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Davis School District policy regarding appeals procedures for books.

Davis School District policy regarding appeals procedures for books.

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Davis School District policy regarding appeals procedures for books.
Davis School District policy regarding appeals procedures for books.

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Published by: The Salt Lake Tribune on Jun 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Davis School District Policy and ProceduresSubject:4I-200 Instructional Materials Adoption, Acquisition, Replacement,Disposal and Appeals ProceduresIndex:Instructional Programs -
Instructional Resources 
Revised:September 1, 2009
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To improve the academic performance of students in the subjects of the Davis District Course ofStudy and the State Core Curriculum through:1.1an improved instructional program that provides staff development;1.2coordination of curriculum with District adopted content standards;1.3student access to current instructional materials through District-wide participation in anefficient instructional material adoption cycle for all curriculum subject areas;1.4disposal of unused textbooks and instructional materials; and1.5instructional material funding for students not counted in projected enrollment figures.
2.1.1The Assistant Superintendent over Curriculum shall develop procedures forselection and adoption of primary instructional materials. These procedures shallinclude:[a]require District-wide participation in a primary instructional materialsadoption cycle for all subject areas and levels;[b]the facilitation for reuse or disposal of textbooks and other primaryinstructional materials; and[c]schools requesting a variance to the District primary instructionalmaterials adoption must submit and present such requests to the Board.2.1.2Procedures shall provide for :[a]establishment of a District primary instructional materials adoptionschedule which shall be reviewed and adjusted annually by theCurriculum Department in consideration of funding availability, publicationdates of new materials, identified needs, etc.;[b]establishment of primary instructional materials evaluation adoptioncommittees;[c]review of state recommended instructional materials (RIMs) andidentification of the instructional materials most appropriate for use in theDavis School District;[d]encouragement of, especially in the elementary school programs, theselection of 1, or a limited number of primary instructional materials forDistrict adoption;[e]establishment of funding within the Curriculum Department budget for the
4I-200 Instructional Materials Adoption, Acquisition, Replacement, Disposal and Appeal Procedures
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adoption process, implementation and staff development costs;[f]establishment of funding within local school budgets for:(i)new primary instructional materials adoption and support materialcosts;(ii)annual consumable instructional materials; and(iii)annual instructional materials replacement, maintenance andinstructional materials adjustment for class enrollment increases.[g]establishment of procedures which require coordination between schoolprincipals, the Curriculum Department, the Purchasing Department andthe Suppliers to ensure efficiency and price advantage in the purchasingprocess of the primary instructional materials adoption; and[h]establishment of procedures for the reuse or disposal of primaryinstructional materials in the schools.
2.2.1Before the District or any school within the District may purchase any primaryinstructional materials, the proposed materials must have been mapped andaligned to the Core by an independent party as required by Utah AdministrativeCodeR277-469-9A and UCA §53A-14-107. 2.2.2Any supplemental or supportive instructional materials must support Core orUPASS requirements.2.2.3Free instructional materials are subject to the same requirements of sections2.2.1 and 2.2.2 above.
The Instructional Materials Evaluation and Adoption Committee shall select primaryinstructional materials for District adoption. The Committee is encouraged to make a limitedinstructional materials adoption for each District course/curriculum. The composition of theCommittee and procedures for the Committee shall be developed by the CurriculumDepartment ( Instructional Materials Adoption Administrative Procedures).
Under normal circumstances a new primary instructional materials adoption shall becompleted in two (2) years.2.4.1The first year is for evaluation, selection and adoption of the primary instructionalmaterials and related supplemental materials.2.4.2The second year is for implementation of the adoption within the schools with thefocus on staff development for the improvement of instruction and achievement inthe curricular area.
2.5.1Annual Budget[a]The Curriculum Director shall prepare annual budget projections for theprimary instructional materials adoption and oversee the purchase ofnewly adopted primary instructional materials.
4I-200 Instructional Materials Adoption, Acquisition, Replacement, Disposal and Appeal Procedures
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[b]The budget projections shall be submitted to the superintendency forinclusion in the annual budget process.[c]The Board shall allocate available funds to the schools for the purchaseof the new primary instructional materials adoption, support materials,consumable instructional materials and replacements.[d]The school principals shall coordinate new adoption primary instructionalmaterials and support materials purchases with the Curriculum Directorand the curriculum subject matter specialists to ensure the best availableprice, timely purchase and staff development needs.2.5.2Assistant Superintendent over Curriculum to Ensure Implementation[a]The Assistant Superintendent over Curriculum shall developadministrative procedures to ensure the effective implementation of theprimary instructional materials adoption and evaluation cycle.[b]The Assistant Superintendent over Curriculum shall developadministrative procedures to allow for the adoption of supplementalprograms based on identified needs and after the conclusion of thepurchase, implementation and staff development required for newprogram adoptions.
Requested changes in adopted curriculum, or instructional materials must be submitted tothe Board for review.
2.7.1STEP 1 - Complaint Referred to TeacherQuestions, concerns, or complaints from a patron(s) regarding instructionalmaterials or supplemental enrichment books or information shall be referred firstto the teacher using the work or material.[a]Every effort should be made to resolve the issue at this informal stage.[b]A standard option is to choose an alternative work for the student to readif the patron and/or the student objects to the work being studied.2.7.2STEP 2 - ConferenceIf the question or concern is not resolved in Step 1, a conference shall be heldthat includes the patron(s), the teacher, the department head, and a schooladministrator.2.7.3STEP 3 - School ReviewIf the situation is not resolved under Step 2 and the patron(s) requests that thework be removed from the school or District curriculum, the patron(s) may submita formal request in writing to have the work/material in question reviewed by themembers of the subject matter department (English, science, etc.)[a]Requests for review shall be submitted on theform,"Citizen's Request forReconsideration of a Work." [b]Upon receipt of the completed form, the appropriate department shallconvene a meeting within ten (10) school days to review the work inrelation to its merits and its use in the curriculum.(i)The Department shall make recommendations as to thecontinued use and submit the recommendations to the schoolprincipal.(ii)A copy of the recommendations shall be sent to the patron(s) and

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