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The Anti-Vote{Unedited}

The Anti-Vote{Unedited}

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Published by URBNAnthony.com

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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don‟t give up. We need you to continue the struggle.
The work being presented is not yet completed. Throughout my attempting toavoid the entrapments of government officials on both federal and state levels, I found itnecessary at the present time to release this as is. I have been in the process of synthesizing the materials from both African and European scholars as it relates togovernment corruption, along with the personal struggles I have been made to endurebecause of corrupt government officials. Towards the end of the postings, I have
included some of Noam Chomsky‘s work to appear, but only as a reference point for me
to begin my next segments. This is done because of the constraints that I have beinghomeless and not knowing when I will be able to gather such material along my journey.This will allow me to access the information I am currently researching. This particularformatting is for my remembrance when I go through my material. it is less formal andeasier for me to pick up from my last entries.The names in this document are actual individuals and more will be added as Ibegan to format and edit more materials, please be patient. I have asked certain friendsof mine to complete this work for me if government decides to end my ability to processmy own material. The continuation and editing of my if allowed to continue by meshould be completed by month end. This material is not to be sold or repackaged andsold. The PDF materials associated with this work will be added as an appendix at theend of the document with the Chomsky material for your reading pleasure. It is all real.Thank you in advance for being patient, as I have several parcels of materials tomanage. I would like to thank all of the bookstores throughout the country that helped inmy journey, Please read this material as op-ed, and op-ed some on your own and post.Our freedoms are being eroded each day. I stand for everyone to live with the free willthe creat
or intended, as long as your free will doesn‘t trample the will of others, That
said, Smoke all the marijuana you want. It grows from the ground, and government
doesn‘t own it. Down with the pharmaceutical industry. Let‘s go with FREE, and end
capitalism, and this fraudulent democratic process as we know it..
Peace and blessings to all. My name is Anthony McKnight Sr., and I am posting
this material to this Scrib‘d site as well as my site, urbnanthony.com. The material
inthis document covers a period in my life which expands from approximately from 1993until the present. It deals primarily with corrupt practices of government officials in thestate of Connecticut.I include materials that may be offensive to s
ome readers, I don‗t apologize,
However, that is not my objective, howbeit that the material is not only document, it isalso the life I lived for more than fifteen years, almost twenty, In writing this, I only tryto expose the truths about the political process of these corrupt government officials andhow certain policies have unlawfully destroyed my life and the lives of certain AfricanAmerican, and Hispanic employees within the State of Connecticut. This material is notin any chronological order. That will be reserved for physical book form publication,when and if time permits.Within the context of this document, references will be made to certain religions,race, and sexual orientations. The primary focus being the agenda of certain of thesepolitical groups and mentioned classes and how laws have been broken to advance theseagendas.The document will be updated on a constant basis, as it is being edited daily. Theprimary source of the material will however stay the same as I expound on the various
chapters posted. I hope this doesn‘t irritate anyone following my writings. It
was justnecessary to share this information with people of similar interests as I have stated in thecomplaint originally filed that my life has been threatened and I was placed in dangeroussituations by officials of the state of Connecticut.This document is a free read and will continue to be so even in the unfortunate deathof my body. I take life seriously and I aver to live my life free and clear with the willgiven me as a human. Along this line, I have no animosity towards any individual, eventhose that adventure to bring harm to me through the systematic process calledinstitutional racism.I would also like to include that this work is an honest view, and as I think that
some Caucasians don‘t like Black people, there are some I know
and met that do. I amnot pro-Black, I would like to consider myself as pro-righteousness, as some people inthis document are Black and are Anti-black. Mentioned along with them are somehomosexuals, Catholics, Jews, etc.. I do not favor or not favor any particular class orgroup of people, only those that oppose and subvert the rule of law. Judges, as any otherindividual that refuse to honor the law are considered not honorable people in my view,
as I don‗t negotiate the truth for my station in life,
nor do I accept any man or women ashonor based solely upon their projected station in life.That being said, everyone is accountable for life, and death in this realm whetheryou are a creationist or an evolutionist. To put my ideas in the proper perspective for the

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