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The Stag - Issue 46

The Stag - Issue 46

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Published by The Stag

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Published by: The Stag on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newspaper of the students of the University of SurreyIssue 46 Tuesday
May 2012
NEWSTeenager gets charged
over Surrey campusstabbing
... Page 3FEATURESHow do you shower?Sophe Vckery
discussesthe many varients on theregular shower
... Page 8LiTERATUREBen Hatch talks to
about his awardwinning novel, ‘Are WeThere Yet
’ on page 23SCiENCE AND TECHis t the end of the
nuclear rennaisance?Find out on
Page 13...SPORTSurrey’s olympc
hopefuls start theirpreparation.
.. Page 32DANCE & THEATREEmly Bourne
reviewsthe latest MADsocperformance of 
How toSucceed in Business Without Really Trying
... Page 19SURREY 2012A photographc collage
of the best Surreymoments of 2012
... Page16
Say farewell to Surrey11/12 wth some of yourbest memores on page 16
Sopha Feld chlls wthNewton Faulkner as he kcksoff hs 2012 tour... Page 26
And the winners are...
 George Chatzizacharias, Beth Everest, Jamie Dooley, Adam Lodowski, BakitaKasadha, Mark Grimmett, Ellen Vaughan,Becky Robinson, Charlie Eastaugh,Katie Hook and Kirsty Stubbs
Tom Dyer
Kirsty Stubbs
Daniel Bishop
Student Academc Representatve
Mark Grimmett
Academc Staff Member of 
Lynne Millward
Students’ Unon Staff Member
Julie Havelund
Jack White
 Zeshan Hussain
MADTVand Stage Crew for
iGala Broadcast 
Outstandng Contrbutonto Representaton and
Bakita Kasadha
Outstandng Contrbuton to the
Kirsty Stubbs
Chem Soc(Departmental), Gospel Choir (Arts),Nepalese Soc (International), Islamic Soc(Religious), Surrey Marrow (Political &Campaigns), Veg Soc (Special Interest),Stage Crew (Student-Run Service)
Brooke Knight (Dance Music Soc)
Yusuf Ahmet (Islamic Students Assoc.)
BeckyRobinson (Do>More)
Socety Development and
Stage Crew
View the whole list at www.ussu.co.uk
he Student Awardsrecognizes the achievementsof students through societies,events and volunteering. TheStudent Awards also recognizesexceptional societies as a whole,with awards such as MostImproved Society of the Year.This year Student Awards tookplace on the Thursday 17
May.Wates was transformed forthe event and everyone madea huge effort to look fabulous.It was an incredibly enjoyableevening, with awards givenout by the Union’s own OsamaSalih (President), Trung (VPSport), Jake Willis (VP Societiesand Individual Development),Sam Ratzer (VP Education),Ollie Deed (Union Chair) andthe much loved Alan Roy. It wasparticularly nice to see seniormanagement not only comealong to support the studentsbut for their kind words whengiving out Student Awards.To kick the evening off Trung had everyone laughing(and marvelling at his brilliantmemory) when reading outthe Sports Awards, whichhad been previously read outat Saturday’s Colours Ball. Aparticularly heart warmingmoment was the VolunteeringGold Awards; every nomineewas worthy of the award it wasdecided that they all wouldwin. Every winner and nomineewas incredibly deserving of warm recognition from theUniversity and Student’s Union,but a particularly notablewinner was Kirsty Stubbs of Do>More who not only won the John Hoborough for StudentVolunteer of the Year but also theOutstanding Contribution to
By Alexandra Wilks, Literature Editor
Contnued on Page 3...
