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Waterholes 3.1

Waterholes 3.1

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Published by Colin Thornby
Waterholes 3.1 is the newsletter of the Anam Cara Community, Australia.
Waterholes 3.1 is the newsletter of the Anam Cara Community, Australia.

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Published by: Colin Thornby on Jun 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution No Derivatives


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Waterholes ISSN 1839-2652
Edited by Dr Colin Thornby (editor@anamcara-gippsland.org)Editorial address: PO Box 184, Korumburra, Victoria, 3950This work is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.To view a copy of this licence, visit http://tinyurl.com/2t9all
is published bythe Anam Cara Community
   W  a   t  e  r   h  o   l  e  s
       [    u    p       d    a      t    e       ]
Welcome to a brief ‘update’ issue of 
Anne Turner continues toaccept God’s leading inher life, which is a ‘momentof teaching and examplefor us all’.
The Community’s Inaugural Soul Carer,the Rev’d Anne Turner, has discerned thatthe time has come for her to lay down her leadership role in the Community, andaccept God’s invitation to her to ‘be’. In her report to the Community’s servant leaders,Anne wrote:"Remember not the former things.Behold I am doing a new thing, do you notperceive it?" (Isaiah)These words have become my mantraover at least the past six months.I have experienced God leading me into theunknown, new ways of "being" which onlybecame clear as I have been reflecting onmy latest health "crisis". This time has beenan opportunity to wait in God and listendeeply. I am convinced the time has comefor me to let go of my "upfront" ministry as ithas been expressed over the past years.Instead of being the "initiator", "pioneer",leader of retreats etc I believe I am beingcalled to nurture those others who are calledto lead.There are events over these past weeksand now months
which have led to thisdiscernment.It
began when I first experienced theillness which required surgery and as aresult was
not to travel from home. This wasthe first indication of the "something new" asI had to deal with the profounddisappointment and grief 
at not belong ableto travel to Canberra for my own personalretreat,
lead the Anam Cara Quiet Day andattend special family events. I had to seekGod in all of this and come to realize thatmy days of ministry in Canberra are oveonce and for all. I had to face difficultshadow aspects of myself with regard to this.The blessing of all this was that Jeannette the gatherer of the ACC inCanberra ran with the leading of the QuietDay and established herself well and trulyas the spiritual leader in Canberra GoulburnDiocese. I was able to live into my new wayof being by nurturing her in her preparationand leading. It felt so "good and right."
From the Soul Carer 
Alexander Shaia in Gippsland
For Spiritual Directors
The Burning Bush
by Pat Marvenko Smith
Thomas Merton
(1915-1968) was anAnglo-American Catholic writer andmystic. A Trappist monk of the Abbeyof Gethsemani, Kentucky, he was apoet, social activist, and student of comparative religion. Merton wrotemore than 70 books, mostly onspirituality, social justice and a quietpacifism, as well as scores of essaysand reviews, including his best-sellingautobiography, The Seven StoreyMountain (1948).As a result of the day we gained newAssociates and there is a sense of theCommunity growing there in it's own way.This was an exercise in more "dying to ego."and old ways of being and doing.As the time has progressed with unsuccessfulsurgery need for more surgery anddegeneration of the muscle myopathy, Godhas used this time to make it clear to me thatthe time has come
to fully let go of the "old"and embrace the "new" ways of being anddoing.To this end I believed it is the right timeto pass on the spiritual leadership of theAnam Cara Community to another or others.I have spoken to Bishop John, each of youand you all agree with my discernment thatthe future spiritual leadership of theCommunity should be in Colin Thornby's and Jane Macqueen's hands. They are willing toaccept this.At the Annual service on June 30th wemark the change liturgically. In the interim Ican be assisting Colin and Jane with their role.As to my future role
