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Recreation Commission 2008

Recreation Commission 2008

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Published by barnbeat

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Published by: barnbeat on Jan 03, 2009
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RECREATION COMMISSION MINUTES7 January 2008Commission Members Present: Joe O’Brien Vice Chairman, Kevin Turner,Andrew Gauthier, Rene KingCommission Members Absent: Clyde Takala Chairman, Travis Rose, Kathy Pina
The meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm, roll call was taken and Kevin made a motion to acceptDecember’s minutes. Andy seconded the motion, the Commission voted and it was passed unanimously withthe said amendments: Kevin contacted the Hyannis Chamber of Commerce and spoke with President JohnKenney and Kathy contacted the Hyannis Chamber of Commerce and spoke with Adrienne Baumann who isthe Membership and Sales Director.Joe O’Brien began the meeting with old business and the issue of the Campground. Kevin said that he was incontact with President John Kenney and he said that a campground at Hathaway’s Pond would be easy toaccess, and he also felt it would be beneficial to Hyannis. David said he contacted Barry Johnson and KrisannCarron of Bourne. He said that the Bourne Scenic Park takes in about 1.3 million a year and subsidizes GalloIce Arena by $100,000 each year. Kevin said that John Kenney asked if funds from the campground could goto defray costs of the Hyannis Youth and Community Center. David said that the Hyannis Youth andCommunity Center would be set up as an enterprise account and be self supporting. Rene wants to see thecampground, the Recreation Division, and the school system all work together. She said that she has ameeting with Mrs. Gallo, an environmental school teacher from Sturgis Charter School on January 24
atnoon, and the Superintendent of Barnstable Schools at 1 pm to get her sponsorship for the campground. Joethinks the campground will be proven a viability and improve the town. Kevin said they need to go see theBarnstable Civic Association and share their ideas for the campground. He asked to invite Ann Canedy to ournext meeting. Joe said that they need to invite Harold Tobey, Ann Canedy, and Jeff Avery to the Februarymeeting and have an open discussion. Rene asked if she could bring a teacher for an educational standpoint.Andy suggested that she invite a curriculum person who can incorporate the elementary, middle, and highschools to benefit from the campground. David asked the Board if he should invite Harold Tobey and AnnCanedy for discussion purposes. Joe said that he was going to email Jeff to invite him to come and to beinvolved with the campground.Kevin asked about the RFP for the Olde Barnstable Golf Course for the concession when that was due. Davidtold him January 10
, 2008. There was no new business or public comment, so Joe asked David to give hisDirector’s report. See attached.Kevin made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Andy, the Commission voted and it was passed unanimously at6:40 pm.
For Harold:
Respectfully submitted by Samantha Garfield, Principal Division Assistant, Recreation Division
 DIVISION MANAGERDAVID CURLEY141 Bassett LaneHyannis, MA 02601Tel: 508-790-6345Fax: 508-790-6279Recreation@town.barnstable.ma.us 
RECREATION COMMISSION MINUTES4 February 2008There was not a quorum for the regularly scheduled meeting but the following notes were taken:
Jeff Avery gave a presentation for a proposed campground at Hathaway’s Pond in Hyannis. Also, Rene King,Commission member said that the Recreation Commission was looking for viable partnerships withRecreation and education regarding the proposed campground. Jeff Avery said some of the main goals wereto fill a tourism gap with affordable family vacations, create opportunities for educational and recreationalexcellence, add value to the community, and provide a new revenue stream. He showed aerial maps of thearea and surrounding areas and showed a potential for another beach. He discussed phase 1 of the plan. Hesaid that they would clear paths and fallen, dead trees for tent camping, have fire pits; upgrade the bathhouseto an environmental friendly facility (no effluent), new parking lot. Jeff went on to discuss the other twophases. But he also said that if phase 1 did not work, then they would not seek to continue with the other twophases and if anything Hathaway’s Pond would have a new bathhouse facility and a clean area for patrons.Phase 2 and 3 included more tenting areas and paths to include a total of 136 tenting sites at the area. Jeff saidthat Barnstable could fill the 136 tent sites with the overflow from Nickerson State Park alone. He said thecampground would create more opportunities for the Town of Barnstable and with the 136 tent sites couldcreate a projected $400,000 in revenue a year during the shoulder and prime season of