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Knowledge of the Higher Worlds - Rudoph Steiner

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds - Rudoph Steiner

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Published by Samuel

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Published by: Samuel on Jan 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Revised and Enlarged Edition of 'The Way of Initiation' withInitiation and its Results'ByRUDOLF TEI!ER RUDOLF TEI!ER "UBLI#I!$ %O&( BLOO)BUR* TREETLO!DO!+ W&%&,-A!T#RO"OO"#I% "RE !EW *OR. ,/((
Authori0ed English translation 1y $& )eta2aEdited 1y #& %ollisonRevised English Edition+ first 3u1lished August ,/45Re3rinted )ay ,/46Re3rinted Fe1& ,/54Re3rinted )ay ,/5(5rd English Edition Fe1ruary ,/57Re3rinted 8an& ,/56Re3rinted De9& ,/(4Re3rinted De9e:1er+ ,/((This translation has 1een :ade fro: the original of Rudolf teiner 1y 3er:ission of #& %ollison+ )&A&+ O;o!&+ 1y who: all rights are reservedT#I BOO. I "RODU%ED%O)"LETE %O!FOR)IT* WIT# T#EAUT#ORI<ED E%O!O)* TA!DARD)ADE I! $REAT BRITAI!"RI!TED B* ART#UIL "RE LTD&+ WOOD%#ETER+ $LO&
The re9o::endation to have re9ourse to a )aster or Tea9her has 1een :odified 1y the author+ and the reasons are given 1y hi: in :any 3la9es+ nota1ly in his own 3refa9e to the =th edition >e3t& ,/,(? where he writes @  ' In the 3ersonal relationshi3 with the tea9her one :ight assu:e so:ething is reuired in s3iritual effort :ore essential than what is really intended& But I ho3e that in this new edition I have su99eeded in showing very distin9tly that for the student in s3iritual training in the sense of :odern s3iritual 9onditions :u9h :ore e:3hasis should 1e laid on the 9o:3lete and i::ediate 9onne9tion with the o1Ce9tive s3iritual world than any relation to the 3erson of a tea9her&' The foundation of a 3iritual 9ien9e and its 9hool and #eaduarters at Dorna9h+ wit0erland+ was :eant 1y Dr& teiner to re3la9e :ore and :ore the individual 9onsultation 1etween 3u3il and tea9her 1y a dire9tly o1Ce9tive 9ourse of dire9t s3iritual tea9hing+ su9h as is given in this 1oo+ and finally referred to on 3& ,6+ in his A33endi2 to the final Edition of ,/,6&

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