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Caroline's Form

Caroline's Form

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Published by Alora Gavin

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Published by: Alora Gavin on Jun 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter one
 I struggle to move, but the heavy metal braces are too thick for even me to
break. The room I’m in is cold and damp, there is little light coming through the
 flickering bulbs above me, but with my heightened animal senses I can see just well enough to tell that Luke, the one and only form I truly fear, is standing five
 feet away from me and is staring at me with pride. He finally has what he’s
wanted for a long time now, me. He stares at me with the same lust and twisted enthusiasm t 
hat he reserved only for me. I was the only obstacle he couldn’t over  pass and after all of my hard work he’s finally got me in a helpless position. But  I’m strong and I don’t give up without a fight. I thrash around in the iron chair 
and cause many small
dents, but it’s not enough to escape. My fingers claw
helplessly at the arms of the chair as I try to pry the restraints loose. My feet aresecurely strapped to the bottom on the chair and I cannot move them at all. Heknows all of my weaknesses and he has
even gagged me to assure that I can’t call 
to my friends for help. He takes a step closer and I can feel the heat that surrounds his body like toxic waste. It burns, and even though there is two feet between us it feels like fire is surrounding me. I let out a strangled scream and hissmile widens. He likes to hear me scream. He caresses my cheek softly, but each soft stroke feels like boiling water being poured on my face. Despite my efforts not to, a tear falls down my cheek and Lukedabs it away which causes only more pain. He leans in closer so that his wordsare clear and easy to understand.
“You know how to make the pain go away, do it.” His voice is sweet and if I didn’t know how much of a monster this seventeen year old boy is I would have
calmed down. But sadly, I do know who he is and each word stabs me causingmore tears to follow. I cannot answer through the cloth in my mouth, but I do not listen to him. will suffer the pain before I even think about doing what he wants me to. I let myhead f 
all so he can’t 
touch my face, but that doesn’t stop him from touching me.
 He traces his finger down my arm and my muscles start to have little spasms. Each movement in my right arm feels like heck and he is only beginning. He isonly barely touching me, I know he has much more planed for me tonight and hewill work his way up to the most painful things. Luke yanks my head back by theroots of my hair making me cry out it pain. He moans a sound that scares me. Hewants more. He wants to see me in pain. I know already I have lost.
 My eyes slowly flicker open and relief floods into me as I take in my surroundings. I am nolonger in the dreaded room with Luke, but in the Canadian mountains. It is sunny, but I have noidea what time it is. My head moves up and
down with Damon‟s steady breathing. He has curled
up into a ball and his shiny silver fur is clumped and matted much like my own fiery red hair, but
that‟s only from sleeping on it for one night. I sit up and run a hand through my hair feeling the
red curls turn to strait blond layers. My daily form change is done and the old me is gone until Iwish to use it. Being a shape shifter has its advantages, but I would give it all away for a life as anormal girl in high school. I would love to go to school for more than just one week, but things
aren‟t that simple for me. I was born into a psychotic family who traded me away to Luke for his
blessing. I never knew my family and I spent most of my time at a castle in the highlands withLuke. When he got me I was two years old, but even then he loved me. On the second day of owning me he turned me into what he was. A shape shifter. He raised me and tried to convince
me that I was special, but didn‟t tell me exactly what I was. He would teach me how to do certain
and I would figure some things out on my own. As I grew older, Luke didn‟t. He stayed
the same seventeen year old boy. As I grew I became stronger than even him and he decided totell me what we were. He kept the details to a minimum, but taught me everything he knew. Heturned me into this
and there was no undoing it.
I sighed and nudged Damon‟s side until he rolled onto his feet groggily and stood up. I stood
up too, but on two legs unlike my wolf friend.
“Nice look today.” He yawns. “If only you
had some descent cloths to wear. You could look 
!” Damon says
