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Pokemon Gold and Silver Codes

Pokemon Gold and Silver Codes



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Published by khairy85boys

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Published by: khairy85boys on Jan 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catch any pokemonReplace xx in code: 01xxEDD0
3F Abra8E AerodactylBE Aipom41 AlakazamB5 Ampharos18 Arbo3B ArcanineA8 Ariados90 ArticunoB8 Azumarill99 Baylee0F BeedrillB6 Bellossom45 Bellsprout09 BlastoiseF2 Blissey01 Bulbasau0C Butterfree0A CaterpieFB Celebi71 Chansey06 Charizard04 Charmande05 Charmeleon98 ChikoritaAA Chinchou24 Clefable23 ClefairyAD Cleffa5B CloysteDE CorsolaA9 Crobat9F Croconaw68 Cubone9B Cyndaquil
E1 Delibird57 Dewgong32 Diglett84 Ditto55 Dodrio54 DoduoE8 Donphan94 Dragonai95 Dragonite93 Dratini60 Drowzee33 DugtrioCE Dunsparce85 Eevee17 Ekans7D Electabuzz65 ElectrodeEF ElekidF4 EnteiC4 Espeon66 Exeggcute67 Exegguto53 Farfetch'd16 FearowA0 FeraligatB4 Flaaffy88 FlareonCD ForretressA2 Furret5C Gastly5E Genga4A GeodudeCB GirafarigCF Gliga2C Gloom2A Golbat76 Goldeen37 Golduc
4C GolemD2 Granbull4B Gravele58 Grime3A Growlithe82 Gyarados5D HaunteD6 Heracross6B Hitmonchan6A HitmonleeED HitmontopFA Ho-ohA3 HoothootBB Hoppip74 HorseaE5 HoundoomE4 Houndou61 HypnoAE Igglybuf02 Ivysau27 Jigglypuf87 JolteonBD Jumpluf7C Jynx8C Kabuto8D Kabutops40 Kadabra0E Kakuna73 KangaskhanE6 Kingdra63 Kingle6D Koffing62 KrabbyAB Lanturn83 LaprasF6 LarvitaA6 LedianA5 Ledyba

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