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50 Word Problems

50 Word Problems



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Published by Nada Zain
Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations
Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Nada Zain on Jan 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1) A mobile company manager wants to maximize the profit for two products.The first mobile yields 800$ per unit and the second one yields 650$.
Assignment suAssignment submitted by: Nada Zain(Roll# 36) 1
SemesterSubmitted to : Sir Imran SarwarSubject : MathematicsDate : 30
November 2007, Friday
nt No 2
The combined production level should not exceed 1200 units per month. Thedemand for product two is at least double the demand of product one. Theproduction level of first product is not more than 150 plus half of theproduct two.Keeping in mind the above points find the production level for optimumprofit.x + y = 1200 y ≥ 2xx ≤ 150 + ½y
) The collective demand of product A and product B should be at least12000. The demand of B should be at least 5000.A manufacturer wants to maximize the profit of two products. The firstproduct yields a profit of 30$ per unit & the second yields a profit of 40$.Find economically most advantageous production level.A + B = 12000B ≥ 5000
3) The combined production of X & Y should not be less than 200 units. Thedemand of Y should be at least 100 units. Find the production level formaximum profit.x + y ≥ 200 y ≥ 100
4) The total number of students in a class shouldn’t be less than 70.Thenumber of girls should be at least 35. The total number of boys cannot beless than 30. Find the optimum number of students to maximize the profit.If profit from boys is 100$ and from girls is 80$.B + G ≥ 70G ≥ 35B ≥ 30
5) A balanced diet is to provide at least 1500 calories, 30 units of vitamin A,65 units of vitamin B-12 and 95 units of iron.An energy bar A provides 600 calories, 45 units of vitamin B-12 and 80 unitsof iron & energy bar B provides 650 calories, 25 units of vitamin A, 50 unitsof vitamin B-12 and 60 units of iron.Set a system of linear inequalities that describe minimum daily requirementsfor calories & vitamins
6) The profit of 3 factories of a MNC should be at least 5 million$, 6million$ and 8 million$ respectively.The product S yields a profit of 1000, 4000 and 2000 in factory 1, 2 and 3respectively.The product T yields a profit of 7000 and 3000 in factories 1 & 3respectively.Find the most favorable number of production to maximize the profit.
7) The joint production of product E & product F should not be less than1850 units. The demand of F should be at least 1600 units. Find theproduction level for highest profit.E + F ≥ 1850F ≥ 1600
8) The total production of three products of a factory shouldn’t be morethan 7000 units. The number of product A should be at least 2800 units.The total production of B cannot be less than 2500 units. The totalproduction of C cannot be less than 1500units. Find the optimum productionto maximize the profit. If profit from product A is 420$, from B 110 andfrom product C is 85$.

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