EDiTORiAL2The Stag | 22
May 2012edtor@thestagsurrey.co.uk
Edtor |
 Jack Whiteeditor@thestagsurrey.co.uk
Edtor-n-Chef |
Bakita Kasadhaussu.communications@ussu.co.uk
Deputy Edtor (Desgn) |
Hollie Rowe-Robertsdesign@thestagsurrey.co.ukDesign Team | Ellie Brodie, Paul A Richmond, Hannah Roberts-Owen,Christina Morman, Louisa White and Alexandra Wilks
Deputy Edtor (Marketng) |
Tom Gouldingmarketing@thestagsurrey.co.ukMarketing Team | Shervin Hejazi, Imogen Jones, Eleanor Pearson andGenevieve Webb
NewsNews Edtor |
Jyoti Rambhainews@thestagsurrey.co.ukNews Team | Kathryn Braid, Sophie Howard, John Kavanagh, JyotiRambhai, Melissa Raske and David Williams
FeaturesFeatures Edtor |
Nicole Vassellfeatures@thestagsurrey.co.ukFeatures Team | Peter Bailey, Ellie Brodie, Chris Thomas, Hannah Wann,Becky Powell, Stephen Cartwright, Louisa White, Ellis Taylorand Sophie Vickery
Scence and TechnologyScence and Technology Edtor |
Nathanael Roomesciencetech@thestagsurrey.co.ukScience and Technology Team | Lawrence Finn, Dave Holcombe,Shourya Khanna, Kate McAtamney, Melissa Raske, Alex Smith andRuth Smithers.
SocetesSocetes Edtor |
Chris Dightonsocieties@thestagsurrey.co.uk
ArtsDance and Theatre Edtor |
Hannah Jellimandancetheatre@thestagsurrey.co.ukDance and Theatre Team | Emily Bourne, Sarah McDowell,Beth Hedges, Lucy Jarvis, Tiffany Stoneman and Lexi Sutton
Flm Edtor |
Tiffany Tucker
Film Team | Laura Howard, Caroline James, Kristie Marchant, ChristinaMaria Webb and Louisa White
Musc Edtor |
Sophia Fieldmusic@thestagsurrey.co.ukMusic Team | James Campbell, Liam Conroy, Dan Davidson,Amy McGivern, Tanya Noronha and Elliot Tyres
Lterature Edtor |
Alexandra Wilksliterature@thestagsurrey.co.ukLiterature Team | Rachel Burgess, Stephanie Davies, Tessa Heenan,Candice Ritchie, Emily Smart, Emma Thomas, Sophie Vickery andRebecca Worley
SportSport Edtor |
Jordan Vinesport@thestagsurrey.co.ukSport Team | Douglas Elder, Arabella Gilby, George Gigneyand Sam Limbert
Copy Edtors |
Megan Barnacle, Michaela Fulton, Emma Giles,Candice Ritchie and Louisa Whitecopyteam@thestagsurrey.co.uk
Webmaster |
Andrew Smithwebmaster@thestagsurrey.co.uk
Photo Edtor |
Tessa Morganphotos@thestagsurrey.co.uk
The Stag
is a newspaper editorially dependent on and published bythe University of Surrey Students’ Union.The views expressed in the paper are those of the individualauthors and do not necessarily represent the views of the educationalteam, the whole Students’ Union or the University of Surrey.Trinity Mirror (South)8 Tessa Road, ReadingRG1 8NS
The Stag
reserves the right to edit all submissions and the right todecide which articles are published.
he Stag
has gone fromstrength to strengththis year: from our bold and(dare I say) professional newdesign, through our taboo-
the crises of Union security
though, that where one aspect of life enters a trough,another gains a new peak and Britain’s widening politicaland economic quagmire has provided fertile ground for
The Stag
’s ascent to the forefront of student information.Looking back on my tenure on the Design Team last
every section of the paper has been better than last year.We have all found a new drive to excel and I am immenselygrateful to have been at the head of such a stellar team.They have made it much easier than I had imagined toput together a product worthy of a university of Surrey’sstanding.Thank you then to everyone who has contributedto
The Stag
this year, whether as a regular or not. HollieRowe-Roberts has been particularly awesome as DeputyEditor for Design – a job that is not given the recognition itdeserves. Thank you also to the long-suffering Union andUniversity which have both been subject to rather moreattention than history might regard normal. Withoutthem both,
The Stag
would be a shadow of its current self.
my best to provide you with a good balance of articles,whether you are interested in arts, society, politics,sports or culture. I hope you enjoyed!You may see my name in
The Stag
next year, but this ismy last issue as Editor. I leave the paper in the extremelycapable hands of Alexandra Wilks, who has done anoutstanding job this year as Literature Editor. I know shewill be a powerhouse of an Editor and exalt
The Stag
to anew level.
