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Excerpt from 'The Candidate' - Prologue

Excerpt from 'The Candidate' - Prologue

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Published by Patt Morrison

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Published by: Patt Morrison on Jun 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Wh hppd o Pd Rudy Gu?Toughou 2007, Rudy Gu, h om myo o Nw Yok Cy d h Rpuc d,  m y pg h um o So Joh McC o Azo o Goo Mt Romy o Mchut.Gu ok  pou udg cod o  Rpuc, d GOPd om y go o h couy d y p o h Rpuccoo uhd o do hm.Rudy Gu wo o popu ccm o h wy h gudd hNw Yok Cy gom  h 9/11 tck o h Wod dC. H cm kow  d wd  “Amc’ myo” d w
mgz’ Po o h Y. H pojcd g d dmo,d ookd pcuy og compd o Pd Gog W. Buh, who w pdg o wkg coomy d mgy udg,dog w  Iq d Agh.Gu w dy d mog co d o h choco m d h h wh whch h d hm. Nw Yok ymo-zd Sodom d Gomoh o my gou co, d xc o my oh. Gu owd h cm , ddg Nw Yok o phd, uwy-u jump, d pcy h qug po-p who dcdd upo uo  opgh, wpd wdhd wh h
g, d wd o p. Co Rp Dd D (R-CA), wdy pcd cogm, dod Gu, gug h “I hcoud [g d o h qug pop] w kow h c w h w oo.”
 Wh Nw Yok hd, h hd od. Gu w h m o h hou  Om  Ld tckd
cy. H ddd Nw Yok poc g y d  chg o xc oc o cm. H w hwk o o d d  cuu wo.Gu od mo h  mo cop o h mmo,
 Adm ockd o h ook gg d dog udc ppuddh co dhp pcp—“pp y,” “commuc og ,d uoud you wh gpop.
H md h “wCommm o h Amc pop” h cpc o h cmpg,dud hm  y pch, d pomd o kp hm o hmy dy  h O Of c.Rpuc houghou h couy ppudd “M. Accouy.”H w h pc coc o h ck o dm ccouy ud Gog W. Buh. Rudy w h og Rpuc wh mchd wh y Dmoc, pcuy h c o-u d ky w,So Hy Co. H woud o h Rpuc d m d h py om u. Wh h du cd, Amc’myo, h cdd wh h momoy, h  po um, d h mo dom, hd   w cod o uy: zo dg wo   co o $58.8 mo. Ad wh ou Pd Hy Co?O Nom 9, 2007, 
 National Journal
po o y- pcdDmocc Py d oud h So Bck Om w h c-dd who hd mo upd hm—o g 
cdd hhy hd xpcd. So Co, o h oh hd, w h cdd who upd hm o g t h xpcd.
wo dy  xp o hough Hy Co w  coo,uocd kdow d h cmpg pd h wy o  u, y puc d. Ad o Pd Hy Co, d o Pd Rudy Gu, h w Pd Tom E. Dwy.Dwy ppd o  hd o Hy S. um  1948 h GogGup oppd pog  md-Oco o  moy. T quy c
do o h
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dd’ oh o w u h u cm d pu ou  x g do wh h mou h-wod hd- “Dwy D um.”ody,  yo c ou h, h mo ug up  Amchoy  h wo gd  cd: h um who “G ’m H” o h Nw D, d h compc, , ocod Dwy who kw wh h hm. Why w h o Pd Rudy Gu, Pd Hy Co,o Pd Tom E. Dwy?T cu oy o how  mo coh Hy um ocm dhg, cm-ug dc toy–ud–goo   mog. Dwy w’ compc o ocod, d much o hh um d o d w coug, cu, d gd. A wh Gu d Co  2008, cc p k
h cmpg wh md h dc.Ineviable WinnersT  wo w  y pd co cmpg: h w wh  g d h  co   d.T ook xp h dc w hm.I  hd o pdc who w w  pd cmpg, whh  o h omo o  py o h pdcy . I  y, hough,o pdc h xcu h o w g . Wh pd cdd xp h d, hy gy y hy w oup, o hy coud’ g y cog om h p, oh omo  hd wppd up  h dom. Gu, Co,d Dwy ch hd h moy, h dom, d  udc.Somhow,  h c,  m oou h hy  hd  chc.Gu coud’ w cu h w  po-choc Choc wh  huggo. Co coud  w cu h w  wom, d, d up-pod o hh c. Ad Dwy w  h o h Nw D do mch o um’ popum.So how dd Gog H. W. Buh, who  mgd o w  wdco  x d who chmpod h Equ Rgh Amdm, w? How dd Rod Rg, who d o  o h L hh w oo  o h Hoywood Dmocc Cu o u hm o

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