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Achievement Office Final Staff Report

Achievement Office Final Staff Report

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Published by The News-Herald
More details on the multi-office building project at Bellflower & Route 615.
More details on the multi-office building project at Bellflower & Route 615.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Municipal Planning
Prepared By
Ronald M. Traub, Director CommissionEconomic & Community Development
:March 8, 2012
:Rick Osborne, Jr.
Status of Applicant
Requested Action
:Final Site Plan and Architectural Review
:To construct three (3) single story office buildings.
Existing Zoning
B-1, Community Service
Southwest corner of Bellflower Road and Center Street intersection.
Three 3,200 sq. ft. buildings on 1.29 acres
Existing Land Use
Parcel ID Number 
16-C-077-I-0-007, 008, 009, 010-0
Surrounding LandUse and Zoning
 North: single-family homes; zoned R-2, Single Family ResidentialSouth: State Route 2 and 615 west bound on-rampEast: Proposed O’Reily Auto Part Store and BP Service Station; zoned B-2, GeneralBusinessWest: single-family homes; zoned R-2, Single Family Residential
Zoning History
The Planning Commission approved the Preliminary Site Plan at their January 26, 2012meetingIn November of 2003, an initiative petition by Richard Osborne, Jr. to rezone a (7)seven-acre parcel at the southwest intersection of Center Street (State Route 615) andBellflower Road from R-2, Single Family Residential to B-1, Community Service wasapproved by the electorate. Previously there had been several initiatives to rezone portions of the seven (7) acre parcel to B-1, Community Service (bank/office building)and RVG, Village Green.The Planning Commission approved a Preliminary Site Development for a 114 unitAssisted Living Facility in April 2004. In June, 2004, the Commission approved anAdult Day Care and a reduction of the required buffer.
Site Development PlansDesign Guidelines for Commercial and Industrial Corridors
Public Utilities
Existing 15”-18” storm sewer at
Bellflower Road and 12” on State Route 615.Existing 8” sanitary sewer at
Bellflower Road and State Route 615.Existing 3” gas line on the north side of Bellflower RoadExisting 12” water main on the south side of Bellflower Road
Engineering Comments
1.Site subject to NPDES Stormwater Permit requirements. Copy of permit or permit number required prior to
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start of construction.2.Stormwater detention use/maintenance easement needed for proposed detention area over Parcels 16-C-77-I-009 and 010.3.Storm sewer use/maintenance easement needed over storm sewer system that is shared by Parcels 16-C-77-I-009 & 010.4.Recommend waiver of Sections 1133.05(h) and 1133.06(v) of the Mentor Code of Ordinances as site was previously developed and National Wetlands Inventory map does not identify wetlands on this site.5.Proposed water quality treatment does not meet City standards. Minimum drawdown time for dry extendeddetention is 48 hours. Stormwater calculations show a drawdown time of 4.67 hours.6.Designer may want to consider the use of bio-retention cells or enhanced water quality swales for water quality treatment; or, if an orifice smaller than 3” is used, it must be protected from clogging.7.Stormwater maintenance agreement to be signed by property owner.8.Final site plan to conform to City standards (available upon request) as part of next submittal.9.All utilities servicing site shall be bored under Bellflower Road and/or Center Street as necessary.10.If any existing drive apron is to be abandoned, reconstruct curb to match adjacent curbing. Area behind curbshall be restored.11.Provide lot split/consolidation to indicate a single property owner for the site. Lot lines shall not passthrough proposed buildings.12.Architectural site plan shall be modified to correlate to preliminary site plan. Western end of propertyindicates trees on one and detention pond on the other. Storm locations are not consistent.13.Electric, phone and cable service to site shall be run underground on the site.14.Sidewalk at driveway shall be ramped to permit pedestrian crossing within the right of way. Indicate rampson plan.15.The results of the trip generation study do not indicate traffic impacts significant enough to require a trafficimpact study.16.Handicap sign locations shall be indicated on the plans.17.Plant material for landscaping shall be low growth type near the drive exit to maintain safe sight distance for traffic entering public roadway
Fire Department Comments
1.The existing fire hydrant does not meet the city ordinance, and per the Fire Chief an additional hydrant shall be installed.2.The FD is requiring further discussion regarding apparatus turn around.
