious new book reveals God to the world, andit reveals the mystery of our relationship to Him. Now we can know why we are called HisChildren – during these important times (the times of Revelations). In Chapter 129 we read,
The veil that separates the worlds is but an ether veil. For those who purify their hearts by faith, the veil is rolled aside, and they can see andknow that death is an illusive thing.
This truth (and much more) is revealed in the Aquarian Gospel – during these times of Revelations. 
A Three-paragraph Review of The Aquarian Gospel
In this marvelous book of Christ, Jesus reveals that every living thing is a deity manifest, andeach has a soul, which is on a very long trek – from total unawareness of its own divinity, tofull consciousness. Every creature, after many incarnations, eventually becomes fully awareof its own divine lineage; and later, during subsequent incarnations, each one learns moreand more about developing and exercising divine Strength, Wisdom and Love; untileventually, every one (plant, animal and human) achieves pure perfection – oneness withGod (our Father). He said that he, Jesus, is our example of a man who achieved oneness. He also proclaimed that he is simply our elder brother, come to teach us; and that he is our example of that which we all will eventually become. Jesus, the first person of Earth’s History to conquer death, said, “You may follow me,” andthus, he leads the way. He became immortal. He is always with us. He and those whofollowed him continually labor for us (beyond the veil), so that we too may learn, and become
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christhttp://home.netcom.com/~mokeeffe/AquarianGospelSinglePage.htm1 of 2517/16/2008 12:05 PM
wise and strong enough to follow him. As they constantly labor for us, they also patientlywait for us. By reading and studying the Aquarian Gospel, we never lose sight of our destiny, becauseJesus’ life-story (including the story of his partner, Miriam) is our beacon-light in the night.  All who see and comprehend this compelling brilliance can voyage toward the Light. Weknow the Way. An in depth review
Additional comments about the Aquarian Gospel
Regarding Levi, the transcriber 
 As stated (in the FAQ’s page
), The Book of God’s Remembrance is a recording – imprintedon disc-like plates smaller than atoms. Every event that ever occurs leaves an imprint onthese elemental particles, which continuously emit extremely fine energy waves. Anyonewho knows how to fine-tune certain mind-receptors to the frequencies to these tinytransmissions can witness all events that have ever occurred; and this sacred recording cannever be revised or edited. (Thank God!)It was only a matter of time before someone would become strong enough to open our Father’s Record Book. As God’s Children, our souls grow stronger and wiser with eachincarnation. (Much of the human race has now reached adolescence of soul.) Levi H.Dowling (1844 - 1911), an American who lived in Ohio, attained enough strength andknowledge to open The Book of God’s Remembrance.Levi became strong enough (and worthy enough) sometime after his fiftieth year on Earth. He gained the strength and know-how through many years of practicing all-night sessions of meditation, combined with fasting. After reaching his goal, he was able to focus his mind onparticular persons, places and times, and clearly view ancient events – as if happening “hereand now.”Levi concentrated on just a small portion of God’s History Book; he focused on “the littlebook” – that tiny part of World History that is the record of Jesus’ life. Therefore, there is nolonger any reason to wonder who was Jesus, or to speculate or debate what he said or did. His entire life-story is now available in the Aquarian Gospel, and anyone who wishes mayread.During meditation, Levi was able to re-play events (as many times as necessary) in order toprovide us with a perfect transcript. He spent many months transcribing the events hedirectly witnessed in “The Book of God’s Remembrance” (also called The Akashic Records). His original manuscript, entitled “The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of thePiscean Age,” is widely published under the title, “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ,”and is commonly referred to as simply, “The Aquarian Gospel.”Have other people verified the existence of the Akashic Records? Yes; people who are(authentic) psychics and remote viewers perform their remarkable feats because they areable to catch fleeting glimpses (or impressions) of our Father’s sacred recording. Prophetsand seers have been more successful – sometimes able to clearly view past events (andforesee future incidents); but Levi gained complete access to Nature’s hidden portico. He isthe first person in Earth’s History to be granted full access to the Mystic Records of Time,
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christhttp://home.netcom.com/~mokeeffe/AquarianGospelSinglePage.htm2 of 2517/16/2008 12:05 PM
with permission to write down what he witnessed.
How can one know the Aquarian Gospel is genuine? 
The answer to this question is remarkably simple.
Just read, and you will know. Anyone who reads the Aquarian Gospel carefully, sincerely and comprehensively willrecognize its authenticity; and indeed, only those who read this book carefully,sincerely and comprehensively can recognize its authenticity, and know it is genuine.
  And I dare say, anyone who discredits this book, or questions its authenticity, merely displaysan unwillingness (or inability) to perform a careful, sincere, comprehensive reading.
“None butthe pure in heart can recognize the King.”
Thus, I can say with confidence:
Just read, and you will know 
. “The proof of the pudding is inthe eating.”Levi’s sacred transcription far outshines all previous books of divine origin. It is not filled withenigmas, secret codes and riddles; nor does it contain long, arduous passages that offer littleinsight. This sacred book is succinct. Levi did not mince words – each chapter gets right tothe point. The parables are comprehensible, and the text is superbly plain and clear andeasy to understand. The careful reader will know that the return of Messiah is very near (as well as JudgmentDay) and he or she can know how to prepare. Furthermore, the Aquarian Gospel contains
the mystery 
, which only the wise can understand. One may wonder, who are “the wise?” Answer: the wise are they who sincerely strive to liveby the golden rule, and earnestly practice honesty, humility, kindness and forgiveness, andthey are willing to
carefully open their minds
 to concepts not yet learned. Thus, the wise arewilling to read; they cannot fail to comprehend.
The Author 
Levi is the transcriber, but who is the author of the Aquarian Gospel? None other thanJesus, Christ Himself, wrote this book! How can this be? Jesus knew that every word Hespoke and every act He performed was being recorded in The Book of God's Remembrance;and He knew that 1,800 years after His lifetime, (in preparation for Christ’s return) a manwould be born into the world who would gain enough strength to open our Father’s sacredRecording, and thereby become a direct eyewitness to all the events of Jesus’ life; and hewould transcribe a totally accurate and detailed account of his life and teachings.Therefore, except for the introductory chapters and some of the narrative, Jesus is the trueauthor of the Aquarian Gospel. He wrote the book by living it. “His-story” is inscribed onnature’s tiny discs (smaller than atoms), which form “the walls of time,” and Levi, throughyears of practicing meditation and fasting, discovered the “password,” and he has viewed themystic walls, and he has transcribed. Levi has given us the most precious book ever written.
 Why a new Book of Scripture now? 
Just as John prepared the way for Christ by baptizing and teaching at the Jordan Ford, sotoo, Levi’s transcription is given to us at this time to help us prepare for Christ’s return andJudgment Day. Like John, Levi is a harbinger. His publication paves the way for Christ
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christhttp://home.netcom.com/~mokeeffe/AquarianGospelSinglePage.htm3 of 2517/16/2008 12:05 PM

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