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2009 Horoscope Forecast ~ Extended Astrology for the 15 Sun Signs & 16 Eastern Ascendants

2009 Horoscope Forecast ~ Extended Astrology for the 15 Sun Signs & 16 Eastern Ascendants



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Published by Academic_Zodiac
Extended astrological forecast for the year 2009. The 15 Sun signs include Orion, Cetus and Ophiuchus. The 16 true eastern ascendants represent your 16 guardian angels for the current epoch. From the copyrighted author of the Academic Zodiac, Klaudio Zic, as seen on http://youtube.com/RTRRTV
Extended astrological forecast for the year 2009. The 15 Sun signs include Orion, Cetus and Ophiuchus. The 16 true eastern ascendants represent your 16 guardian angels for the current epoch. From the copyrighted author of the Academic Zodiac, Klaudio Zic, as seen on http://youtube.com/RTRRTV

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Jan 01, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2009, www.lulu.com/astrology.Copyright © 2009 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No  part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.
Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.
http://www.lulu.com/astrologyAs follow is the forecast for the 15 sun signs. Why not just 13 as usual? We wanted toexpand on two special zodiacal positions for the Sun, namely Cetus
and Orion
. AlbeitCetus was first proposed as an alternative zodiacal station for the Sun, Orion enjoys morehistorical credit
. The zodiacal wheel conveniently starts with Orion
 and ends up inAuriga
. The frequent admonitions concerning financial issues are due to the general toneas impressed by the shadow of Orcus
upon the longest zodiacal constellation, Hydra, in theyear 2009. Hydra is perturbed as main financial troublemaker of the British zodiac, sincethe pompous entrance of Venus
2002 AW
in Hydra in summer 2007.CETVSDo not invest. A weasel avoids the barn. Try and finish what was started.ARIESKeep it for yourself. Left wing tendencies
 are mere propaganda.TAURVSHappy next Christmas! With foes gone, friends approach. Rejuvenation.ORIONJuridical issues with summer solstice. Ten days for an ascent
.Longevity.GEMINIKeeping family business safe in closing every leak. Gossip entails loss.CANCEROne locks the door thrice, then decides vacation. Jay Ganesh.LEODiscretion in a taciturn keeper of the temple. ORCVS ANTE PORTAS.VIRGOLive large and prospe
 in marriage gossip. Lawsuits will turn out fine.
All planets and the Moon travel through Cetus and Orion. Cetus is moreover interesting due to being near to the vernal point, thus
 Age of Cetus III.
See also
Sun in Orion
Mercury in Orion.
On 9/11, the Moon was in Orion.
Mostly due to the stress that Egypt set on that branch of our galaxy.
There are historical reasons for this AD HOC choice, mostly as associated with Egypt and the Stargate.
See also
Moon in Auriga.
For details, consult
Orcus Report.
Russia invading the USA.
An allusion to the length of this constellation. The Sun spends over 40 days in Virgo.
LIBRAReal estate will be fine (sic). Some savings. Western pets.SCORPIVSThe ragged exorcist and drunken fairy. Chaotic pregnancy. Troublemaker.OPHIUCHVSReal estate matters will be fine as usual for Ophiuchian births.SAGITTARIVSWrong decision, wrong girl and wrong investment. Wrong PC.CAPRICORNVSAll hands on decks and boards. The ship is mine to command love.AQUARIVSMarry now. As for timing, check for good Venus Jupiter aspects.PISCESDrive southwest. Pick up young hitch hiker. Solve that riddle.AND THE WINNER IS...The favorite seems to be Pisces, in that everything is resolved smoothly. Southwest of course alludes to the 8
Cartesian house in astrology. Pisces will have young company, newvehicles, be in accord with society and sing along to fireworks.
There is a total of 88 ascendants rising at east
. When we observe the present skies, weenlist 16 ascendants. The ascendant is a star rising at east
, also known as guardian angel.The Lord forbade superstition, as recorded in the Holy Bible, precisely because it leads tothe wrong calculation of the eastern ascendant. In the dark past, people believed in anunmoving sky, lacking precession. A hilarious belief was the golden calf of the Æon,namely, people believed that the Sun rises at east, with zodiacal constellations serving asascendants. Much as belief in flat Earth persisted over thousands of years, so all kind of  belief does to this day. Surely, educated people will know basic astronomy and understand precession. The guardian angel star is much pleased with the 144 000. Your true natalascendants are enlisted as follow, along with a brief forecast for the year 2009.(1)ORION Legal issues as family legacy.
In a precession cycle.
At east, meaning that a normal horoscope does not enlist it at all. The Cartesian house system of courseenlists the guardian angel star. This star is marked with an “E” in your horoscope.
(2)MONOCEROSLoneliness and death, but also spiritual progress.(3)CANIS MINORDeath and madness, but also sacrifice for a child.(4)HYDRAA triangle relationship makes you leave.(5)SEXTANSYou always knew how to serve well.(6)LEOFortunate marriage, posterity and property
.(7)VIRGOAuspicious voyage.(8)SERPENS CAPVTAdministrative issues. California is favorable.(9)OPHIVCHVSThe best ascendant of all. This is your year.(10)SERPENS CAVDAAfter an uncertain voyage, gain in all.(11)AQVILAIn tune with all. Autumn is favorable.(12)AQVARIVSPersonal power is like a fortress. Resources abound.(13)PISCESFriendliness, refreshment, regeneration, attunement.(14)CETVSWorking year, especially for the government.(15)TAVRVS
 Nothing to do, especially in November 2009.(16)ERIDANVSArt. Frying in the pan. Gain follows loss. Just kiss.Serpens Cauda is the ascendant of the USA. Eridanus and Serpens Caput are assigned toItaly, with Sextans as the ascendant of Vatican City. Canis Minor is the ascendant of GeorgeBush. Hydra stands for Aleister Crowley. In the Age of Cetus III, Cetus is the mostimportant ascendant of all the 16. After a recent Jupiter in Ophiuchus, this year 2009,Ophiuchus is by far the most favorite ascendant of all.
Klaudio Zic
The Academic Zodiac & RTRRT are Copyright © 1995 - 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved worldwide.Redistribution of this file in any form is violation of the Copyright Law.This copyrighted material has been previously published as available from http://www.lulu.com/astrologyklaudio_zic@yahoo.com Subject: RTRRTVIP. Video Log http://youtube.com/RTRRTV 
Implying real estate in a difficult year. Please note that Orcus and Saturn Uranus opposition rule thefinancial sky in the year 2009 as seen on http://youtube.com/RTRRTV 
Taurus rises for only 5 minutes every day, and is as such hardly considerable as rising constellation.However, for the sake of accuracy, we include even Taurus in our calculations, while giving up the hope of ever meeting one with such a rare ascendant. On the other hand, Eridanus has luckily been found rising inthe horoscope of our own guru! What a coincidence. Also, a noble Venetian gentlemen, a baron, has this peculiar ascendant. Eridanus is moreover the river Po in Italy.

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