Police Department Comments
Install a “Don’t Block Driveway” sign on Bellflower to insure ingress & egress during busy times.
The applicant is seeking final site plan and architectural approval for an office complexconsisting of three (3) single story buildings at the southwest corner of the intersection of Center Street and Bellflower Road. The plan is in compliance with the preliminary site plan approved by the Planning Commission at their January 26, 2012 meeting.Each office building contains 3,200 sq. ft. and can accommodate two (2) units. All of the buildings meet the minimum 30-ft. set back requirement as indicated on the site plan. The rear of office building #1 is set back seven (7)-ft. from the property line abutting the State Route 2westbound on ramp. The site plan indicates the additional land area acquired the State of Ohiofor the SR. 2 and 615 interchange widening project. As part of the State’s acquisition, the accessrights to the three (3) parcels fronting on Center Street have been acquired.The site plan indicates the property will be consolidated and split into two (2) new parcels. Parcel1 will be 0.426 acres in area and contain building #1. Parcel 2 will be 0.885 acres and
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accommodate buildings #2 & 3 with frontage onto Bellflower Road. The applicant will need tofile a minor subdivision application for the adjustments to the existing property lines. Lot linesshall not pass through the proposed buildings.Access to the site is provided by a 24-ft. wide curb-cut onto Bellflower Road locatedapproximately 190-ft. from Center Street intersection. The Police Chief is requesting a sign“Don’t Block Driveway” be installed by the driveway on Bellflower Road to ensure ingress &egress during busy times.The site plan indicates 41 parking spaces; the code minimum is 38 spaces based on a 4/1000 ratiofor an office use. The parking areas are located along the west property line and between thefront of building #1 and the side of buildings #2 and 3. The applicant will need to provide a crossaccess easement to permit traffic movement as proposed.The Fire Department is concerned with the maneuverability of emergency vehicles on site, andwants to insure appropriate turning radius for emergency vehicles. It was suggested that that thecurbing on the two (2) islands at the intersection of the parking aisle be constructed with rolledcurbs to provide appropriate turning radius for emergency vehicles; the Fire Department isrequesting that an approved area for turning and/or backing of fire apparatus be agreed upon bythe owner and Fire Department and approved by the Fire Chief.The site plan indicates a sidewalk on three (3) sides of Building #2 & #3 with a common courtyard area between the buildings. The walk along the west side of Building #2 and the main drivewill also connect to Bellflower Road. The applicant will be required to replace all damaged or cracked sidewalk sections along Bellflower Road and Center Street adjacent to the project. Theutility plan indicates that the electric will be provided underground from an electric box onBellflower Road for buildings #2 & #3; while it will be provided overhead from a utility pole onCenter Street for building #1. The City Engineer is recommending electrical, phone and cableservice to the building shall be installed underground.The detention basin was relocated from the west side of the parking lot to within the front set back area along Center Street. Calculations for drainage and stormwater detention have beensubmitted for review and approval to the City. The City Engineer has indicated that the proposedwater quality treatment does not meet City standards which requires a minimum drawdown timefor dry extended detention of 48 hours. Stormwater calculations show a drawdown time of 4.67hours.The applicant may want to consider the use of bio-retention cells or enhanced water qualityswales for water quality treatment; or, if an orifice smaller than 3” is used, it must be protectedfrom clogging.The Fire Department is requiring the installation of an additional fire hydrant in the landscapeisland at the southwest corner of building #2 per the concerns of the Fire Chief. An existing firehydrant is located on the south side of Bellflower Road on the west side of the proposed accessdrive.The elevations indicate the buildings will be constructed of eight (8) inch tan split face masonryunits on the lower three (3) feet of the building. The upper area will have a dark red four (4) inchthru the wall brick; a band of eight (8) inch masonry units is located above the windows. Thefour (4) inch brick is a green product which consists of fly ash and is LEED compliant. Thehipped roof will be “finished” with fiberglass shingles. Triangle pediment constructed from four (4) inch vinyl lap siding were added to the roof line of the front and back of each building. Thefront of each building will have a projecting canopy supported by brick columns matching the building with vinyl lap siding on the pediment. The canopies will project six (6) feet from thefront wall of the building. The width of the sidewalk area in front of the canopies may need to beexpanded to provide appropriate pedestrian access around the supporting brick columns.
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