Jack White – Editor
The Stag
, I’d like to thank Jack, Hollie, the marketingteam and everyone else who has made the last three years an incredible experience. I’ve
it’s growing readership. Cheers Surrey, it’s been emotional!
Tom Goulding – Deputy Editor for Marketing
had no idea what I was doing. I was
how much I’ve loved
The Stag
this year. Ithas come on so much and the whole teamare so proud – I’ll be sad to leave it! I wantto say thank you to everyone that’s beeninvolved this year, especially Jack, Tom,Bakita and my design team. Hannah, Ellie,Tina and Paul – it’s been great fun workingwith you each week and I hope you have agreat time at Surrey next year. Im happy tosay that Hannah will be taking over my roleas Deputy Editor (Design) and the others arestill going to keep it up which makes me aproud little mummy!Good luck to the 2012/13
Teamwith Alexandra Wilks (Editor) and BeckyRichmond (Deputy Editor, Marketing) joining Hannah to run
The Stag
– you alldeserve it and I’m excited to see where youtake us in the next year!
his year as Communications
I’ve learnt so much, and I’mvery excited about becoming
have been presented with manyopportunities to represent thestudent body and get moreinvolved in the Union. I’d liketo thank the other twelvemembers of the Union Executive and all the Union Staff,especially Alan Roy, Clem Mulcahey Banks, Lisa Lynch,Kath Jones, Bob Anderson, Helena Vardy and Aaron Salins,
facilitate the projects I have been passionate about, suchas the Nominate Now Campaign, Paint Campus Red andiFashion Show.In regards to my role as Editor-in-Chief, it has beena pleasure to watch
The Stag
develop into a stylishand popular campus newspaper, made possible by thededication of the editorial team and the writers. It will bevery strange no longer having a position on
The Stag
, afterthree years, but you can be sure that I’ll keep submitting
I’d like to thank all of The Stag team, especially JackWhite (Editor), Hollie Rowe-Roberts (Deputy Editor –Design), Nicole Vassell (Features Editor) and HannahRoberts-Owen (Design), for putting up with my (at times)late submissions and late night text messages!Finally, I would like to express my congratulationsto Kat Heneghan, the newly elected Communications
she’s had over the campaign period and I wish her everysuccess. I hope you enjoy it, Kat.
Bakita Kasadha – Editor-in-Chief
Hollie Rowe-Roberts – Deputy Editor for Marketing
NEWS3The Stag | 22
May 2012
he UK has been rated as the10
best at providing highereducation in a ranking of 48countries.The report, published byUniversitas 21, listed the othercountries making up the top 10for delivering higher education asthe US, Sweden, Canada, Finland,Denmark, Switzerland, Norway,Australia and The Netherlands.The results were analysed byresearchers at the University of Melbourne.Researchers looked atthe most recent data from 48countries and territories across20 different measures, groupingdata under four headings:resources (investment bygovernments and the privatesector), output (research and itsimpact and the production of an educated workforce whichmeets labour market needs),connectivity (internationalnetworks and collaboration)and environment (governmentpolicy and regulation, diversityand participation opportunities).Researchers also took populationsize into account.The UK was ranked 10
overalldespite coming second only to theUnited States on the strength of the universities themselves, whilstcoming 27
for the resourcing of universities.Some claim that Britain waslet down because of a lack of investment, coming 41st out of 48 for government spending onhigher education. The researchersanalysis put the United Statestop overall, followed by Sweden,Canada, Finland and Denmark.The UK performed well oninternational connectivity, beingranked sixth as it has the fourthlargest percentage of internationalstudents, whilst being ranked13th on environment. The UKalso came within the top nationswhose research has the greatestimpact, along with Switzerland,the Netherlands, the United Statesand Denmark.Universities UK, the body thatrepresents all UK universities, said
a wide variety of internationaleducational systems.A statement on the Universitas21 website describes howthe ranking system has beendeveloped “As a benchmarkfor governments, educationinstitutions and individuals.” Itgoes on to suggest the report aimsto “Highlight the importance of creating a strong environmentfor higher education institutionsto contribute to economic andcultural development, providea high-quality experience forstudents and help institutionscompete for overseas applicants”.
