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The Ten Commandments Ancient Hebrew Interlinear Translation

The Ten Commandments Ancient Hebrew Interlinear Translation

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Published by José Desard
Interlinear word-for-word translation of the Hebrew tekst of the Ten Commandments of Moshe - Ex. 20:3-17 - transscripted into Ancient-Hebrew and translated into the English language.
Interlinear word-for-word translation of the Hebrew tekst of the Ten Commandments of Moshe - Ex. 20:3-17 - transscripted into Ancient-Hebrew and translated into the English language.

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Published by: José Desard on Jun 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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to associate with the family from begin to end
an adult must know how to protect/behave
Exo 20:3
lolololo mirhamirhamirhamirha mielamielamielamiela klklklkl
eieieieieieieiei alalalal
Out of my mouth know the lesson others leaders/masters leading your hand will be not 
You will not have leaders/masters with other teachings then my statements.
Exo 20:4 
mimsbmimsbmimsbmimsb rsa rsa rsa rsa enenenenfmtfmtfmtfmt
lkflkflkflkf lxplxplxplxp klklklkl
exexexexotototot alalalal 
house digesting the about to look and to speak against leading your to be not consequences/into heavens like everything the right direction hand influenced
You will accept nothing in order to change my statementsnor accept what looks like to be my statements to feed your mind
thtmthtmthtmthtm yrab rsafyrab rsafyrab rsafyrab rsaf lommlommlommlomm
 from inferior position house accepting the strong and about from the aboveorder to fulfill it 
Your mind gives instructions to your body, and this inferior body always will follow and obey
yralyralyralyral thtmthtmthtmthtm mimbmimbmimbmimb rsaf rsaf rsaf rsaf 
 to conduct the fulfilling body from inferior position the consequences and about 
what so ever might be the consequences of this conduct for the inferior body
 Exo 20:5 
mdbotmdbotmdbotmdbot alfalfalfalf melmelmelmel eihtsteihtsteihtsteihtst
to obey and follow instructions and not by them to be influenced - not  
You will not listen to this kind of rulers and not obey and follow their instructions
kielakielakielakiela efeiefeiefeiefei iknaiknaiknaikna ikikikik 
Your master/leader the breathe of life I give permanently because
Because I ‘m the power of Your life, I ‘m Your master and commander
lolololo tbatbatbatba nfonfonfonfo dqpdqpdqpdqp anqanqanqanq lalalala 
the sons of to know the power of the to look to follow up powerful seed crown andthe house and follow family to the end always upon the orders of the lifecycle sceptre 
I ‘m Your crown and sceptre, I ‘m the strength of Your seed and blossom, I ‘m the administratoralways looking upon the results of what each father is learning to his sons to qualify them
ianxianxianxianxllll miobrmiobrmiobrmiobr
loflofloflof mislsmislsmislsmisls
to resist commands to give evidence – and to know to give food - to knowto refuse to be in good order of beginning wisdom and follow learn to assimilate and follow
 I know the complete follow-up and I perceive their first impressions of wisdomI also know every thought resisting my commands, refusing to be in good order
Exo 20:6 
itfymitfymitfymitfym irmslfirmslfirmslfirmslf ibealibealibealibeal miplalmiplalmiplalmiplal dxhdxhdxhdxh exofexofexofexof 
just as I gave and to them to guard to them to love to them to follow kindness and to show
order to do to assimilate to begin with my family my words
 but I also show kindness and grace to them that listen and follow my words and to them that love my familyand to them that take care of my words into the right way just as I gave order to do.
 Exo 20:7 
afslafslafslafsl kielakielakielakiela efeiefeiefeiefei
tatatata axtaxtaxtaxt alalalal
to change them into Your master the qualities of the to devote/employ not 
powers of destruction the character of YHWH your powers 
You will not devote the name and qualities of the character of YHWH, Your master and leaderto change them into the negative powers of hate
afslafslafslafsl imsimsimsims
tatatata axiaxiaxiaxi
 rsa rsa rsa rsa ta efeita efeita efeita efei eqnieqnieqnieqni alalalal ikikikik
to change into his name - what to devote/employ - about what YHWH to implement the seed not becausedestruction and character employ the powers of it to see the rich blossom of it 
because YHWH didn’t gave You the powers of the seed with his name and characterto be used by You into powers of destruction.
Exo 20:8 
fsdqlfsdqlfsdqlfsdql tbsetbsetbsetbse mfimfimfimfi
tatatata rfkz rfkz rfkz rfkz
to teach in time the one to feed the house influencing - from alpha be alerted andand to feed outside to be complete consequences to taw always knowing 
Be alerted and knowing always about the influencing powers of each letter of my wordto make You complete with the ability in time to become a good performing teacher to others.
 Exo 20:9 
lklklklk tixof dbot mimitixof dbot mimitixof dbot mimitixof dbot mimi tsstsstsstss
from what is learned - everything and to show how to act to do what is actions and to feed and grow upto have handling powers to be performed instructed to do reactions to performance 
During this time of implementation and education of my words,You shall be instructed to do and listen to the leading responsible teacher and messenger
Exo 20:10
kielakielakielakiela efeilefeilefeilefeil tbstbstbstbs ioibseioibseioibseioibse mfifmfifmfifmfif
Your crown for YHWH to feed/support he that consumes and a dayand sceptre (leading by YHWH) the house till the end acts responsible (when action is followed up) 
but the day the pupil is able to act with full responsibility, he will commit himself to YHWH his shield and support for ever and YHWH shall be his crown and scepter

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