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Published by api-127299018

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Published by: api-127299018 on Jun 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hi Alexander, Thanks for your message. My apologies, I have not been feeling good lately, and could notcommunicate with you well.Here are my comments on your questions as well as overall site development so far. You willnotice that I added one more feature called, Endorsements. Since this is an additional request,I can submit an additional $100 for its implementation (I can submit it either as bonus at the endof project, or you can create one additional milestone for it exclusively.)  Alright, here are my comments (since Elance limits # of characters, I will divide it into two, or three messages) 
1-Profile page look:a-
We don’t need to show tabs such as Courses taken, Teaching, etc. if their value is zero. 
Endorsement: Let other users endorse this user. Endorsement point is calculatedas “1+0.1*Endorsement point of the person who endorses”.Example: User A’s current endorsement point is 10.User B’s current endorsement point is 20.User B endorses user A. Now, user A’s new endorsement point is =10+
2-Achievement Badges
First of all, can we implement following rules and badges in the back-end so that I can add, edit, orassign different the Badge images for particular rule in the future?We can decide the image size for each badge now, so that you can implement it assuming that size. Let’ssay 70px by 70px for each badge. Regarding rules for Badges, there are 5 categories of badges, some of which have sub-categories. 
A-Agree badge:
Badge will show number of Agrees that user collected.If it is zero, then it won’t beshown.
B-Thank badge:
Badge will show number of Thanks that user collected. If it is zero, then it won’t beshown.
C-Solution badge:
Badge will show number of Suggestions marked as solution. If there is none marked,then this will not be shown at all. Also:
If total number of marked solutions of a user exceeds 10, he/she will be given an extra special badge.
If total number of marked solutions of a user exceeds 50, he/she will be given a special badge that willreplace the one with 10 solutions mark in a. 
D-Course Badges:a-
When user starts to take a course in a particular area (i.e. Signal Processing) for the first time, he/she will get the badge of the subject area (i.e. Signal Processing) with number 1. If he/she takes morecourses on this area, we will show the badge with total number of courses taken in that subject area. 
When a user creates his/her first course, they get an instructor badge. This badge will show total # of likes the users got for his/her courses.
For example, he got 10 Likes for his Course-1, and 25 Likes for his Course-2. Then, this badge will beshown with number 35. It shows popularity of particular user as instructor. 
E-Endorsement Badges:
We will start showing an endorsement badge once user gets his/her first endorsement. From then on,this badge will show total points user have collected. In addition to that :
When User endorsement point exceeds 10 for the fist time, he/she will get an extra achievementbadge.
When User endorsement point exceeds 50 for the fist time, he/she will get an extra achievementbadge and this badge will replace the previously given extra badge, the one with 10 in (a).
When User endorsement point exceeds 100 for the fist time, he/she will get an extra achievementbadge and this badge will replace the previously given extra badge, the one with 50 in (b). 
Note on How Endorsement works:
A user can endorse another user based on user’s particular skill(s).For example, User A has following skills: ABC, XYZ, DEF, SDFUser B has following skills: ABC, GHJ, FDSS, HYUK Now, since User B has a shared skill with User A, which is “ABC” skill, he/she can endorse User A onskill ABC. But, he/she can not endorse for other skills since they don’t share it. You can check a similarsolution here: http://coderwall.com/maccman 
3-Some functionality issues:
-Start course button, when click on it, the first lecture should be started in the course automatically.-When user subscribe to a course, again, the first lecture should be started in the course automatically.-When user subscribe a course, show it under “Courses taken” tab.-Also the look of each course listed at homepage is not complete yet. Under each course box, acourse summary such as # of questions, solutions and comments in the course , and highest ratedquestion with user picture are supposed to be shown. You can refer to the homepage design(
) that I sent you at the beginning of the project. 
4- Like section in Profile page
This is to show list of things that user liked. Mostly, it will be courses, lectures etc.Actually, if it is feasible, we can change this one to be Activity tab, where we can show user’s activities ina simple text format such as :-liked XYZ course-Thanked to Joseph for his suggestion-Suggested a solution XYZ-Asked a question-Left a review for course ABC 
5-First time user:
-Ask users what their skills are. User can skip this step.-If we don’t have their company, and/or school information, ask them to provide. User can skip this step.-Offer users with list of courses according to their interest and skills as well as presenting them someother users to follow, who have same interest & skills, or are from same school, or company.

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