By Chris Sibthorpe, News Team
UK ranked tenth for higher education
teenager has been chargedwith grievous bodily harmwith intent for the stabbing thatoccurred on University of Surreycampus last December.Nineteen year old AliaksandrMazalkou, from Ailsworth nearPeterborough, faces the chargesafter the incident which happenednear Millennium House andresulted in a twenty year old manbeing taken to Royal Surrey CountyHospital in the early hours of 3
 December.The man was later dischargedhaving suffered minor injuries.Mazalkou, who was eighteenat the time of the stabbing, is outon bail and is due to appear atGuildford Magistrates Court on24
By Melissa Raske, News Team
Teenager chargedover campus stabbing
Surrey Police issuesOlympic cycle warning
ith tickets soon to be on salefor the Cycling Road Race atBox Hill in Surrey, Surrey Policehave warned residents to only buy
The London OrganisingCommittee of the Olympic Games(LOCOG) announced on 8
May thatthe tickets for the road race will
Police have advised people to only
purchase tickets. They particularly
website: www.tickets.london2012.com.Chief Superintendent GavinStephens has explained that thiswill provide opportunities forpeople to take advantage of thedemand by selling fake tickets orsetting up insecure websites.The road race has alreadyproved so popular with spectatorsand cycling fans that the spectatorcapacity at the Zig-Zag Road inclineand Donkey Green area of Box Hillhas been increased from 3,500 to15,000.The incline is regarded as oneof the best places to watch therace because of the slow-movingcyclists. It is also one of the onlyplaces that it can be watched.
beginning at The Mall and thengoing through west London andaround Box Hill before returningto The Mall. The race will welcomesome of the world’s top riders tocompete.The National Trust and LOCOGare working closely togetheralongside Natural England in orderto provide the best protection forthe local wildlife.Surrey Police also used thisopportunity to remind people thatunwanted tickets can be returnedthrough the London 2012 ticketexchange for a full refund.Furthermore, they remindresidents to report any suspiciousbehaviour and circumstanceswhich come to their attention andto ring the 101 non-emergencynumber.
By Rachel Thomason, News Team
the Student Community Award.Do>More won numerous awardsin their own right. Kirsty andDo>More have worked tirelesslyto organise some really brilliantevents this year and are entirelyworthy of this high accolade.Another worthy winner wasStage Crew who won Societyof the Year and Student RunService of the Year. Stage Crew’swork often goes unrecognized, yet they are incredibly diligentand hardworking. Without StageCrew all the events we enjoy atSurrey (from Rubix nights toTheatre Productions) would notbe possible.Bakita ‘Masala’ Kasadha,the one woman whirlwind, wasnot only joint winner of theVolunteering Gold Award butalso winner of OutstandingContribution to Representationand Wellbeing. Everyone knowshow amazing Bakita is and theseawards testify to her hard workand dedication to Surrey students.Finally, The Stag’s very ownbrilliant editor, Jack White, wonthe Student Media Award. Ashis successor, I am incrediblyproud (and slightly intimidated)to be following in his footsteps.Whatever you might think of Jack,or indeed The Stag, you cannotdeny he has worked so incrediblyhard to give the students atSurrey update news.Student Awards 2012 was abrilliant evening, enjoyed by all. Ilook forward to next year!
Societies and individuals felt recognitionfor their hard work this past year
Continued from Page 1...
Union staff and the Sabattical team worked hard to honour the students that have made a difference to the Surrey community
13 ndvdual and clubawards were gven out atthe annual Team SurreyColours Ball on Saturdaynght, recognsng varouslevels of achevement forstudents and coaches atthe Unversty of Surrey.Over 400 attendeescelebrated the
hghest attended ColoursBall ever!The evenng was hosted byoutgong Vce Presdent of Sport and Recreaton Trungand awards were presentedby varous members of Unversty, Students’ Unonand Surrey Sports Parkstaff and volunteers.Surrey Sports Park wouldlke to congratulate allnomnees and awardwnners for contrbutng toa successful year of sportfor Team Surrey!
Colours Ball 2012

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