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Law of Scientific Hand Reading - Benham

Law of Scientific Hand Reading - Benham



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Published by Syed Tariq hussain

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Syed Tariq hussain on Jan 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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<< l
'Ile <ml contains in iiself k'e event t'tlat phql! pre,entl
y 'lyefall il.'Phe m'en 2 is only tbe acttlalizing of 11 thougkt.g'-lewtgasoN
54 ûortin ued stu dy and obsenration of 1he lines ln thehaud and by carefully tabulating the results of in-
tttmerable experiments witll tlzetzl lt has beetl shown tha:
liues found 51: sertgin y'/tvr'el always inrlicate the s%nz6 Mzkzl'l
antl tbat certaizt formatilms of tlzese Enes invaably skowtlzt gotxl. bad, or weak operatiotl of- the tlziugs they indi.cattl. Tt has also beeu proven iu like manaer that liues sbow
dcuils of the 1+ and that wlzcu cvents have strongly im.
preawd thtrmwlvtts uplm tkt, brzzz of z: subjtct lines have
appzared in xtuin parta of uie hwnd hpve disappeavbroken. or qNangtd in various ways aa uieaz eventa kave
prcduced gxxxl oz bad resttlts for tlld subjeck. By obsqrving
timttsands of rrattlts it has been poMible to ltu wâere inthe hand tbrz!n variatzs emotion: or instœn- aprear, aud
wltat 1*1,0f lineq indicate Geir good orbwtl eleet. Lines are
Meu in the llands of newhjrn bab- as w'ell ïts M'atIIIItS ; theycroasln various direetio ns ofteu luake their appearanze WE<
the skin has farmerly been slztxtil and in mauy e.a- strong
Hnes fade an4 dîsa ppear, Ieaving a snzoosh surfRee of sklnthc.t shoo no ssgn tllR.t any line NnR t'ver ix'en there. LluesKereqse in depth asd g'row in lengtb often dearly euttiug
tMr lay aexnl tbe hau:. Wey' e va nLïh eu urely,
:46 The Laws ot Scientific Hand-keadln:
begiauingr a.t 11Y entl atld g'radullly dimlnishing untll t:e
whole line hms diBappeared. Tâesc K'J fpf&zz/ pt#bundz'z+ esn'ons mzd' > /:4, mitâi #' a .çeJ'tr/.
Muay bdieve that evezy Atail iu tbe anatozny d tlze
humatl lyeing is ctmstrtleted for a specifc purpa xnd t%atuotbing wrts cremed witlmut a reason. *Dus we are either
fercvxl to declare timt tllt liues in 1% hand alx an exceptlpn
to a11 the rest arld that tlze Creator dld a vain and uxleuthinr when these liues veere put iu îhe hand or else w'e
must acknoveleige thut tbe lluea are tlzcre for a purpox.
Not so very long ago t*e llqMie.al profession knew com.
paratively Ettle ttbout the kumae organism. There are
m'g'ana whox fuudioug Rrlatornists havfz uot yttt llîsctweredbttt these students of the hîtman body do not for this reason;claim tllat sueli organs bave uo useralness. One by one the
mysteries of our copslructiorz are beiug dixmrered anll it is
the belief of progressive students tllat in time the fttnctionof every pa
rt will be revealed and uotlziug founcl 'tlmt is not
neceasayy to u1e opuralion oftNe * untzn rnachinery. zts longas every physidaa u ndedook to mnaster the entire range
of maediciue aud b; treat every foruz of disuase vze kad t:e
genrrcl /'gaï&'@arr who pa-s-d only a gewertl k nowledge
of auatonly. disease aud treatneut. Iluriug this PeH od
tlze real informauou about tbe several parts of tha bedy lxs.
xssed by any one man was tzecessarily limited the practiceof medieine an; surgvry was ctu âv an; jkt results obtainedwerq ceuàparatively unsatisfaetory. B nt wKO one naa n bu-gxn d evotfng bis entire life to a slud y of the eye. another
pf the ear Rnothtr of thq skiu and po on thtough every
oqgan af the bod y Mx bad the evolution of 1he speciallkand at ouce great progress was made nnd. wonderful z'esults
were aclzievell. Tlke wàole I'd
r was tx cpmplqx and /$?p t'zk
a subject for one man to master. bttt the speejalist. by giving'
a life study to oR organ, begau to tulderstat:fl tlmt org'ntkorouglzlr, and in each was found auch an infiuita uumlxrot detaiLs that it lms taken more than a lifetime to a=mulate
t:e pnxtut Kock of infor=eu abeuk tkem Z1. Stra sge Rs
it may wvvn, tka b *nd :as been neglected in this xparatiu
What Lines Are For ;4/
af smcialtles =4 this most importaut and wonderflti pmoî tke wlzole lmdy tbe oTgau wbiclz bears tla stamp of
tke typu to widcb each subject belongs, and witicil containx
tlle map of his tlatural eotu- throtzgll life is ollly begiuningba receive the attention it deperves
As Ymisls, we are sacialists with tizu hand antl in
reacbing the polnt where vze are to stud y the purpose forvvhsch llœes are in the halld we clainz to llRs'e faund an;
provcd this purpoae. T Eere ia a natural course tkro ug:
Hfe that e eety sulj ect =vuii follow if nothlag took place to
change it aad n o eFort was udaule to huprove. Ix otllerT:ords xx believe that there is a geaeral outline of the
co Rr/e and linnitalions of the life of each su bjrct wbiek
exists at the begiulïing oi' t'llak lif' Tlziu gelwral rourx
ia vzhak tlze su bjecl x'ould n Jplrc/tr d o throl&gh life be-
u'uzz.çlf of tlîe eombiuation of type qllalities wbich be poc,--s. Tbis aaturkll life plan compzist's tbox things w'biek
tbe passenitm of these type qualities R'ould nuturally teai Mm
to do, the kind of health his type lualilies woull tk'nr hîm to
have, and the result is stamped upon him by the lilzc.s iu bis
hand w'hich thus form a mttp #' â...ç nzturai J/'z cotlrse If
no change takes place in Ms mental or llhysical Rttitude audno accillents occur, tlzis course will be followed. Thua t:e
llnes Ilz the hand are the miting plat:ed lllere by Hinl
who crvated tbe subject =ll wbeu tlze key to their meauing
ls usedj it enables u.q to interpret tlze life map a'rld. to jadg'e
w'at tNe natural eourse of that iife will be. Maay Grnestthinke's lzaving followed tlte study of lla lzaud throug'llChirognomy, have half.ed when tlle lines were relzched andw:ile aflmîttilzg that lirle.s do euable us to read tlte eveats in
a lifq =ll bdnK forced to acknowlœdm from wha.t bas beetz
aeen of adu? ea- that the futupe is oRen o uuined tbey
patlse for the explanauoa as lo how tlzis is accomplislled.'Phere are now two well established facts, whieh wlzelz
brottglit itlto eombinatiotk explain tlte.se functions of linea in
tlze hantl. First it baa been poftîvely moven tbat Jfa-
àangve g'v unim ze/fâ eâzngee 'r's Me moztal fz//ilzfzlT Y' a
Tvpr? ntkot /JiT.ç: bckgng'n Jr< 6vrelbt e'zl/r%râ te Orr his

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