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Toefl Listening Scripts :TPO(1-24)

Toefl Listening Scripts :TPO(1-24)

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Published by Santosh Sum

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Published by: Santosh Sum on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Toefl Listening Scripts :TPO
TPO1 Conversation 1
 Narrator Listen to part of a conversation between a student and a librarian.StudentHi, um…, I really hope you can help me.LibrarianThat’s why I’m here. What can I do for you?StudentI’m supposed to do a literature review for my psychology course, but um… having a hard time finding articles. I don’t evenknow where to start looking.LibrarianYou said this is for your psychology course, right? So your focus is on …StudentDream Interpretation.LibrarianWell, you have a focus, so that’s already a good start. Hmmm… well, there’re a few things… oh wait… have you checked tosee if your professor put any material for you to look at on reserve?StudentAha, that’s one thing I did know to do. I just copied an article, but I still need three more on my topic from three different journals.LibrarianLet’s get you going on looking for those then. We have printed versions of twentyor sopsychology journals in the ReferenceSection. These are the ones published within the last year. Then I think about it… there’s a journal named Sleep and Dream.StudentOh, yeah, the article I just copied is from that journal, so I’ve got to look at other sources.LibrarianOk, actually, most of our materials are available electronically now. You can access psychology databases or electronic journals and articles through the library’s computers, and if you want to search by title with the word ‘dream’ for example, just
type it in and all the articles with ‘dream’ in the title will come up on the screen.StudentCool, that’s great! Too bad I cannot do this from home.LibrarianBut you can. All of the library’s databases and electronic sources can be accessed through any computer connected to theuniversity network.StudentReally?! I can’t believe I didn’t know that. It still sounds like it’s going to take a while though, you know, going through all of that information, all of those sources.LibrarianMaybe, but you already narrow your search down to articles on Dream Interpretation, so it shouldn’t be too bad. And you probably notice that there’s an abstract or summary at the top of the first page of the article you copied. When you go into thedatabases and electronic sources, you have the option to display the abstracts on the computer screen, skimming those todecide whether or not you want to read the whole article should cut down some time.StudentRight, abstracts! They’ll definitely make the project more durable. I guess I should try out the electronic search while I’m stillhere then, you know, just in case.LibrarianSure, er… that computer’s free over there, and I’ll be here till five this afternoon.StudentThanks, I feel a lot better about this assignment now.
TPO 1 Lecture 1 Contemporary art
Listen to part of a lecture in a contemporary art class.Professor Ok, I’m going to begin this lecture by giving you your next assignment. Remember I said that at some point during thissemester I wanted you to attend an exhibit at the Fairy Street Gallery and then write about it? Well, the exhibit that I want youto attend is coming up. It’s already started in fact, but it’ll be at the gallery for the next month, which should give you plenty of time to complete this assignment. The name of the artist exhibiting there is Rose Frantzen. Frantzen’s work may be unfamiliar to you since she’s a relatively young artist. But she’s got a very unusual style, compared to some of the artists we’ve looked atthis term. But anyway, Frantzen’s style is what she herself calls Realistic Impressionism. So you’ve probably studied both of these movements separately, separate movements, Realism and Impressionism, in some of your art history courses. So whocan just sum these up?StudentWell, Impressionism started in the late 19th century. Um…the basic impressionist style was very different from earlier styles.It didn’t depict scenes or models exactly as they looked. Um… Impressionist painters tended to apply paint really thickly, andin big brushstrokes, so the texture of the canvas was rough.Professor Good. What else? What were the subjects?StudentWell, a lot of impressionist artists painted everyday scenes, like people on the streets and in cafes, lots of nature scenes,especially landscapes.Professor Good. So when you go to the exhibit, I really want you to take a close look at a certain painting. It’s a farm scene. And youwill see it right as you enter the gallery. The reason I think this painting is so important is that it stresses the impressionistaspect of Frantzen’s style. It’s an outdoor scene, an everyday scene. It’s kind of bleak, which you can really see those broad brushstrokes and the blurry lines. The colors aren’t quite realistic. The sky is kind of, well, in a natural… pinkish yellow. Andthe fence in the foreground is blue, but somehow the overall scene gives an impression of a cold, bleak, winter day on a farm.So that’s the impressionist side of her work. Oh, and speaking about farms, that reminds me. One interesting thing I read aboutFranzten is that when she first moved back to Iowa after living abroad, she often visited this place in her town called the SalesBarn. And the Sales Barn, it was basically this place where the local farmers bought and sold their cattle, their farm animals.And the reason Frantzen went there, and she later on would visit other places like dance halls, was to observe people and theways that they moved. She really found that this helped her work---that it gave her an understanding of body movements andactions, how humans move, and stand still, what their postures were like, too. So, what about Realism? What are the elementsof Realism we should be looking for in Frantzen’s work?StudentUm… real honest depictions of subject matter, pretty unidealized stuff, and pretty everyday subject matter, too.Professor Good. One other painting I really want you to look at is of a young woman surrounded by pumpkins. You will notice that thewoman’s face is so realistic looking that it’s almost like a photograph. The woman’s nose is a little less than perfect and her 

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