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Resolution Congratulating Letterkenny Army Depot on its 70th anniversary.

Resolution Congratulating Letterkenny Army Depot on its 70th anniversary.

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Published by Public Opinion
House Resolution Congratulating Letterkenny Army Depot on its 70th anniversary.
House Resolution Congratulating Letterkenny Army Depot on its 70th anniversary.

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Published by: Public Opinion on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Session of 2012
INTRODUCED BY KAUFFMAN, ROCK, BAKER, BENNINGHOFF, BRENNAN,BROOKS, COX, DiGIROLAMO, EVERETT, GABLER, GEIST, GEORGE,GRELL, GROVE, HAHN, HARHART, HENNESSEY, HESS, HICKERNELL,KORTZ, LONGIETTI, MAJOR, MARSICO, MICOZZIE, MILLARD, MUSTIO,PERRY, QUINN, RAPP, READSHAW, ROSS, SAYLOR, SCAVELLO, SONNEY,STABACK, SWANGER, TALLMAN, VEREB, VULAKOVICH AND WATSON,JUNE 4, 2012INTRODUCED AS NONCONTROVERSIAL RESOLUTION UNDER RULE 35, JUNE 4,2012A RESOLUTIONCongratulating Letterkenny Army Depot on its 70th anniversary.WHEREAS, In 1941, the War Department laid plans for 12 large,new Ordnance Depots to control the oncoming deluge of warmateriel and Letterkenny Township was chosen due to itsproximity; andWHEREAS, It was a safe, yet convenient distance from theeastern seaboard and Washington DC, with land well suited forammunition storage, and it had good rail facilities, nearbypower and water and another great resource, people, whohistorically had shown great courage and perseverance; andWHEREAS, Construction began immediately with 798 undergroundigloos, 12 above-ground magazines and 17 warehouses and later,in 1956, an additional 104 igloos were constructed, bringing thetotal to 902 with a large number of buildings being remodeled
farmhouses, barns and chicken houses; andWHEREAS, Colonel J.K. Clement became the first depotcommander on July 17, 1942, and under his leadership, the firstshipment of ammunition arrived by train on September 23, 1942,three weeks ahead of schedule; andWHEREAS, More than three million tons of supplies were movedduring the war years and with ingenuity and devotion, theLetterkenny work force completed seemingly impossible tasks tokeep ordnance materiel flowing constantly to 70 theaters of war;andWHEREAS, Letterkenny was one of the largest depots of itskind and was called the Springboard of Invasion in 1944; andWHEREAS, The 1950s were a time of growth as new technologiesin electronics and guided missile maintenance increased thedepot's workload and employees were trained in these fields andbegan working on NIKE missile components in 1953; andWHEREAS, Letterkenny became a permanent military installationon July 1, 1954; andWHEREAS, Letterkenny Ordnance Depot was renamed LetterkennyArmy Depot (LEAD) in August 1962, and command and control of thedepot fell under the United States Army Materiel Command; andWHEREAS, The Vietnam Conflict signified the 1960s with anincrease in missions and workload at the depot; andWHEREAS, Letterkenny was affected in much the same way as theKorean War in that materiel beyond normal requirements wasfunneled through the supply system to the troops, and it againstood ready to support American forces and employment rose; andWHEREAS, By 1970s, Letterkenny's growth seemed to slow;however, the depot still played a vital role with an ammunitionwashout facility built, and the Northeast Area Flight Detachment20120HR0749PN3631
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moved to Letterkenny; andWHEREAS, As the depot began evolving into its present stateby the 1980s and early 1990s, new facilities and modernizationprojects, such as the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System-Plus were constructed, Letterkenny's mission became three-fold;supply, maintenance and ammunition; andWHEREAS, Letterkenny's future was reshaped in the 1990s bythe Tactical Missile consolidation and the downsizing of theDepartment of Defense, reorganization and realignments; andWHEREAS, In 1990, Letterkenny was selected as the singleprocessing and storage location for all weapons captured duringthe 1990 Invasion of Panama, Operation Just Cause; andWHEREAS, On August 21, 2001, the Secretary of the Armyrecognized Letterkenny as the Center of Industrial and TechnicalExcellence (CITE) for Air Defense and Tactical Missile GroundSupport Equipment and in 2005 for the Mobile Electric PowerGeneration Equipment; andWHEREAS, With the Department of Defense's reorganization,Letterkenny's supply mission moved to New Cumberland, underDefense Logistics Agency in 1992, but by 2001, a smallerDirectorate of Supply and Transportation was reestablished atLetterkenny; andWHEREAS, In 2010, Letterkenny received its first CombinedLogistics Excellence Award for superior performance of duty inDepot Maintenance Excellence, resulting in improved combatreadiness; andWHEREAS, In December 2010, Letterkenny completed the last ofmore than 20,000 recapped High-mobility Multipurpose WheeledVehicles (HMMWVs); andWHEREAS, With the program completed, LEAD converted its20120HR0749PN3631
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