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Asylum X

Asylum X

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Published by Alora Gavin

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Published by: Alora Gavin on Jun 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Happy birthday to
I smiled brightly to my friends and family as they finished their off key rendition of happy birthday with a whir of applause and cheers. There was an oversized cake place in front of me, capable of feeding a complete armada of hungry Vikings and then some, decorated indifferent shades of yellow. Scrawled across the middle was
 Happy Sweet Sixteen Kyra
in vibrantorange lettering that flickered with a tall flame.I took a deep breath in. What was I supposed to wish for? World peace? New shoes? See,this was the type of thing you were supposed to have prepared beforehand. Now I was slowlyturning blue from lack of oxygen while my father waited anxiously with his SLR camera in anattempt to capture the memory.With a mental shrug and some added confidence in knowing that nobody could hear me, Iforced out the air as hard as I could, blowing out the sixteen candles in one breath and made mywish.
Thinking back, it was a horrible thing to wish for. Of course it didn’t cause everything
that happened, but if I had just wished for something else like, popularity or a boyfriend or evena pony, maybe then things would have been different.Again my audience went up in hoots and hollers. My uncle started to cut the cake,separating slices onto little plates and handing them to my party guests. Some people started to
wander back to the pool and other festivities, but my mother stopped them right in their stepswith her loud and overly obnoxious voice.
“Hey, everyone, I just want to say one thing before you all go back to
.” She
said with a shake of her hips.I buried my head in my hands with a giggle, embarrassed and flattered at the same time.
“Oh, Mom, please don’t.”
 My mom was a real artistic character with wild brown hair and big, exotic hazel eyes.She looked like something out of a Tim Burton movie- minus the crazy makeup- and acted likeone too. In many ways, I was just like her; we both shared the same tall, curvy frame, creamywhite skin tone and endless amounts of energy. But, other than that, I was my
father’s daughter.He’s where I inherited the tame blonde curls and vivid blue eyes worthy sitting on my now
blushed face.
“I just want to say that I am so proud of my little girl and all that she’s accomplished. She
makes me and her entire family happy.
And, while I can’t say that I won’t miss holding your 
hand when we cross the street or reading you stories when you got to bed, I do know that these
next few years are going to be full of lots of new memories we can look back on.” She beamed at
me and whip
 ped a tear from her eye. “Anyway, I love you, you father loves you, then entireworld loves you, yada, yada…”
“Everyone enjoy the party!” My dad chimed in with a booming voice, saving us from an
incredibly awkward silence.My friends cheered and a few people took a running start to jump in the pool and soon,
all that remained near the cake table were my mom and me. She smiled bashfully at me. “I hopeI didn’t embarrass you too bad.”

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