camping. Bourne’srevenue from the campground pays for the Recreation department 100%. Jeff believes that the campgroundwould fiscally maintain itself.Concerning the educational aspects, there are so many studies and tests that could be done using the areaaround Hathaway’s Pond such as: Water quality testing, Lincoln Indexing, Species Inventory, SedimentTesting, Kettle Pond Ecology, Pit Trapping, Succession, Seasonal Variations, Ethology, Ornithology. Hebelieves that Cape Cod is a unique geological place impacted greatly by man’s presence. Also, additional“hands on” science curriculum options would add value to the Town of Barnstable. A number of permanentstudies could be setup to study effects over time by contiguous classes, educational partnerships withNickerson and other campgrounds with educational programs, and there could be environment and othergrants available for these opportunities.Jeff thinks that a campground would enhance the recreational area of Hathaway’s Pond. It would be availableyear round for walking and cross-country skiing. They would have a zero tolerance for alcohol. A 24/7 onsite manager, an additional sandy beach, year round upgrade / maintenance of trails, upgraded playground,upgraded parking lot, and an updated zero-effluent bathhouse. There were some concerns regarding thetraffic flow from rte 6 and for Barnstable Village and would the beach still be available 9-5? Ann Canedy,Town Councilor for Barnstable Village, had some concerns regarding the environment, traffic, ConservationCommittee, fire/water districts, and if a campground would raise taxes for the district. Jeff said he would liketo address these concerns in front of the Barnstable Civic Association, but he believes that a campgroundwould only benefit the area, not disrupt it or lessen the value of surrounding areas.
 DIVISION MANAGERDAVID CURLEY141 Bassett LaneHyannis, MA 02601Tel: 508-790-6345Fax: 508-790-6279Recreation@town.barnstable.ma.us 
Joe O’Brien – Vice Chair, Kevin Turner, Andrew Gauthier,Rene King
Commission Members Absent:
Clyde Takala – Chairman, Kathy PinaThe meeting was called to order at 5:35 and roll call was taken. Joe O’Brien asked to act on theJanuary’s minutes. Kevin made a motion to accept, seconded by Andy, the Commission voted andit was passed unanimously. There was no one in the audience for public comment so theyacknowledged Senator Jack Alymer. Senator Alymer began by saying that he and a group of citizens were interested in restoring/moving the Vernon Coleman painting that is located at theCenterville Community Building. He continued to say that the painting “Fishermen in dory, Long-lining” painted in 1935 has experienced some water damage and in the mural’s best interest, shouldbe restored and moved to a more accessible public location within the Town of Barnstable; or thepossibility to restore the mural in place and the Centerville Community Building bealtered/renovated which would allow more public physical access to the mural. Senator Alymersaid that he was going to see if there were any CPA funds available to restore this mural. He didsay that it was painted in a school for the school children and was interested in seeing it be movedto another school location for the continued enjoyment of school children in the Town of Barnstable. Senator Alymer said that if the Recreation was supportive he would talk to the TownManager, John Klimm, and go before the Town Council to see if they would endorse the idea of restoring the painting. Kevin made a motion that the Recreation Commission endorses the generalpremise that the Vernon Coleman Mural, titled “Fishermen in dory, Long-lining”, be either restoredand moved to a more accessible public location within the Town, or alternatively, that the Mural berestored in place, and the current location be appropriately altered, and/or renovated so-as toimprove physical access to the general public, especially for the school children of the Town of Barnstable. The motion was seconded by Rene, the Commission voted and it was passedunanimously.Continuing the meeting, Jeff Avery was in attendance and informed the Commission that he wasgoing away and that he could give the presentation in June or after he came back in December orJanuary. He suggested to the Commission members that they should hire a campground consultantand have them finish the report by a designated time. David said that he recommends David DelPorto attend a meeting with the Barnstable Water Department regarding ground water at theproposed campground site of Hathaway’s Pond. Kevin Turner suggested that they get quotes forcampground consultants before they attempt to get CPC funds. Also, Jeff said that Ann Canedywas interested in learning about the bathhouse study that was conducted three years ago. Rene
 DIVISION MANAGERDAVID CURLEY141 Bassett LaneHyannis, MA 02601Tel: 508-790-6345Fax: 508-790-6279E-Mail: Recreation@town.barnstable.ma.us

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