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Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf



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Published by Alora Gavin

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Published by: Alora Gavin on Jun 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Camping!” I said in my high
-pitched, child-like voice. I balanced my pack on my thinshoulders and trudged up the trail behind my mother, her fingers wound tightly into mine.
“Camping, camping, camping! I love camping!”
 Although I’d been
talking nons
top since she’d woken me up that 
morning, her face wasli
ned in a sweet, loving smile. It’s something about her I’ve always loved 
- she always had anextreme tolerance for me. So, even though I was bouncing about energetically and singing an off key a song
only lyric was “camping”, she didn’t mind.
 We finally reached a point in the woods where Mom started putting down our tent. There
was another family in an RV not too far away, but they didn’t seem to notice us. I helped by
 putting out the chairs and holding the poles while my mother set the tarp above the tent. Whenwe stepped back to observe it my face lit up. It was the perfect fortress; big enough to give usroom to sleep and small enough to make my tiny heart flip in excitement.
“So, what do you think?” My mom asked.
 I did a little hop and clasped my hands together. “It’s the most magnifical tent ever!”
She patted my head, bits of my plain brown hair to fall free of their 
braid. “That’s what I like to hear.”
 We bustled about for a few more minutes setting up the rest of our camp site before mymom started at the fire. She had brought pieces of wood from home, but I insisted on venturingout into the green trees and picking up some wood for myself. She agreed reluctantly after somedexterous arguing on my side and I skipped out onto the trail, wide eyes glinting with excitement.
tay within shouting range,
Scarlet!” Mom hollered after me. I answered yes and 
continued on my journey, picking up little branches and bark like they were Easter eggs. My
 friends didn’t like camping; they thought the outdoors were scary. But I loved everything about 
it. The cool breeze, the soft sound the trees whispered, the random chirps of birds and frogs- theyall warmed me to a happy bubbly state.The forest was alive- nothing like the concrete and brick walls of our little town. Therewas something magical about being lost in the abyss of green and brown that my little eight year 
old brain couldn’t quite comprehend.
 My hands were full of wood, but
didn’t want to go back to the camping site yet. Although I couldn’t see her, I knew that my mom could still hear me
so I allowed myself to
venture a little farther. I hadn’t been back this far in the camping area before and the new groupof tree’s was a we
lcome site. I continued to look for fire fuel, opting only for things that were
“special”, but most of my attention was on the tall, thick trunks that sprouted from the ground. I stopped in front of a tree so tall I’d imagined any animal that climbed it c
ould havetouched the sky. Its bark was rough and jagged and tiny insects trailed its groves with pieces of  food hankered on their backs. They moved fast as if my eyes alone were enough to kill them.
 Didn’t they know I was their friend? Didn’t they know I didn’t hurt tiny things?

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KayeisFabulous reviewed this
Rated 1/5
Where the heck is part 2???
pallen added this note
book ends in middle of story. hope rest of story is given
Katie Jesson liked this
1 thousand reads
1 hundred reads
Fadei Elena-gabriela added this note
is there another book? because this one ends suddently. Can you upload the rest of the story please? Thanks.
questoria liked this
ladyreveur liked this
doubletray added this note
The book ends suddenly. Are you planning on adding more or was it just a uploading mistake? If so can you upload the rest? Thanks.
Bri Mclean liked this

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