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Teaching God's Design for BREASTS

Teaching God's Design for BREASTS

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Published by David Lee Hatton
Let the immaturity, the perversion, and the dysfunctional irrationality surrounding women's breasts come to an end. And let the Christian pulpits which helped spawn such ungodliness make restitution by becoming the repentant and prophetic voice to help bring modern society back to a sane treatment of the visible breast.
Let the immaturity, the perversion, and the dysfunctional irrationality surrounding women's breasts come to an end. And let the Christian pulpits which helped spawn such ungodliness make restitution by becoming the repentant and prophetic voice to help bring modern society back to a sane treatment of the visible breast.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: David Lee Hatton on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(A Message about “the Visible Breast” for Christian Leaders)
by Rev. David L. Hatton, RN 
“You will nurse and be satisfied from her comforting breasts.You will nurse to your heart's delight at her full breasts . . . .As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you....” 
---The Creator(Isaiah 66:11,13a,
God's Word Translation 
od made us physically in His spiritual image with maleand female body parts. The woman's body has breastsfor a
 physical reason
: to feed babies; and for a
: to display our Maker's own nurturing nature. As amother cuddles and nourishes her infant near her heart, so Godenfolds us in His bosom for spiritual comfort and provision.Nathan J. Stone in
The Names of God 
challenges other theoriesby calling
nursing breast 
”) the root for
 El Shaddai
”), thereby describing God as the omnipotentProvider and Sustainer of life. When Peter wrote, “
 DesireGod's pure word as newborn babies desire milk,
” (1 Peter 2:2a,GWT), he knew his readers would visualize an infant nursingon a mother’s breast. That’s what early Christians routinelysaw all around them. This biblical view of breasts should stillillustrate the Divine Source of our spiritual growth, but does it?At seeing a baby latched on a breast, do we contemplate ourdelight from feeding on God's Word and our comfort from resting in His “everlasting arms,” ordo we immediately regard the woman’s bare breast as a stimulus for sexual lust? How refreshingand healing it would be for today's sex-obsessed society if normal and natural breast exposurecould again arouse the wholesome and holy thought-pattern God ordained. From years of workingwith naked breasts, I know it can.Although breasts are extremely ordinary feminine organs, God chose to transform theirphysiological design into a lofty spiritual metaphor about Himself. However, open breastfeedingis a spectacle rarely witnessed in public today, and almost never in churches. Tragically, thissacred visual aid is shunned due to slander against its central component, the visible breast. Ratherthan welcoming the frank display of nursing breasts in social and congregational life, we think it
“proper” to hide them in “cry rooms” and toilet stalls. Treating this unique God-portrait as anobscenity is against both Scripture and sound theology. Yet most Christians bless and mimic suchbehavior, not realizing that God meant this area of a woman’s body to be sacramentally instructive.Do we honor the Designer of breasts by calling their natural exposure “indecent,” or do we malignHim? The voice that decries a pornographic portrayal of breasts is hypocritical if it refuses to stopmisrepresenting their practical, God-intended visibility as something “lewd.” That we ever helpedtarget women’s breasts for such an unholy social insult significantly tarnishes the church’scredibility.Never should breasts be sexually flaunted, whether by suggestive dress or by seductive undress.But neither should their symbolic message ever be customarily smothered under so-called“nursing” blankets—a practice in itself deceptively
that breasts are by nature
.Just like a pulpit, God set them in a very prominent, noticeable location on women. Obviously Hewanted them easily recognized, maybe because He intended their functional reflection of His
divine image
to be forever remembered (even throughout a woman’s lifetime, whether she evernurses or not). So perhaps
the prudish
ought to be the ones made to carry the nursing blankets.Shouldn’t they be expected to cover up their heads in the presence of naked breasts to prevent thedisplay of a perverted sense of embarrassment from leading any curious “young eyes” astray? Thatmore proper use of a nursing blanket would earmark the real problem—a heart problem—behindthis immature and
obscene perception of “the visible breast.”Despite the West’s arrogance in trying to dress the rest of the world in its own cultural garb,some
 people groups
still exist where naked breasts are an everyday, nonsexual sight. By contrast,our own religious culture has turned them into
sexualized objects
by labeling them “provocative”or “tempting.” Such a re-naming of breasts unnaturally isolates them from their true status as acommon but dignified feature of womanhood. When Christians contribute to this unbiblical re-designation, we abandon what is unquestionably God’s creative domain, allowing the pornindustry to claim it as their own territory. This unholy surrender has forfeited breasts, along withthe rest of the body, to sexually exploitive abuses. In all honesty, this form of spiritual andtheological neglect must be acknowledged as
.God wants women respected as persons and their physical attributes accepted as integral partsof their feminine identity. The only attitude about breasts that deserves the name “Christian” is onethat sees them exactly as their Maker does. Of all people in the world, Christian believers shouldwelcome with grateful praise the sight of breasts, whenever and wherever they are displayed insocially wholesome ways. The Western church’s consent to a redefinition of breasts in terms of 
body shame
laid the essential groundwork for their widespread misuse in pornography. Americansociety in particular has become perversely and progressively
. This notoriousreligious and social
betrays women and defames the One who structurallycrafted their bodies, but Christians seem blind to this and unwittingly participate in it by precept.That Christians raised up and made people bow down to a taboo that depicts women’s breastsas
sex objects
is tantamount to cultural idolatry. Our
breast taboo
insults both the Creator’sintelligence and His artistic handiwork, yet the church scrupulously endorses it. Sanctioning thistaboo as a religious principle not only erodes an incarnational view of creation, but sinfully “
missesthe mark 
” of God’s view of reality. Adopted in its place is a twisted view that facilitates the lustfuldeception of men and the sexually degrading exploitation of women.

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