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Wizardiaoan - The AL III-47 4774 Solution Using Serial English

Wizardiaoan - The AL III-47 4774 Solution Using Serial English

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Published by The Project Pleroma

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Published by: The Project Pleroma on Jan 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
4 4 44 4 44 4 44 4 44 4 44 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44444447 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
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 Love is the law, love under will
 AL III:47 
4774 Solution Using Serial English
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
It is my Will to reveal and document my solution to the grand cipher of
Liber ALvel Legis
. It uses the normal Serial English Grammatometric Order (A-Z = 1-26), alongwith the Stroke Count Order. There is even greater popular interest in this cipher,however I am afraid my solution will not appear quite so elegant to the general readeras did my solution to
Liber Legis II:76.
This is because this cypher is more complex, andrequires more background knowledge to understand.Prior to the date I discovered my solution, I had suspected for a long time thatthe line drawn subtracted the letters it touched from the verse’s total sum to reveal animportant intended number. Specifically, I thought this intended number was 4,774, anidea that first occured to me after numbering
Liber AL vel Legis III:47 
in Serial English,and finding its sum very close to 4,774 in number value. My reason for positing that itwould equal the number 4,774 specifically was due to the many correlations I had madewith this number. The first is that I was born on 4/7/1974, Sun, at 7:24pm—of whichthe month, day, and year numbers reduce to 4774. 4/7 is the day before
Liber AL velLegis
was communicated to Crowley, and 47 is the number of the verse that contains thegrand cipher. I also found it interesting that 47 + 74 = 121 = 11 x 11, and that 11 is thenumber of the sphere of Daath upon the Tree of Life, which as the word DOTh meaning“Knowledge”, equals 474 in Metric Hebrew. I also realized the word Satan whenwritten and spelled in full as SATAN, equals 121 (47+74) in Metric Hebrew.A few weeks after my 21
birthday I discovered a glyph created by thesymmetricization of the numerals 4-7-7-4. For lack of of a better word I call it The 4774Sword,
which can be seen in the front of this book between the two Thelemic axioms.This glyph was discovered by me noticing that 4 and 7 could be related to the ideas ofWill & Love through the Tree of Life. I put the trident of the two combined 4’s above torepresent the Jupiterean Will of Chesed = 4, then I put the two combined 7’s below torepresent the Venusian Love of Netzach = 7. Thus I found The 4774 Sword to be thevisual symbol for the magickal formula of “love under will”.Further still, I saw the glyph constituted as a crowned pentagram, symbolic ofthe Perfected Man. I saw it as an alternate symbol of the Hebrew letter Shin,
, whichis the formula of the Sacred Triad of Father, Mother, Child. The Father & Mother arethe two hooks of the trident, while the Child is the pentagram. I made the connectionthat my age of 21 when I first discovered The 4774 Sword was also the Serial Hebrewvalue for the letter Sh, which is attributed to Key XX The Aeon. Upon calculating
After all, this name promotesless hysteria than... the Mark of the Beast!
4,774’s divisors, I found that 11 x 434 = 4774, which allowed me to correlate the wordAbrahadabra to it. Abrahadabra’s common 4-3-4 letter division as ABRA-HAD-ABRAtaken as 434, multiplied by its 11 letters, is seen to encode the number 4,774 within it.11 x 434 = 4774 can also be read as “Daath(11) the magickal door (434 as Daleth) =4774”. Lastly, my Frater of name of Wizardiaoan equals 121 (47+74) in Serial English. IfWizardiaoan is rendered in Hebrew as VIZARDIAOAN it equals 360 in Metric Hebrew.When numbered by the Metric Square Hebrew Order, it equals the amazing 47,704!These correlations were nearly all made within 6 months after I first discoveredThe 4774 Sword in April of 1995. A new wave of correlative knowledge would comeconcerning 4774 after being exposed to David Hulses’s
Liber CCCXXX Abrahadabra
,which introduced me to the importance of the number 330 and the Mars S.A.T.O.R.anagram. Thus in December of 1998 I discovered the equation 1,111 x 4 + 330 = 4,774. Iused this equation to build a new pentagram ritual, using the S.A.T.O.R. anagram as thediagram within the circle of the temple’s floor.This equation posits 1,111 as each elemental quarter, and 330 as its center. Uponknowledge of this equation, I was also supplied with great God Names to use in eachquarter and the center—for I had already known that Heru-paar-kraath as HRV-PR-KRTh
equalled 121 & 1,111 in Serial & Metric Hebrew, and that Heru-ma-chis as HRV-MA-ChIS equalled 78 & 330 in Serial & Metric Hebrew. I thus constructed The 4774Ritual, which I still use. The God Name of HRV-PR-KRTh is vibrated in each elementalquarter, while the God Name of HRV-MA-ChIS is vibrated in the center to representSpirit. These 5 God Names of 8 letters each, all in a 3-2-3 letter division and composedof the same first 3 letters (being HRV), combine to create the Grand 40 letter God Nameof 4,774 (note SATAN equals 40 in Serial Hebrew), who’s initials are H.H.H.H.H., as:
A few months after this, I discovered my solution to
Liber Legis II:76
, being theglad word SATOR AREPO TEXET OPERA ROTAS, written upon the magickal squareof Mars. Upon playing around with its possible translations and enumerations invarious languages, I was amazed to find that
= 4,774 inMetric Greek, which validated to me my solution. All of this caused me to scratch myhead and wonder, “Could The 4774 Sword be the Key of it all, as alluded to in
Liber Legis III:47 
?”I looked further into my early numbering of this verse using the Serial Order ofEnglish, and analyzed the “line drawn” in the original manuscript to be sure upon whatletters it touched. On 2/13/1999, Saturn, two weeks after my solution to
Liber LegisII:76
, I posited the letters the “line drawn” touches correctly as “a, f, yas, I, t, eB, t, s,” =127 in Serial English, but had the verse numbered incorrectly in Serial English as 4,851(oddly enough being off by 47).Finally, I arrived at the correct verse sum for
Liber Legis III:47 
in Serial English,which is 4,898, not counting ampersands or the glyph of the “circle squared”. Mypartial
Liber AL vel Legis III:47 
solution came on 8/14/1999, Saturn, when I posited the

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