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Published by Alora Gavin

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Published by: Alora Gavin on Jun 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BY: Alora Gavin
 Chapter 1Allis
“Hey Allis, wait up!”
 The loud voice of my best friend Drew sounded out from behind me. She quickly grabbed the handleof my book-bag and yanked me backwards. I skidded to a halt and stumbled backwards into her.
“Hey! You
really got to stop doing that
, it‟s really annoying.”
 She giggled and let go of me. We headed out into the courtyard and sat down at the table where wewere greeted by the welcoming smiles of Andre and Jacob, my best guy friends.
“It‟s nice to see you beautiful.” Jacob said as he slung a arm
over my shoulders- not because we were a
thing just because he‟s a complet
e flirt. He reeked of Axe and his jacket and jeans were wrinkled.
“Yuck, what did you do, pour the whole bottle on your head?” I asked sarcastically. He shook his
black hair and spread the smell even more.
“Shut up, I know you love it.” Jacob said while he cleared a seat for me. He took m
y bag and sat right
next to me. “So, did you finish the home work in history?”
“Yea.” I reached in my bag and pulled out a neat piece
of paper with all the answers to last night
assignment and put it in front of Jacob. “No copying.”
“Never.” He got out his own paper and started to copy the answers over, but I
could care less.I looked around and studied my friends. Drew wore a white hoodie jacket and some skin tight skinny jeans that showed of her lean figure. She had her blonde hair up in a sloppy pony-tail which showed herbright blue eyes. Andre had on his school jersey and some lose fitting jeans. He had his blonde hairspiked up with a glob of moose and had the same beautiful blue eyes as Drew. Drew and Andre arefraternal twins, but I think they look just the same. Jacob had on a tight shirt that showed off his welldeveloped muscles off, while he also wore tight jeans tha
t supposedly “Make his butt look so hot”. Hehad his sloppy black hair cut to about his shoulders and his green eye‟s to complete the “so hot” look.
Then there‟s me. I was told I was some sort of goddess with all the curves I had. I had a well
developed chest and a size zero waist. My jade green eyes and waist length brunet hair made my faceglow. I was what every girl wanted to be and I knew it, but I was no snobby girl who rubbed her looks inothers faces. Today I wore a nice v-
neck with a pair of jeans that fit me perfect in every area, but didn‟t
suffocate my legs. I wore my hair down today and put a hair band in to keep the strands of hair out of myface.
This was the sophomore class A-
list, jocks, models and me. We weren‟t mean or stuck up like the
seniors A-list, but we were friends with almost everyone and if you got in our way we would tear you toshreds- well André would anyway, Jacob and Drew fought with words-
and burn the pieces. If you didn‟tmess with us we didn‟t mess with you.
how was your weekend? Did you finally meet that mystery kid who sent you the flowers?” Jacob
asked as he wrote down the last answer.
we just went to the beach and met up with Aaron
. He say‟s hey.” I explained how we figured
that we were getting pale so Drew and I just went to the beach to tan and meet up with our formerclassmate and my best friend Aaron who had to change schools because of a fight that got him expelled.He bro
ke the other guy‟s neck and blinded him in one eye. I‟m not saying I approve of any fighting, but I
know who I want on my side if I ever get in any trouble.
“I miss that guy, how‟s he been?”
Andre asked as he rummaged though his bag for something. BeforeI could answer he pulled out a small silver package with a shiny silver bow neatly wrapped around it.
“Happy Birthday!” All three of my friends yelled loud enough for everyone around us to hear.
You did remember.
I smiled and yanked the box away putting it in front of me. I slowly untied thebow and neatly unwrapped the silver paper, revealing a small vinyl box with the initials A.C.M.embroidered into it. I slowly lifted the latch of the box and picked up a small necklace with a rose pendant
on the end of it. The sun made the beautiful red gem sparkle. “Oh my god, it‟s beautiful.
Thank you.
 I put the necklace and picked up a small card that said:
Happy birthday, fromAndre, Drew, and Jacob
I reached over and gave each of them a hug. “You‟re welcome. Do you want some help with that?”
Jacob asked as he moved behind me and helped me get the clasp closed.
“I told you she‟d love it. I picked it out.” Drew boasted as she pulled out a small mirror and handed to
me. I studied the color of the pendant and my skin, they looked perfect together. Drew had all the right to
 boast, it was perfect. And I don‟t ca
re what she paid for it, today I was sixteen, my life was going tochange. I could feel it.
“So are you going to get your license today?” Drew asked with an
eager glint in her eyes.
“As far as I know…
You look like you know something I don‟t. What
are you hiding from me drew?”
“Oh, nothing. You‟re
sixteen, what better gift than the freedom of the road?” She said as she pulled out
a bottle of vitamin water and took a swig of it.
“Would you like to get something to eat after you go to the D.M.V? My treat. I just got paid and I‟vegot enough cloths. How about the new steak house, I‟ve only heard good things about that place.” Jacob
asked as he slid closer to me.

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