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Crown of the Faeries

Crown of the Faeries

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Published by Louise Darwen

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Published by: Louise Darwen on Jun 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crown of the Faeries
I lifted up skyward the crown of the faeries,Varnished by oceans of sea-crossing time.Forged in the fire of golden-days dawning,Lit with a halo of stars in the night.
Who now shall wear it? 
I wondered in silence
Una is resting with Duessa at play.
Gwenevere wanders in halls of forgetting,
Deep in the summer of dreaming this day.
 On her feet sandals of gold, steps the princess,Floating on air through the green garden grass,Walking alone by the castle of ether,Seen but unseen by the world through a glass.The seal of the nether-world opened up freely;Through the dark tunnel with reason behind,Following meekly the one with a mission;Perfect in will and a reader of signs.Once past the stream of the guardian lizards,On through the gate to the bright other place,Land of reflection and fathomless knowledge,Home elemental of alchemic race.
Where do we go
? I looked left and then eastward,Somehow forboding the place that I saw.
Life’s university, building of sandstone
 Burnished and gleaming, a prison of law.Silent, but knowing, did reason stand sweetlyHolder of mysteries, the teacher and guide.
Younger and wiser and older all-seeing,Dressed up in white and demure by my side.Then came a voice
and as if out of nowhere
Do you need help, you seem lost in this realm? 
 There stood a faerie, bewitchingly goldenSilken and spun was her hair from the sunStepped forth the reason
seduced by her magic -Stretched out a hand to her beautiful hair.
Won’t you come with me? 
The faerie enticed us,
Stop by the hearth of the potter somewhere.
..Brooding I pondered, could faeries be trusted?Should I be swayed from the pathway assigned?Yet I had watched how my reason surrendered
So before airs of a beautiful kind….
 Loathe to offend such a glorious being,One who had offered with kindness and grace,Help just when needed. I bowed to the faerie;
Take now your highness my reason away.
 Then the wind changed as a wandering mistral,Warm as the breeze on a meadow of wheat,Swift, warm and golden the faerie-bird air-borne
Flew o’er myself that fell under her wing.
 Passed by all time as I sailed down the sleep-stream,Far to the land where the doe and stag graze.Home to the garden that blooms East of Eden,Land of the ancestors covered in praise.

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