in his impression of a teenage girl.I giggle and looked down at my cloths. My jeans were ripped in so many places that theycould barely pass as jeans. I ripped the fabric off at my mid thigh to change then into shorts. Itgets to hot in the summer for long pants. My shirt was covered in dirt and blood stains, but therewas nothing I
could do about it. I ware no shoes because they aren‟t necessary, I ru
n faster andmore alert when I have bare feet. Damon smiles his doggy smile and lets his tongue fall out of his mouth to show that he is hungry.
“I‟m gonna go get me some rabbit, you wanna come with?” He asks
. How a wolf picked upslang language, I have no idea. How a wol
f can talk… well, that‟s just one of 
those weird thingsLuke taught me.
“Sure, I‟ve got nothing better to do.” I take a few steps back to make some room for the
transformation. I strip down until I am naked
, hide my cloth behind some bush‟s
and changefrom a human to a wolf similar to Damon. He gives me another Wolf-y grin and takes off to the
south. There is a small stream around there and it‟s always heavily populated with animals.That‟s where we will find breakfast. No eggs or pancakes, we eat raw meat from live animal
slike animals do in the wild. I follow him and my four paws thump on the rough ground bellow
me. I let my natural instincts take over and think just like a real wolf will. Get the game and keepmoving, I repeat to myself in my head over and over again.
Soon, I am at Damon‟s right flank and taking my role as the “beta” male
-female-. This is ourpack, as we like to call it, just Damon and me. Other wolfs had been a part of this pack, but they
either couldn‟t keep up or got killed by the hunters
- the psycho manic killers that Luke has sent
to “collect” me. So far we have killed around six hundred hunters and I have not been captured
once, but he still sends more. I call that persistence. Damon is on full alert and taking ineverything that passes us. He has heightened wolf senses so he is more efficient than twentywolfs doing the same thing as him. He observes the environment around us while I observe thefar off things. I listen to the foot patterns of the things within a fifty mile radius of where we runright now for human patterns, but I hear nothing out of the normal. I quickly scan the trees thatsurround us and nothing but birds and small bugs can be heard or seen. I relax and dash in frontof Damon running at speeds of a cheetah. He had no trouble keeping up seeing as he was noordinary wolf.I love the feel of running fast, dashing between and through obstacles with no problem, thewind rushing past me ruffling my fur, the pounding of my heart threatening to burst out of mychest, but I was made for this. Just knowing that this is one of the amazing things I was born to
do makes me feel momentarily happy. My pace gets faster and I can measure that I‟m going
ninety miles per hour. Damon is now struggling to keep up, but he doesn‟t give up. I tol
dhim that traveling with me would be hard and he would have to work hard to keep up with me.He gladly agreed and said he would rough it out. I let out a howl of exhilaration as the adrenalinfilled my veins giving me and endless supply of energy. I could keep going like this for days, butin another few seconds the small clearing comes in to view and I had to force myself to slowdown. I stop at the bank of the water and start to lap some up with my pink tongue. Damonstarted pouncing some rabbits that I
didn‟t notice. He bit
es and snaps the neck of the largest one,then moved on to the next. When he is done he has killed three rabbits and barely has any bloodon his muzzle. A much cleaner kill than I would have made. He starts to rip pieces of meat fromthe biggest one and I sit next to him,
 proceeding to eat the smallest one. I don‟t
need nearly asmuch food as him or any human for that matter. I could live for three weeks off of nothing butwater and one small deer. Damon on the other hand needs to eat three times more than theaverage wolf so we often stayed in well populated areas where he can get as much food as he caneat. I only eat once a day and all I usually eat is meat, but occasionally we find wild berries and Isnack on them. Damon finished with his first and moves on to the next;
he isn‟t as clean of an
eater as he is a hunter. I get halfway through mine before I am full and give it to Damon who is
more than happy to eat my left over‟s.
I start to walk back to where we set up camp whileDamon cleans up in the water. He runs over to me and walks at my side.
“So, where are we headed today? We just gonna keep camp up here until the hunters find usor are we headed somewhere special?”
He gives me a sideways glance and I can tell he isworried that we have stayed in one place too long.

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