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Wizardiaoan - The AL II-76 SATOR Solution Using Serial English

Wizardiaoan - The AL II-76 SATOR Solution Using Serial English

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Published by The Project Pleroma

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Published by: The Project Pleroma on Jan 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 AL II:76
S.A.T.O.R. Solution Using SerialEnglish
4 6 3 8 ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3 YX (24)(89) RPSTOVAL
It is my Will to reveal and document a very good solution to the above magickalalphabet cipher contained in Aleister Crowley’s
Liber AL vel Legis
using the normalSerial Order of English (A-Z = 1-26). The solution is my own, but which was inspiredby a key observation David Allen Hulse made in his own proposed solution. Hissolution, which I think it would be interesting to describe first, I found detailed in hisunpublished
Liber CCCXXX Abrahadabra
 On March 10 of 1979 at exactly 12:30pm, while sipping a cappuccino at a localcoffee house, David Allen Hulse recounts “A clear, distinct voice heard deep within mybeing in the span of 5 minutes unlocked the puzzle in
Liber AL vel Legis
which helater acknowledges as Aiwass. He continues “For the next two months hundreds ofsolutions to the Qabalistic complexities found in the original manuscript [of
Liber AL velLegis
] flooded my waking and sleeping mind.”
For the next three years David says helet all of this new information gestate. Then, on April 3 of 1982, for a period of elevenhours he received in an inspired state the 5 chapters comprising his
Liber CCCXXX  Abrahadabra
.His original revelation is as follows: “RPSTOVAL suddenly became an oval ofthe consonants RPST,”
as:S T RR PT TP RR T SDavid here makes the critical observation that the consonants RPST refer to theMars magickal square anagram SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS. He then
Hulse, David,
Liber CCCXXX Abrahadabra
(Sacramento, unpublished, 1996). A rather profounddocument, it contains a lot of insightful English Grammatometria using the normal Serial Order, withgreat emphasis on how it relates to
Liber Legis
Ibid., Introduction.
Ibid., IV:6.
proposes that as the last part of the cypher reveals the consonants RPST of theS.A.T.O.R. anagram, the first part 4 6 3 8 reveals the three vowels of the S.A.T.O.R.anagram: A, E, O. 4+6+3+8 = 21, which equals A+E+O in Serial English, as 1+5+15.Also 46+38 = 84, which equals the sum of all the vowels in the anagram, being AO +AEO + EE + OEA + OA, as (1+15) + (1+5+15) + (5+5) + (15+5+1) + (15+1).
The vowelslaid out upon the Mars grid are as:A OA E OE EO E AO ATogether, these form the most popular magickal square anagram extant:S A T O RA R E P OT E N E TO P E R AR O T A SAiwass then revealed to David that 24 & 89 stand for “I am a Therion”, as inSerial English 24 = “I am a”, and 89 = “Therion”.
However David now thinks theproper word for 24 is “IO” in Serial English, meaning “Hail!” Lastly, David recallsAiwass voiced the rash command to “Add the remaining letters and numbers, and youwill get 666 the value of the beast.”
He was then surprised to find that the remainingletter-number series “ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3 Y X”, when added up as1+2+11+24+1+12+7+13+15+18+3+25+24, equals 156 in Serial English, which is also thevalue of SIX SIX SIX, as (19+9+24) + (19+9+24) + (19+9+24) = 156. David Allen Hulse'scomplete solution to
Liber AL vel Legis
as found in his
Liber CCCXXX Abrahadabra
Ibid., IV:7.
Ibid., IV:9.
Ibid., IV:10.
When I first read this solution it bowled me over, I was completely enamouredby it. That RPST alluded to the Mars S.A.T.O.R. anagram seemed now obvious, and thefact that 4638 encoded its vowels of AEO in two different ways was astounding.However as time moved on I began to see problems with some of the other parts of it.Here are the solution’s faults as I see them:1.) 4638 & RPSTOVAL do not encode the S.A.T.O.R. anagram’s center letter of N =14. David recognized this himself, and suggested that N may be encoded within thecypher as “the sub-values for the letters ABK, which follow, for A+B+K = 14 = N”.
Healso suggests the possibility that in the Thelemic version, the center Mars square mightbe left blank and represent Spirit as 0.
 2.) In the number-letter series of “ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3 Y X”, the 2 and 4 areconjoined as 24 to achieve the enumeration of 156 in Serial English. There is howeverno parenthesis around these numbers in the original cypher to indicate that this shouldoccur, unlike the numbers 24 and 89 in its bottom row. Therefore the more likelyenumeration of the number-letter series is 138 (which interestingly equals Aiwass fullyspelled out in Metric Hebrew, as AIVASS.
3.) Lastly, one may pick any Grammatometric for the numbers 24 and 89, ratherthan IO and THERION. I could posit a different Grammatometric for THERION thatequals 89 in Serial English for instance, such as “IO PHALLUS!”, or even “I AM APHALLUS!”, and claim my own solution. Here, judging one as more correct than theother would be a matter of preference only: thus the solution is not free of ambiguity.I became familiar with David’s solution in December of 1997. During thefollowing months of considering it, besides noting its potential flaws cited above, Icame not to like the letter N as the S.A.T.O.R. anagram’s center letter. I felt a moresymmetrical letter would look better, and came to prefer the letter X as its central letter.I also realized that when numbered in Serial English this resulted in a more interestingGrammatometric: SATOR AREPO TEXET OPERA ROTAS equals 330 in Serial Englishwith X as its central letter, rather than 314 with N in the center.My own solution occured to me on February 2, 1999, Venus. It came to me in aflash after chancely calculating the number-letter series “ABK 2 4 ALGMOR 3” to 89 inSerial English. I realized the cypher was in an “As above, so below” structure—that thetop and bottom rows could be compared to each other, that each top part mirrored each
Ibid., Comment, 124.
Ibid., Comment, 127.

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