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Letter to a Friend- Rosicrucian- AMORC

Letter to a Friend- Rosicrucian- AMORC



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Published by Luis Victoria
Personal reasons why I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC
Personal reasons why I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC

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Published by: Luis Victoria on Jan 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 LETTER TO A FRIEND Personal reasons why I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC 
(Translated from Spanish)
 I’m copying this message received from my friend, Luis Victoria, to extend his clear explanation and to make it available to the friends that didn’t get it so they can put an eye on it.Me too, originally a non-believer and atheist, got to the same “alma mater” he mentions; there I was nurtured with clear and non-dogmatic notions, without prohibitions on what or not to do; or what or not to read, but with a “Look everywhere, find the Knowledge and apply it” approach; and notice I put “Knowledge” in capital letter. Life has made me move in a different direction, I’m no longer in the same path of my fellowcompanions, but neither in a completely different one. I will never stop being grateful to the Rosicrucian knowledge, which got me out of darkness and the lethargy of living life without theanswers to the ancestral questions that my friend herewith presents. In there (Rosicrucian path),there is no danger in going wrong or wasting your time. How you will notice my friends, this communication between Luis and his friend Oscar is recent, spontaneous, authentic and sincere. Chauu! (Bye!)Vidal 
-----Original Message-----From: Oscar Valenzuela García [mailto:ovalenzuelaga@hotmail.com]Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 8:35 AMTo: lovictoria@comcast.netSubject: Pregunta.
 Luichy, sorry for insisting, but what originally got you to that Order (AMORC)and what has kept you there for so many years?Oscar 
From: Luis Victoria [mailto:lovictoria@comcast.net]Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 6:32 PMTo: 'Oscar Valenzuela García'
Oscar,Since very young I was always seeking for answers to questions like; what or who weare? Why are we here? Why do we die or get sick? Why some people are born or live
in wealth and others not? Why some are born sick, blind, mentally challenged and others not? What do all this really mean? I resisted the notion that we were the result of mere chance. I liked to read books about the subject and honestly Religion didn’t satisfy many of my questions, neither could explain many of its contradictions, like for instance; God is Love, but it punishes us; if  you don’t receive Jesus you won’t be saved (what about those who lived before histime? What about those who are born in India and never get to know him?) Why did God select the Jewish people as the chosen ones; what about the rest of humanity?God is everywhere and created everything, thus creating good and evil or Satan (is he playing with us?). I couldn’t understand any of this under the concept of a God of  Love and Justice. It seemed to me that these concepts where not coming from God’swisdom, but from the human interpretation of its mysteries. Logically you could understand that I had my times of pseudo-socialist and atheist. But this didn’t last long. Eventually I understood that there should be something  greater than us, something that would sustain in harmony the execution of the wholeuniversal concert working as a perfect musical composition. By looking around you’ll marvel on how everything in existence is impregnated with intelligence; you as anagronomist, observe the plants, also the animals and even the planets. By observing  your body, you’ll be in awe on the perfect execution of all its biological functions, inwhich you, as an objective being don’t have any participation whatsoever. The idea, inthe Rosicrucian teachings, about a universal and impersonal intelligence, whichdoesn’t judge or prefer, neither punishes; became an attraction to me.The idea that within God’s intelligence all its creatures are like pieces of a whole that we call the Universe, in which there are no favorites, also attracted me. The notionthat by having self awareness we are the most developed beings on this planet; that wehave all the potential that exists in the Universe within us and by exercising our freewill we have the opportunity to self direct our lives to create our own pathway towardsthose things that we mostly desire; that, attracted me. The fact that evil doesn’t exist asan entity but as the absence of goodness and that through many opportunities and theteachings that this earthly existence provides us, we can evolve into superior beings, similar to a coarse coal extracted from earth which the crucible of life polishes and makes into its finest expression as a diamond stone; was another reason. But the main reason that really caught my eye, and I’m being honest here; is that through the study and understanding of the Universal Laws and the consciousapplication of its teachings we can get to rule our lives and circumstances thereforebecoming the masters of our own destiny.

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