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Cheats Code Pokemon NEW

Cheats Code Pokemon NEW



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Published by khairy85boys

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Published by: khairy85boys on Jan 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pokemon Ruby Version: Game Shark Codes by loadingNOWVersion 3.4, Last Updated 2003-07-12 View/Download Original File Hosted byGameFAQsReturn to Pokemon Ruby Version (GBA) FAQs & GuidesLiked this FAQ? Click to recommend it to other GameFAQs users.-------------------------------------------------------Pokmon Ruby & Sapphire USA Action Replay V.3 Codes FAQ
Ver 3.4-------------------------------------------------------0. Version History, Copyrights & Special Notes.1. Action Replay V.3 Codes.1.0 Master Codes.1.1 Pokemon's Data Codes.1.1.1 Always Male/Female Codes.*1.1.2 Always Maxed Genes Codes.*1.1.3 Pokerus Code.*1.1.4 Select Ability Code.*1.1.5 Always Shiny Display Code.*1.1.6 Always Shiny Code.*1.1.7 Day Care Codes.1.1.8 Pickup Ability to Everyone Code.*1.1.9 Select Personality Codes.*1.2 Pokmon Encounter Codes.
1.2.1 Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes.*1.2.2 Wild Pokemon's Level Modifier Codes.*1.2.3 Route 101 Pokemon Modifier Codes.*1.2.4 New Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes.1.2.5 New level Modifier Codes.1.2.6 New Genes Maxed Out Code.1.3 Item & TH/HM Moves Codes.1.3.1 Unlimited Items Code.*1.3.2 Make Pokmons learn any TM-HM Codes.*
1.3.3 Make HM Moves erasable Code.*1.3.4 PC Items Codes.1.3.5 Secret Base Items Codes.1.3.6 Bag Items Codes.1.4 Miscellanous Codes.1.4.1 Unlock Full Pokedex Codes.1.4.2 Mirage Island Code.*1.4.3 Southern Island Event Codes.1.4.4 Feebas Tiles Code.*1.4.5 All badges, Pokedex, Pokenavi... Code.1.4.6 Money Code.1.4.7 Walk Through Walls Code.*1.4.8 Secret Trainer ID Codes.*
1.4.9 All Pokmon in Pokedex Codes.
1.4.10 All Trainer in Trainer's Eyes Codes.1.4.11 Share Experience After Battle Codes.1.4.12 Trainer Card's Stars Codes.1.4.13 Trainer Card's Back Codes.1.4.14 Fast Egg Hatch Code.1.4.15 Immediate Battle Code.1.4.16 Select Battle Type Codes.1.4.17 Find Feebas Seed Code.*1.4.18 Always Catch Pokemon Code.*1.4.19 Steal other Trainer's Pokemon Code.*1.4.20 Wild Lati@s Codes.*1.4.21 Battle Tower Code.*1.5 Lavaridge's Egg Code.1.5.1 Lavaridge's Egg Enabler Code.*1.5.2 Lavaridge's Egg Modifier Codes.*2. Action Replay (and GSA) Codes for Version 1.2 or lower.2.0 Master Codes.2.1 Pokemon's Data Codes.2.1.1 Always Male/Female Codes.*2.1.2 Always Maxed Genes Codes.*2.1.3 Pokerus Code.*2.1.4 Select Ability Code.*2.1.5 Always Shiny Display Code.*2.1.6 Always Shiny Code.*2.1.7 Day Care Codes.2.1.8 Pickup Ability to Everyone Code.*2.1.9 Select Personality Codes.*2.2 Pokmon Encounter Codes.
2.2.1 Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes.*2.2.2 Wild Pokemon's Level Modifier Codes.*2.2.3 Route 101 Pokemon Modifier Codes.*2.3 Item & TH/HM Moves Codes.2.3.1 Unlimited Items Code.*2.3.2 Make Pokmons learn any TM-HM Codes.*
2.3.3 Make HM Moves erasable Code.*2.3.4 PC Items Codes.2.3.5 Secret Base Items Codes.2.4 Miscellanous Codes.2.4.1 Unlock Full Pokedex Codes.2.4.2 Mirage Island Code.*2.4.3 Southern Island Event Codes.2.4.4 Feebas Tiles Code.*
2.4.5 All badges, Pokedex, Pokenavi... Code.2.4.6 Money Code.2.4.7 Walk Through Walls Code.*2.4.8 Secret Trainer ID Codes.*2.4.9 All Pokmon in Pokedex Codes.
2.4.10 All Trainer in Trainer's Eyes Codes.2.4.11 Share Experience After Battle Codes.2.4.12 Trainer Card's Stars Codes.2.4.13 Trainer Card's Back Codes.2.4.14 Fast Egg Hatch Code.2.4.15 Immediate Battle Code.2.4.16 Select Battle Type Codes.2.4.17 Find Feebas Seed Code.*2.4.18 Always Catch Pokemon Code.*2.4.19 Steal other Trainer's Pokemon Code.*2.4.20 Wild Lati@s Codes.*2.4.21 Battle Tower Code.*2.5 Lavaridge's Egg Code.2.5.1 Lavaridge's Egg Enabler Code.*2.5.2 Lavaridge's Egg Modifier Codes.*3. Thanks.-----------------------------------------------0. Version History, Copyrights & Special Notes.-----------------------------------------------V1.0 : 1st release.V1.1 : Made some corrections, added Secret Trainer ID and All Pokemonin Pokedex Codes.V1.2 : Added Trainer's Eyes Codes.V1.3 : Added Share Experience After Battle Codes.V1.4 : Added Trainer Card's Stars and Trainer Card's Back Codes.V1.5 : Corrected Sapphire Master Code (should work now).V1.6 : Added Fast Egg Hatch Code.V1.7 : Corrected Max Genes Codes.V1.8 : Added PC Items Codes, Lavaridge's Egg Codes.V2.0 : Added Route 101 Pokemon Modifier and Secret Base Items Codes, madea lot of changes/corrections...V2.1 : Added Pokerus Code.V2.5 : Added Select Ability Code, Always Shiny Display Code, Always ShinyCodes, Immediate Battle Codes, Select Battle Type Codes, FindFeebas Seed Code, Special Note 4, and made some corrections.V2.6 : Changed the Find Feebas Seed Code to a *way easier* one to use, addedDay Care Codes, added some correction to the Feebas Tiles Code.V2.7 : Our Mirage Island Theory was proven false. We apologize, and correctedit. We also made a new (working) code for Mirage Island. We also foundout that the Feebas Tiles could change EVERY DAY, at random.V2.8 : Added Pickup Ability to Everyone Code, and a link to our Feebas TileFinder (see 1.4.17 Find Feebas Seed Code)v2.8b: Fixed a mistake with Pickupv2.8c: Added a note about GamesharK/Action Replay v3V2.9 : Corrected some errors, added Select Personality Codes.

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