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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

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Published by: Homeopath Aamir Saleem on Jun 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bach Flower Remedies & Books
BACH FLOWER REMEDIES - an Introduction
Think Positive !
 The Bach Flower Remedies, Help to Correct Emotional Imbalances andReplace Negative Emotions with Positive Emotion.The Bach Flower Therapy was introduced between 1920 & 1930 by Dr.Edward Bach a well known Physician, Bacteriologist, Homeopath andResearcher, who deeply studied 38 Flower varieties found in and aroundMount Vernon, England.Dr. Bach discovered that the essence of each of the 38 Flowers isassociated with a basic human emotion and that the essence - in a dilutedform - can bring back an emotionally disturbed person to a positive andhappy state of mind.Dr. Bach also found that these essences can greatly help in the treatmentof most physical illnesses by treating the accompanying emotionaldisturbances (sufferer's worry, apprehension, hopelessness, impatience,irritability etc.), which could either be the contributory causes of thoseillnesses or acting as obstacles in the path of recovery.He therefore named these diluted essences as the 'Bach Flower Remedies'.The Bach Flower Remedies have been found to give wonderful results,either when used on their own or as a complementary therapyto homeopathic or other forms of treatment.
The Bach Flower Therapy is simple and anybody can learn how toselect the remedies - by simply following the steps explained below:
 Step 1: Read the Details of all the 38 Bach Flower Remedies (see below),Step 2: Select the Emotional Disturbance/s the person is suffering from,Step 3: Now, Select the Remedies which are indicated for those emotionalconditions.Note: In case you feel that more than one remedy match with youremotional conditions, you may prepare a 'Personal Formula' by selectingupto 7 remedies and preparing a Mixture of the same.
Nuest's Bach Flower Remedies are prepared from Genuine Imported
Ingredients. Nuest's Bach Flower Remedies are available in 20mlDropper-fitted glass bottles. At present, Nuest's Bach FlowerRemedies are available only within India and can be purchased fromNuest's own retail outlets in Mumbai and can also be Quickly DoorDelivered anywhere in India.To know more about Nuest's Bach Flower Remedies, call us on ph no.09321381293.
Bach Flower Remedy Set
(in a Sturdy & Attractive Carry Bag)
This Set Consists of:
 38 x 20ml Bottles of Individual Bach Flower Remedies2 x 20ml Bottles of 'Rescue Remedy'1 x 8 page Brochure cum User Guide
Books On Bach Flower Remedies / Therapy
 Please see the separate section titled:
'Books on 'homeopathy' & 'bach flower remedies/therapy'
Remedies For: Emotions Of Fear
1. Terror and Fright
Rock Rose:
This remedy is for persons who experience panic, terror or extreme frightwhich makes them feel helpless, frozen and unable to move or think clearly. In some cases, itmay be accompanied by trembling, perspiration and sudden paralysis or even loss of consciousness.Rock Rose will help them to calm down and feel in control of their fears.
 2. Fear of Known Things
This remedy is for persons who??? already know what they are afraid of,example: fear of dogs, illness, pain, accidents, heights, poverty, darkness, death, spiders, beingalone, losing a job etc. They may also be shy, timid and hesitant or nervous about contact withother people.Mimulus will reduce their fear and help such persons to face the situation with confidence.
 3. Fear of Losing Control Over Mind
Cherry Plum:
This remedy is for persons who?????? are afraid that theirimpulsiveness and uncontrollable anger may make them lose control of their thoughts andactions and either make them 'act insane' or unintentionally do something violent or terrible orsuicidal.Cherry Plum will help such persons to regain their mental strength and give them the confidenceto take the right decisions.

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