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Asset # 29

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Published by jjpelczar

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Published by: jjpelczar on Jun 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Youth are morelikely to grow uphealthy whenthey are able totell the trutheven when it isnot easy.
What Are Assets?
Assets are40 values,experiences, and qualities that help kidssucceed.“Honestyis oneof six positive-values assets.
* Based on Search Institutesurveys of 217,277 6th- to12th-grade youth throughout theUnited States during the1999–2000 school year.
e’re home!”your teenagerand his best friend say.
 When you askhowthe movie was,theybothsaygreat.When you askwhattheysaw,theeach give you differentanswers.“You know,I’d nevercheat,”yourdaughteronce told you.Butyou notice thatshe broughthome a testwith a perfectscore and youknowshe didn’tstudyorknowthe materialwell enough.Unfortunately,cheating and dishonestyaremore prevalentin ourchildren than we wouldlike.In a surveyof3,370 high school students,about9 outof10 said thatcheating iscommon attheirschool.The numberonereason forcheating:It’s nota big deal. Yetaccording to Search Institute,honestyisa big deal.Ofyouth surveyed,67% saythey  believe itis importantto tell the truth evenwhen itis noteasy.And there’s a difference between girls and boys:73% ofgirls saythey  value honesty,whereas only60% ofboys do.To instill the value ofhonesty,we need to
AcknowledgingActs of Honesty
Easy Ways to Build Assets for and with Your Child
 6 7 %
o f  you t hsurveyed bySearchIns t i t u t e have t his asse t  in t heir ives. *
Newsletter #36
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nco g e ech m y  membe ome   peson commmen oe he h. ones y cnowe g e een g s. ones y m o sccesses n mses.
Don’  oeec when  y o ches o  y o. Chen w e he y  e  y o econ.
Wo o g ehe o come  p whm y  es bo hones y  nhe conseqences o shones y .
o g 
Modeling Honesty 
Tips for modeling honesty for your child: Correct the situation immediately when clerks give you too much change.Be honest in talking to telemarketers.Instead of hanging up or making an excuse, just say, “No, thank you. We’re not interested.” Then hang up.Admit when you’ve fudged the truth and apologize.Brainstorm ways to be honest in a par- ticularly sticky situation, such as break- ing up with a boyfriend or girlfriend.
talkaboutit,model it,and explain whhonestyis an importantvalue.Honestpeopleare trustworthy,sincere,and genuine people.Honestyis a value worth having.
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