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Know Thy Self

Know Thy Self

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Knowledge of Self, Self Knowledge.
Knowledge of Self, Self Knowledge.

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Published by: Neb Nyansapo Noopooh on Jun 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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, by David Sinclair
Before you can know who you are, you must first know what you are.Forces of nature create patterns of matter. Male and female are patternsof matter thus they are forces of nature.The Ratio of the Proton to the Electron is, that of the Egg to the Sperm.The world of living thingscan generally be divided intothree different categories:1.
Asexual (Egg and Sperm)2.
Female (Egg)3.
Male (Sperm)LORD God, created man firstbecause LORD God needed someone towork in the garden.(Genesis 2-7,8)It is much easier to get asperm to cooperate than an egg. Inthe case of the woman she has a28-day cycle and the moon has a28-day cycle; this is nocoincidence. PMS gives meaning tothe term Lunatic.Lord God’s joke is, that menare stupid and women are crazy. Ifyou want to see some of the stupidthings that men do; check outhttp://www.darwinawards.com/ Because the female isresponsible for raising the young,nature has endowed the femalewith:The best Eye SightThe best HearingThe best SmellThe best TasteThe best FeelingThe best ReflexesThe best Cunning
 2In any 24-hour period on planetearth; the majority of the killingthat will be done by predatorswill be done by the female.They are natural born killers atbirth and once they bear theiryoung; they are even more focusedand motivated.The embodiment of the, nurturingmother and the black widow all inone.In the oriental culture beforethe gun; the best weapons of warwere the sword and the bow andarrow.Such weapons can be made to fitthe size of the user.In order to protect their livesthe men had to pass laws thatforbid women from carrying swords.Superior weapons in the hands ofwomen is the subject of two movies“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”and “Kill Bill” part 1 and part 2Just imagine Serena Williamswith a sword instead of tennisracquet.If a womanwith a sword,meets a manwith a sword,he is deadmeat; unlessthe man knowsmore than thewomen.The founder of the Wing ChunKung Fu System, Miss
Yim Wing Chun
 was a native of Canton [KwangtungProvince] in China.The martial arts legend BruceLee thought so much of the WingChun Kung Fu System that it becamethe foundation he used to buildhis own style of Kung Fu. (JeetKun Do)Within any social grouping offemales there is usually an alphaclass female. Among bees there isone Queen (the alpha class female)to a hive. Before the end of herlife the worker bees, which arefemale, feed royal jelly to anumber of eggs in order to producea new Queen. The first Queen tohatch kills the other Queens.Queens are also found amongAnts, Termites, Wasps and Hornets.In wolf packs only the alphafemale mates. The other females ofthe pack help the alpha femaleraise her young.The alpha class female is thebuilder of civilizations.Queendom crosses the linebetween nature and culture.Among human beings some womenare Alpha female (Queens) and someare workers (Cinderellas).How do you know you are an alphafemale.When an Alpha female scores aman, on a scale from 1 to 10 andshe finds that the highest scoreshe can give any man is around 3because; she realizes that one mancan not satisfy all her needs.That same 3 would be aCinderella’s 8.A movie that characterizes anAlpha female is “I’m no Angel”Story, Screen Play and Dialog byMay WestBudweiser did a series onwarrior Queens of Africa.

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