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Muse June 2012

Muse June 2012

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Published by ACS Athens
ACS Athens - Muse June 2012
ACS Athens - Muse June 2012

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Published by: ACS Athens on Jun 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 June is always a time to reflect,reminisce, and celebrate. Wehad a wonderful year filledwith many special moments.This last trimester you hadthe opportunity to haveyour child showcase theirlearning during Student-LedConferences. Educators facethe challenge of reporting onstudents’ progress several timesthroughout the year on awritten document. Most of thelearning that takes place cannotbe recorded solely on paper.The teacher relies on his or herobservations that are recordedand that have been collectedthroughout the year.For these reasons, Student-LedConferences are a unique andimportant opportunity forparents and children alike.Student-Led Conferences allowparents to celebrate their child’sgrowth. It is a hands-onapproach which allows them tosee a wealth of learning thattakes place in the school. Thepossibilities for celebratinglearning are endless. The goalof giving those little stars achance to shine during Student-Led Conferences was crystal-clear.Through participation in a vastarray of classroom academicactivities and noteworthy projects,it is obvious that our studentshave gained awareness andknowledge. I am certain that you,the parents, have also observedthe changes and growth of ourstudent body that we havenoticed. It is often said that oneyear’s achievements is a milestonefor our young learners.At this point I would like toexpress my gratitude to you all,for the continuing support andencouragement that you gave usthroughout the year. Our schoolis unique because of thisimportant partnership whichstrengthens our programs andhelps our students developpositive attitudes towards schooland learning.Some of you will be leaving theACS Athens community to moveto new places. We wish you allsuccess and happiness in yourventure and hope that thememories you take with you arepleasant ones.As you will note on your Calendarof Events, school year 2012-2013will commence on September 6for grades 2-12. The first day ofschool for our First graders isbased on the first letter of theirsurnames. Students whose lastname begins with the lettersA-M will begin school onSeptember 6, while those whosesurnames begin with the lettersN-Z will start on September 7.Our Early Childhood Programwill begin on September 12.Please note that the last day ofschool is June 14
. Dismissalwill take place at 3:30 p.m.School supply letters have beensent out and have also beenposted on the school websitewww.acs.grunder SchoolSupplies in the Elementaryschool section. Also Mathpackets have been distributedfor grades 1-3. Students ingrades 4-5 will find their mathpackets on your child’sBlackboard account. Pleaseremember to read over thesummer.Thank you for your dedication,your cooperation and yoursupport. Undoubtedly we make
Message from the Principal
Volume 1, Issue 3 June 2012
 June has almostarrived and thatmeans that the endof the school year isnear.Our classes have grown so muchin so many ways this year, but westill have much to learn and doduring the month of June!A big thank you to all the parentswho helped chaperone our fieldtrip to Attica Zoological Park.You helped make it a safe andpleasant experience for all thechildren. In the days ahead wewill continue to investigate“Insects and Spiders”, learningabout these wonderful creaturesand their habitats.We will also be celebrating the
Kindergarten News
At the art center, they continue todevelop their fine-motor skillsand experiment with a multitudeof art media. Finally, our Student-Led conferences gave thechildren a chance to celebratetheir growth with their families!
Ms. Anna and Ms. Ashley 
As the last month of school isapproaching, Kindergartnersare preparing themselves evenmore diligently for First Grade.The work they have accom-plished at each of their learningcenters is a reflection of howmuch they have grown over thecourse of the school year!Each child is a reader andwriter at his or her owndevelopmental level. At thereading center, they have beenusing various strategies to readthe texts in our leveled readersand letter books. At the writingcenter, they have beensounding out words to writesentences in their journals. Atthe math center, they have beencompleting activities that arethe basis of addition andsubtraction.
Junior Kindergarten News
a great team. Enjoy thelingering, sunny, relaxingmonths that lay ahead withyour family and friends. Wewill meet again in Septemberfull of energy and enthusiasmfor yet another rewardingacademic year.Ms. Cathy Makropoulos,Acting Elementary Principal
summer by having our End-of-the-Year party. JK students have been involvedin various projects throughoutthe year, such as their writing journals, self-portrait books,as well as fine motor skill journals. Please read and discussany work your child brings hometo share with you, and help toencourage continued explorationand “learning curiosity” duringthe summer months.We are very proud of all ofyou and everything you haveaccomplished this year! Have awonderful summer.
Ms. Korinna, Ms. Vasilike,and Ms. Alex
Message from thePrincipal continued..
Proud to be First Graders!This has been a productive andrewarding year for all of us in FirstGrade. We as teachers haveenjoyed our contribution to yourchild’s school experiences.The children’s eagerness andwillingness to learn is a reflectionof the growth that First Gradershave made not only academicallybut socially as well. We haveapplauded the diversity ofpersonalities and interests in thisgroup. Our reward as teachers hasbeen to see the tremendous growththat your children have made inthe past year. Their willingness toread, write, add, subtract, discover,investigate, participate, paint, sing,create, contemplate and to resolvehave all been but a few of theexperiences shared by all of us inFirst Grade.We feel that the children’s caring,responsibility and self-esteem haveblossomed and this could nothave happened without yoursupport and guidance asparents. We as teachers couldnot have reached our goal ofbuilding self esteem in eachchild and nurturing in them atrue love of learning withoutyour support in so many ways.Next year will be another bigstep for your children. You cando much this summer to makenext year a productive andsuccessful learning experiencetoo. Be positive about yourchild’s placement. Encourageyour child to acceptresponsibility for his learning.Help your child to makedecisions and accept the resultsof those decisions. Give yourchild the gift of
andstrategies to develop it. Sharetimes that are creative, spendtime reading together,in kneading dough and bakingbread for themselves.This health unit has opened thedoors for students to searchthrough an array of non-fictionbooks during their reading time.Students have been encouragedto read all about food, wherefoods grow and much more.Due to their vast readings,students have been able toreflect on their findings and usethe Writing Process to report oneach food group in their food journals. The use of adjectives,word choice, conventions,complete sentences etc. havecontinued to be encouragedSecond graders have continuedexploring their community throughour Health Unit by discovering theFive Food Groups. They havelearned how to create a balancedmeal and understand that eating avariety of food is necessary to keeptheir bodies healthy. One tastydiscovery our second gradersexperienced was a day of cookingwith raw chocolate. Studentscollected organic ingredients andblended natural flavors of cacaowith vanilla bean into a rich andtasty chocolate treat. After that,they travelled to Chrysalidis Parkto witness the process of threshingand milling in order to make bread.The entire second grade took partthroughout these writinglessons.Included in this trimester’sreading unit is the study ofpoetry. One author studentshave studied is Shel Siverstein.They have come to love hiswork due to his amusing andcomical short poems. Theyhave even come up with uniquepoems of their own playingwith rhymes. Soon they will beadding more literary elementsthat are found in poetry as wecontinue to study this genre.Students will be able to furthercreate poems as they are in theprocess of discovering thedifferent types of poems such
1st Grade News
encourage inquiry andcelebrate independence.We are very proud of theprogress your children havemade. We will enjoy watchingthem reach for challenges in thefuture. We believe that this iswhat school and life are about.We hope that your child’s FirstGrade experiences have addedthe necessary tools for copingwith future challenges.Our best to all of you and enjoythe summer. To thosereturning to our schoolcommunity, “see you in theFall.” For those moving toother schools, “Best wishes toyou and don’t forget to drop usa line.”Most sincerely,Ms. Birbil, Ms. Lamprou andMs. Ficke
2nd Grade News

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