I see myself asbeing "present" to the Community in adifferent way, a more "hidden" way in thecontemplative sense.Since the beginning of this year thehighlight for me has been meetingAlexander Shaia again when he came for ameal with Jane. I am so grateful to Colin for having built up such a relationship withAlexander that he could arrange for him tolead a day and a weekend at The Abbey.As he inspired me and others who met himlast year at the ANSD conference so othersfrom this Diocese received such new insightsand depth of spirituality as they looked atthe Gospels under Alexander's gentleleadership.I may miss many physical events but Ireceive so many blessings from a distanceand phone, email as well as face to faceministry still continues without me taking anyinitiative.I am so thankful to all the servantleaders past and present all Associates whocontinue to grow the Community at thedirection of the Holy Spirit. I shall continueas a servant leader at this point in time andlook forward to the ways in which Colin and Jane will put their stamp on the future of theCommunity in cooperation andencouragement of the servant leaders andAssociates.
Anne will lay down the role of leadership at the Community’s worshipservice on 30 June 2012 (St Mary’sMorwell, 11am). At that time theCommunity will commission her for her new role, and will set aside JaneMacqueen and Colin Thornby for their new work among us.Please come if you are able, togive thanks for Anne’s ministry amongus, and to encourage Jane and Colin intheir work as leaders who seek toemulate the service of Jesus.
Men’s Retreat
August 3-5, The Abbey of St Barnabas at A’Beckett ParkLeader - the Rev’d John Stewart
(Director, the Living Well Centre for Christian Spirituality, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne)
Cost: $195.00, fully catered, accommodation included in newly renovatedunits at the Abbey.For further information, and to book, contact Brian Turner (brianandannet@bigpond.com, 0408 216 965)
My Lord God,
I have no idea where I amgoing. I do not see the roadahead of me. I cannot knowfor certain where it will end.Nor do I really know myself,and the fact that I think I amfollowing your will does notmean that I am actually doingso. But I believe that thedesire to please you does infact please you. And I hope Ihave that desire in all that Iam doing. I hope that I willnever do anything apart fromthat desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me bythe right road, though I mayknow nothing about it.Therefore I will trust youalways though I may seem tobe lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for youare ever with me, and you willnever leave me to face myperils alone.
- Thomas Merton, "Thoughts inSolitude"© Abbey of Gethsemani
Anam Cara on the web
The Community’s website is a greatsource of resources, news, links andback issues of Waterholes. Check itout at www.anamcara-gippsland.orgWhile you’re there, you can subscribeto our email announcement list to bekept right up to date with all of our news.
Alexander Shaia inGippsland
 JANE MACQUEEN AND COLINTHORNBYMany contemporary authors havesuggested that the church now findsitself at a moment of profound change.Many church people feel that in their souls, and are looking for ways torespond to the change. Phyllis Tickledescribes past moments of change inher book
The Great Emergence
,suggesting that, for the church, thesemoments happen in a regular patternand present greatopportunities to respondto God’s invitation torenew.Dr Alexander Shaia’swork might be seen aspart of the discussionwhich aims to providecontemporary Christianswith ways of working withthe unchanging elements of the faith innew ways. In his book, The HiddenPower of the Gospels, Alexander describes a way of reading, preachingand teaching the Gospels which is verynew, but entirely rooted in the Church’smost ancient traditions of reading andliving scripture.Alexander, usually based in theUnited States, has spent the past four months in the Southern Hemisphereteaching and working in New Zealandand Australia. In mid-March 2012Alexander visited Gippsland andpresented on his work at the Abbey of St Barnabas at A’Beckett Park onRaymond Island. This was anopportunity to reconnect with oldfriends who had encountered him andhis work at the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction conference in 2011,and to meet new people and offer histhoughts.Two events were held at theAbbey, both aimed at providingdifferent experiences and ways of interacting with Alexander and hiswork. The first was a one-day workshop whichgave an overview of Alexander’s Quadratosschema, and providedsome insights for preaching and teachingwith Mark’s Gospel. Thesecond was a retreatwhich aimed at providingparticipants with a way of working with the gospels that promotescommunity.Those few who were fortunateenough to have taken the time to spendthe weekend in retreat with Dr Alexander Shaia were very blessed.Alexander wove together a retreat timethat included his own liturgies for thecelebration of the 72 hours of Easter and teaching about what has broughthim to the place of believing that thisliturgy is of vital importance to theplace that we find ourselves as churchPICTURE
:Daintree Rainforest

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